Yo Mama! {Giveaway} ~ Contest Closed

For as long as I can remember my favorite store in the whole wide world was Target.  I really, truly love that place.  The clothes are cute, they sell candy and weekly magazines…plus I can food shop and buy Missoni.  Pretty perfect.

So for a special thank you for all of you stopping by this week and supporting us on our new adventure we want to thank you with this…

And in my opinion there is no better thank you than Target money.

So leave me a comment here to enter for a chance to win a $25 Target gift card.  Let me know what your favorite Target item is.

Contest closes Friday, 10/21 at 11:59 pm


The winner is comment #231, LIndsay C. who said, “I love seeing that oh so wonderful orange clearance sticker! I swear it calls to me, like “Hey, I’m over here! Take me home!” Everytime I am there, I make sure to take a trip through the end caps to find the deals.
Seeing those lovely stickers in the baby section is absolutely the BEST! Target helps me spoil my baby girl!”

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(This giveaway is not sponsored by Target, although…Target, if you’re reading this my like is completely up for sponsorship.  Just sayin’)

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  1. 1
    johannah steffens says:

    My favorite? Target is the best so many things are my favorite

  2. 2
    Lesley Fitts says:

    Oh my, how can I pick one item!? I love everything in that store!

  3. 3
    Kristin Breaux says:

    I love the dollar bins in Target. There are always so many fun surprises!!!

  4. 4
    melissa says:

    I love the target clothes and shoes. They are cute, but affordable.

  5. 5
    Lindsay S says:

    My favorite? The dollar section at the front of our store. Best. Idea. Ever. I bought 4 Sesame Street books for my son the other day. He was in heaven! :)

  6. 6

    Their strawberry basil balsamic vinegar! If I won this, I would spend all 25 bucks on vinegar. No lie.

  7. 7
    Kelly A says:

    I love Targets shoes!

  8. 8
    Melissa Ann says:

    I love target! i think they hands down have the best baby section.

  9. 9
    KellyR says:

    The holiday items…all of them! Though their shoe section is great too.

  10. 10
    Kelly Daugherty says:

    Target has great commercials! And lots of cool stuff…hard to pick a favorite!

  11. 11
    Irish S says:

    I love the housewares section at Target. We bought a $200 microwave for $50! (It was the floor model. It works like a dream!)

  12. 12
    Becky J. says:

    I love Target! I feel like I’m there almost every day. I love their clothes and cute kids’ stuff. Pick me! Pick me!

  13. 13
    Stephanie says:

    I just happened on your blog just a day or two ago and I’m so glad!

    I’d have to say Essie Nail polishes!

  14. 14
    Joanne says:

    I love the kitchenwares/housewares departments and I would very quickly spend the giftcard there!

  15. 15
    Katie says:

    i LOVE the clothes at target! we also got some really cute halloween decorations there :)

  16. 16
    Abby says:

    they have the cutest pjs! I can get something that is so comfy but also looks sexy enough for my hubs!

  17. 17
    Rachel says:

    I love Target for so many things! But my favorite is their holiday decor – I can always find something fun there!

  18. 18

    My favorite Target store has expanded and now has a REALLY NICE grocery section to it! I LOVE IT! Produce, meats, baked goods … and the selection of healthy/organic stuff is VERY impressive!

  19. 19
    Kelsey says:

    Target brand diapers!!! And just about everything… I looooove the dollar section!

  20. 20
    Tasha N. says:

    The dollar bins are awesome! I get to go shopping and the kids can get something to keep them occupied!

  21. 21
    Kelly L. says:

    Love Target for so many reasons! Especially their affordable home decor. I mean where else can you buy wine, clothes, toilet paper & lip gloss all in one place. Best part…you can tell the hubby that “Yes, I spent $200 at Target and of course it was all on food items!” ;o)

  22. 22
    Nicole Palumbo says:

    I love that it’s one stop shopping. But my favorite items are the cute clothes for my daughter!

  23. 23
    Karyn says:

    Target is my go to shop! You name it, we buy it there. Favorite thing is the super soft PJ’s by O’Mally.

  24. 24
    Amy C says:

    the whole store! I love Target

  25. 25
    amber says:

    Target is great in so many ways…I love that I can get a yummy White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks and shop around looking in their housewares dept, seasonal stuff, clothes, etc.

