January 19, 2018


It’s a happy time! That’s What We Said is finally born after months of back and forth and conceptualization. 

We are Tina and Sarah, two mommies who have bonded together because our sons play football together. Our sons are best friends since pre-school. They have been together since they met each other and have been quite inseparable. Of course, us mommies have also become tied at the hip as we raise our sons together, go to camp and cheer them on in their games.  

Then we both realized that we usually share tips with each other as well as with other mommies about how to raise our sons, our hobbies and life in general. We also realized that it is oftentimes quite helpful to engage and share with each other as well as other mommies about things in general.  

For this reason, we decided to create this blogsite. The aim is to be able to share with a wider audience the tips that we have learned from each other throughout the years. So this is it. That’s What We Said is the result of that conversation from our traditional garage door opener in Houston Texas 

In this website you will be able to access the following: 



We share here tips that we have learned from our experience. Everything that we have here have come from our very own experience so we are guaranteeing that we have truly gone over the challenges that we discuss and we have come out of it a bit bruised but successful. You can find all of these in the Resources section of this blog. 



We are moms who love to do stuff by ourselves. We love to crochet, do paper mache, handicrafts and more. We even love dabbling in a little bit of painting here and there. And everything that we do are provided here in this website so that you will be inspired. We even provide some step by step instructions on how we come up with our DIY projects for those of you who also want to try it in your homes. Also, photos of our DIY projects are provided here for your reference. All of our DIY projects can be accessed in the Resources section of this website. 



We know how helpful it is to be able to connect with fellow mommies out there who can relate to all of our little issues and the problems and challenges that we face. This is the reason why we have come up with a Forum section where we can share stories, discuss and help out each other. We hope that you will be happy to contribute to our forum, share your experience and generally help other mommies by discussing how you were able to combat similar challenges and providing possible solutions.  

We hope that you will explore all the different facets of this website and engage with us. Just click the Contact Us section to know how to reach us.