  26. 26
    Amy says:

    Really you want me to pick just one thing? I told my daughter the other day we just had to run in for one thing and she started laughing. When I asked why she was laughing she replied “mom that’s never going to happen! We always leave with way more than is on your list.” kids say the darnedest things;-)
    Ok but seriously if I had to choose one thing it would have to be the dollar section when you first walk in. I am a teacher so l find lots for my classroom there.

  27. 27

    Love Target! I love the smell of the popcorn as you walk through the door. Love that I can buy snack foods for so much less than the grocery store. Love shopping for clothes there too. I have no idea what my favorite thing there would be, but I do love walking down the seasonal isles. I guess those are my favorite things even though they change every month or so

  28. 28
    Sandra says:

    Definitely the Housewares department, followed by the baby department!!!

  29. 29
    Kiriel says:

    Jeans!! I finally found jeans that fit right the other day! And while I was in there, I saw these super cute butterfly dishes. I wonder if my husband would notice if I swapped out all our plates….hmmm….

  30. 30

    Just one item? I love their children’s clothes. Affordable and usually kind of cute, too.

  31. 31
    Amy says:

    I can’t pick just one. My receipts can prove this. I try to go for just one item, but walk out $100 later! I LOVE Target!

  32. 32
    Cara says:

    I’m really eyeing the purple pillows in the home decor section right now

  33. 33
    Danielle says:

    I LOVE anything by Archer Farms (Target’s food brand)!!

  34. 34
    Shelley says:

    I frequent target regularly!! I think my favorite is the affordable cute kid clothing, since I have 3 growing kids that seem to go through clothes VERY quickly these days ;)

  35. 35
    Carolyn says:

    I like to get cereals from Target because they’re so much cheaper there. Also love the gift wrap stuff, cards, baby stuff, house stuff, DVDs,…..

  36. 36
    Sarah Hasse says:

    Now that our Target has groceries and starbucks, it is the very best store around! i. love. target. I buy all my work out clothes there… among many, many other things.

  37. 37
    holly says:

    I love target….such a dangerous store. The dollar section is great for books for my toddler!!!

  38. 38
    Kathleena says:

    Those dollar bins up front always get me!!!!!

  39. 39
    Hayley says:

    I love, love, LOVE the dollar aisle at Target! They always have the cutest seasonal decorations, craft supplies, snacks, gift wraps and baking goodies. I love to stock up on seasonal hand towels and sprinkles for my kitchen :)

  40. 40
    Bonnie McCawley says:

    I have to agree with several if the posts above- Target’s holiday and kitchenware departments are fabulous!

  41. 41
    Nicole Thompson says:

    Ummm, everything. Leaving Target without spending at least $100 is nearly impossible.

  42. 42

    Target clearance!!! dude, i’ve found so many awesomely amazing deals on clearance, it pains me to pay full price. But free is the best! Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. 43
    Mandie says:

    I love their kids clothes and the dollar bins for holiday stocking stuffers.

  44. 44
    Gretchen says:

    Hmmm, just one? My fav target purchase ever; Hello Kitty Duck Tape. It just doesn’t get any better.

  45. 45
    angi says:

    they have a great candy selection…;p sour gummy bears, red fish, chocolate bars with a touch of sea salt, jordan almonds…i could go on and on…

  46. 46
    Norma says:

    I always get the Target Brand Saline Solution. Great product, great value! :-)

  47. 47
    Teri says:

    I love Target’s home section, especially the items in the Dwell collection!

  48. 48
    Holly says:

    Gilligan and O’Malley nannies and gowns. The softest, non-tacky jammies on the planet.

  49. 49
    Melissa says:

    I am such a geek… I love Target’s perscription bottles! They are easier to use than others and have a special color for each member of the family.

  50. 50
    Marty says:

    can’t think of a department I don’t love! have even found cute things in the automotive aisle, and it has a Starbucks!

  51. 51
    Tracy Lawrence says:

    I like their clothes & their Archer Farm brand of food.

  52. 52
    Stacey Y. says:

    I love the housewares/kitchen department at Target!

  53. 53
    Beth says:

    I love love love the soy candles at target….mommy’s relaxation!!

  54. 54
    Kim says:

    I love the little boys clothes for my son, the women’s clothes & jewelry, and also the bargain bins at the front of the store.

  55. 55
    Kristan Heyman says:

    I love Target for so many things! I’ve gotten so much stuff for my kids in the dollar bins. They have great kids and adult clothes and shoes.

  56. 56
    Mallory says:


  57. 57
    Nikki says:

    The Spicy Chocolate Chili snack mix. I don’t know the exact name of it, I just know it when I see it! And if I’m in Target I make sure to *see it*!!!!!!

  58. 58

    I love Tarjay too!!! Well that’s how my niece calls Target anyway. She thinks she’s so cool ;-) I’ve shared your give-away on my Facebook page too!

  59. 59
    Shelby N. says:

    I really like most of their Archer Farms brand of foods. yummy :)

  60. 60
    Jessica says:

    How can we pick one item?! LOL

    I think I’d have to say that I like their clothes. They have fashionable clothes at affordable prices and you can’t beat that!

  61. 61

    Sadly I most like their Up brand baby wipes. Pathetic I know. But I’ve been wiping booties with them for 5 years. Not the same kid. That would be weird if I were still wiping my preschooler’s…you know I’m just going to stop typing.

  62. 62
    stacie w. says:

    my favs from target are in the dollar section more toys for my kidlet!

  63. 63
    Rachael G says:

    Oh, Target – my second home! I could probably list a gazillion things as my “favorite” but what recently excited me was the fact that I found some boots that actually fit on my chubby calves!

  64. 64
    Leslie says:

    Definitely my Mossimo Leopard print flats. $12.99, so comfortable, stylish and tons of compliments received. Win!

  65. 65
    Andrea Garner says:

    I love the isle with all of the seasonal home stuff! Lots of good ideas on decorating my house!

  66. 66
    Suzi says:

    That’s a toughie…it would have to be a toss up between end cap “clearance” sections or fabulous seasonal/holiday goodies. Thanks for the giveaway and so excited about the new site!

  67. 67
    Rebecca says:

    What’s not to like? I do enjoy seasonal stuff and the baby clothes are too cute!

  68. 68
    Stephanie says:

    It really depends on which Target I decide to go to that day. The closest one by my house has the cheapest Baker’s Chocolate I have ever seen, and no matter how “quick” my trip to Target is supposed to be, I always buy a bar. It went up like, 9 cents recently, and it has me in a panic.

    For real though, all other stores near my house sell it for double.

    P.S. THANKS!!

  69. 69
    Estyn Becker says:

    how can i pick a favorite from target? girls clothes, diapers and formula, toys and dvds, makeup!

  70. 70
    Molly says:

    oohh I love the pj’s for my two year old!!

  71. 71
    Brandy says:

    I love all the archer farms goodies!

  72. 72
    LeAnn says:

    Pick me, pick me! :) Love me some Target dollar spot!

  73. 73
    Megan Louise says:

    I LOVE Target’s shoes. And their clothes. And their decor.

  74. 74
    Jade says:

    I love everything about Target, so I can’t pick just one thing!

  75. 75
    Heidi says:

    I like Target, but I love free stuff!! Pick me!

  76. 76
    Julie says:

    Target is the only place that carries blue and khaki uniform pants that fit my daughter. Also I love the candles, oh yea, and everything else!!!!

  77. 77
    Gail says:

    Bananas. True story. We are always at Target anyway for their million other cool things, but since they have groceries too, it saves a second trip to the grocery store since we are always out of bananas in our smoothie lovin home!

  78. 78
    Holly Ann says:

    I recently moved 2 blocks for a Target….live there it seems! I am told my friends and coworkers that I am the brunette twin for the bubbly lil Target lady on the Christmas commercials!!!!

  79. 79
    Holly Ann says:

    *from a target that is!!

  80. 80
    Amanda says:

    Love the baby aisles! And of course the cute tops for me!

  81. 81
    Meliisa says:

    Everything C9 – especially the socks!!

  82. 82
    Stephanie says:

    I actually like the Target brand powdered sugar better than any other brand (including Dominos) for my icings, but I love that it is actually one stop shopping. And there is one just a little further away from my house that has a Starbucks in it… sometimes I make the 20 minute trip (as opposed to going to the other one that is only six minutes away) just so I don’t have to stop and take the kids out of the car to get my coffee somewhere else, shhh…

  83. 83
    Erica R says:

    I LOVE everything from Target! I think one of my favorites is the exclusive candy/snacks. Such as holiday candy or cars marshmellows, just the fun items that only target carries.

  84. 84
    Tara says:

    I truly love Target, yet too much of my money goes there!

  85. 85

    I love target. My favorite is to check out there clearance shelves and find surprises!

  86. 86
    Debbie says:

    Call me cheap, but I love all the things in the dollar section. I’ve found lots of cute things there.

  87. 87
    Jen Owens says:

    Target Rocks!! I love their houseware section. I dream about new bedding from Target!!

  88. 88
    Kristy says:

    I love their decor and the clothes!

  89. 89
    Chris says:

    I love Target! The greeting cards and kitchen/houswares are my favorite!

  90. 90
    Sylvia A says:

    I love Target store, and I love the kitchen department.

  91. 91
    Kristin says:

    Love,love,life the new blog! If you are ever in Japan we should have lunch….
    My favorite thing at Target, the cool markdowns on the end caps..

  92. 92

    Every now and then at Target they have that Exotic Imports Home Decor Section. You know in the back corner?

  93. 93

    My favorite Target items are the frames and wall hangings! It always makes me want to redo every room in my apartment just visiting. :)

  94. 94

    My favorite Target stuff is their white dishes, and any holiday stuff! I actually get giddy when I see that all their Christmas stock has arrived!

  95. 95
    Donna says:

    My favorite item isn’t really an item. It’s the $1.00 section at the front of the store. I find so many goodies there every time I look! Things for Sunday School, for my job (school counselor), for me and my family. Love it!

  96. 96

    Makeup and little girl tutus (specially when they are on sale)
    Thank you ladies for the opportunity!

  97. 97
    Jessica M. says:

    They use to have these delicious granola bars by Archer Farms… I think they were called Monster Bars… I miss them :(

  98. 98
    Michelle says:

    I would have to say there Holiday items :)

  99. 99
    Michelle says:

    I would have to say their Holiday items :)

  100. 100
    Tiffany says:

    Obsessed with the Sonia Kashuk line at Target!

  101. 101
    Courtney Martin says:

    My favorite Target item is clearance shoes! They have the cutest shoes for such great prices!

  102. 102
    Sharon says:

    It’s like my second home. Love anything clearance! I have found tons of deals that way.

  103. 103
    Virginia says:

    my favorite? everything there!!! love that store! they have so many cute things!

  104. 104
    Theresa Sea says:

    Gosh, there’s so much to love at Target! Um…we’ll go with…dishes/cute things for the house. :)

  105. 105
    Lindsay B says:

    Hands down- the little girls clothes are the CUTEST!! I love to shop there for my daughter!

  106. 106
    amy b says:

    Everything…I refer to Target as the happiest place on earth when my boyfriend asks where I’m going and its there.

  107. 107

    that’s totally a no-brainer… Target Gift Cards are my favorite Target purchase because I can spend the money on whatever I want – like ALL the cool stuff they are always putting on the end caps… or that dollar bin at the front of the store.. or the clearance items – I <3 Target, too! okay, I'm done now :)

  108. 108
    Pamela says:

    It’s a tie between the dollar Bins at the front & the Housewares/Kitchen Dept.! LOVE Target!! Thank you for doing this giveaway! :)

  109. 109

    Good luck getting me past the dollar bins as soon as you walk in. They’re like impulse buy land and God forbid there is something Hello Kitty there…I’m all over it!

  110. 110
    shannon says:

    hmm, one item from target? I legit buy nearly everything from them. I really like their pet supplies, because they are cheaper than pet stores and they always have deals for my little babies. & they have really cute kids’ clothes I buy for my neice and nephew! :)

  111. 111
    Caitlin S. says:

    Hmm….I love the cheapy stuff in the front of the store. I am such a sucker for crap i don’t need but gotta have!

  112. 112
    Lindsay J says:

    I love their clearance clothes and shoes!

  113. 113
    Hayley says:

    Sweaters, socks, sheets, decorations, the list goes on and on!

  114. 114
    Lizy b says:

    Favorite item? That’s nearly impossible….but I think a target gift card just might be my favorite!

  115. 115
    Emily Harris says:

    Target is the best! I love, love, love the $8 pocket tees! They are so comfy!

  116. 116
    joycelyn says:

    wow, what don’t I love at target. I think my favorite is being able to pick up cute leggings and coordinating tops for my daughter really inexpensively. I almost always like the hats at target too!

  117. 117
    megan n. says:

    i love the stuff in the dollar spot!

  118. 118
    Sarah says:

    I love the dollar bins.

  119. 119
    Alisha says:

    I love their purses…so cute and CHEAP! Their jewelry is fun and inexpensive, too! I could seriously spend hours in that store, just looking at EVERYTHING! (As long as I got to leave the kids at home with daddy!)

  120. 120
    Misti carter says:


  121. 121
    Jennifer says:

    Why don’t you just ask us to pick our favorite kid?!? For Pete’s sake (who is Pete anyway?) I like everything at Target!

  122. 122
    Susie says:

    Love Targets kitchen items. :)

  123. 123
    Lauren Rains says:

    Target has the world’s best fruit leather! Archer Farms is the brand, I think! :)

  124. 124
    KarenR says:

    I love the $1.00 items…should change the potato chip slogan “bet you can’t eat one” to “bet you can’t buy one”.Great new site. Love it and your edible ones too. KR

  125. 125
    Jane says:

    I have the habit of walking in for one thing and then $100 later I get home and realize I never bought what I went in for. I love their home decor!

  126. 126
    Amanda says:

    Favorite thing at Target? Yikes, that’s HARD. The dollar spot is pretty darn awesome. They always have cute little kid utensils/bowls/cups for my daughter, which makes meals fun. :)

  127. 127
    Laura says:

    How can anyone pick one favorite? Ok – If I had to, it would be the plain t’s (I know, boring – but oh so comfortable!) But then again, their home decor is adorable and the convenience area is addicting, not to mention the $1 items. Hmm…I think I might stop at Target after work (thanks a lot!). Thanks for the chance to enter!

  128. 128

    Shoes and Clothes but my favorite thing to do is to challenge myself to get in and out for under $100.00 LOL! My sister and I have contests to see who can get out the cheapest and still get everything on our lists! :-)
    BTW- So excited about this new site… Kudos Ladies!

  129. 129
    Val Halvorson says:

    Home decor is my favorite section in Target!

  130. 130
    Danielle says:

    I love their trail mixes!

  131. 131
    Ashley says:

    favorite item? um, how about everything in the store!

  132. 132
    Kasey says:

    Surely you know there is no way to just pick one?! I love that they have cute clothes for my boys (most the time. Cute boy clothes can be really hard to find). I also love the holiday goods they carry.

  133. 133
    Rachel says:

    One thing?! The hats… no wait, the shoes…. no, no- the yoga pants. Oh, who am I kidding- it’s the candy selection all the way!

  134. 134
    Mary Anne says:

    Hard to say what my favorite is… When my girl was little, I loved the clothes, and still buy her a bunch of stuff there.
    I will say that I admit to having a “Target Problem.” There is one across the street from where I work, and I have to keep myself from going all the time. Seems like every time I go in there for, say, shampoo or toothpaste or some such small thing, I end up spending $60. So I guess if I won a $25 gift card it would be like I was only spending $35…

  135. 135
    Michelle says:

    I like their clothes section.

  136. 136
    Mami2jcn says:

    I love the Cherokee brand toddler girl clothing at Target.

  137. 137
    Kerry Banks says:

    I always love their seasonal section (back to school, halloween, christmas, etc.) Always set up so cute!

  138. 138
    cindy p says:

    dishes, dishes, dishes! they have the best/ great priced seasonal decor!

  139. 139
    Lindsey says:

    Clothes and home decor!

  140. 140
    Anita says:

    I love I can buy coffee for my Tassimo, not just one kind either !!

  141. 141
    Cathy says:

    Anything that is cheap and on clearance! :)

  142. 142
    Debbie says:

    I can’t decide. I love Target’s groovy seasonal dishes and always try to snatch them up on clearance. But I also love to buy a bar of Ritter Sport marzipan (and secretly eat it in my car on the 1/4 mile drive home so I don’t have to share it with anybody).

  143. 143
    Melissa L says:

    Everything at Target is GREAT!!!!

  144. 144
    Amy says:

    I love Target! My favorite recent find was a video camera on clearance from $50 to $13 and digital cameras on clearnance from $30 to $8. Needed items for a prize raffle, so I stocked up! In general, I love their sundresses and makeup and home stuff…especially their arm chairs that I’ve been eyeballing for at least a year now.

  145. 145
    Alana says:

    Target is one of my favorite stores! I can always find shoes there that I love……..and who doesn’t love the dollar bins! Thank you.

  146. 146
    Juliana says:

    I Love Target…I especially love the clothes! I have five kids; they have really great clothes for all of them at a great price. I recently moved and I am so sad the closest Target to me

  147. 147
    Janis says:

    My favorite target item would definitely have to be their kids clothing line. Great quality clothing that my boys don’t tear apart in a month! :) Right now super cute halloween costumes…cheap!

  148. 148
    Rebekka says:

    My favorite Target items are the little girls clothes. Very cute!

  149. 149
    Lynda M. says:

    Target is my favorite too! I love their cute $8 T-shirts and I live in their black yoga pants!!

  150. 150
    Samantha says:

    I love the big glass storage jars at Target! They perfect for storing large quantities flour and sugar and snacks!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  151. 151
    Emily says:

    One thing at Target? Impossible.

  152. 152
    Kacey S says:

    Is it bad that the dollar section is my favorite?!

  153. 153
    Meg says:

    I love that I can get cute clothes, makeup, and kitty litter all under one roof. My favorite Target item is the clothes and accessories.. Love!

  154. 154
    Rachel E. says:

    We love Target in our family. I think it was my boys first words!! If we ever run out of anything they say Mommy time to go to Target!!

  155. 155
    jesse k says:

    Right now, the Liz Lange Maternity line.

  156. 156
    Karri S says:

    I love the fact that I can get everything at Target. Clothes, food, electronice… the list goes on!

  157. 157
    Amber~KS says:

    Legos!!! They have the best selection, and my son is an addict!! :)

  158. 158
    Didi says:

    I like the dollar binds they have I could always find something there that helps me do something creative @ home

  159. 159
    Melissa says:

    I love getting nail polish there!! Essie :) but i also love the up and up calcium gummies lol.

  160. 160
    nikki says:

    I love the B. toys at Target (or my kids do anyway)

  161. 161
    Melissa says:

    I like the $1 spot! I could lots of goodies with a $25 gift card! :)

  162. 162
    Sheri says:

    The Dollar Spot! They always have something I can use there.

  163. 163
    Colleen says:

    It’s funny I never heard over Target until one came to town about 15-or so yrs ago. Now it’s my favorite stress relief. I’m annoyed I go to Target, I am sad I go to Target, I am Happy I go to Target… :O) I follow the same routine (althopugh it will change a bit now that they added a grocery store section last week) I peruse the dollar section first, then over to clothing, then shoes then cut over to kids, then to toys (if my boys are w/ me ),next bedding ,then housewares, hair care ,makeup then checkout…and this my friends is why I cannot get out of there w/o spending at least $ 100.00 a visit. uggghh :O)

  164. 164
    Brianna says:

    Sounds weird – but I go to Target specifically for their gummy vitamins!

  165. 165
    Kate says:

    I buy tons of things at Target, but at this point, I would have to say my go to item is Target brand diapers for my two year old.

  166. 166
    lori says:

    I LOVE that they are a one stop store now! One of my favorite things to look for are their shoes and purses!!

  167. 167
    Lilli says:

    It’s so so so hard to pick just one thing there though I refuse to even try any other diapers since trying the Target brand diapers on my son we have no leaks which makes us alllllll very happy! My son even loves it he sees the Target sign and tells me to turn lol!

  168. 168
    Amber says:

    I know this is probably weird, but I love their picture frames. They have so many that are just “different” from the same ol’ ones you see everywhere else!

  169. 169
    Kaitlin says:

    I love everything in target! It’s too difficult to decide!


  170. 170
    Charle says:

    I LOVE buying my kids clothes there! Its so nice to have affordable, cute clothes at your fingertips ;)

  171. 171
    Stephanie says:

    I love the Dollar bins at the front as you enter and I really like the big, reusable Target grocery bags that I bought when they first started selling them! Of course, no clearance section goes unchecked and I love that they stack coupons!

  172. 172
    Amanda R. says:

    It’s hard to choose just one item. I do REALLY love the wine section. Cheap and delicious.

  173. 173
    Cathy Ivie says:

    My favorite Target item would have to be something from the Clearance section!! Oh yeah!!! …can you say markdown!!

  174. 174
    Elain Ponce De Leon says:

    My favorite section(s) are the holiday section, the “dollar” section, the baby clothes section, the home organization section… I just LOVE the whole store!!

  175. 175
    Bette Jo says:

    Archer Farms, C9, holiday stuff

  176. 176
    Aggie says:

    I love everything at Target! If I HAD to pick one area it would probably be the clothes…so cute and so reasonably priced! Thank you for the giveaway!

  177. 177
    kristen b says:

    Love the designer section, holiday section, and of course the candy aisle.

  178. 178
    Cindy says:

    My nearest Target is an hour away. BOOHOO! I still go often. I love the Archers brand flavored water and would def stock up on that. I also love the homegoods sections. the dollar section and the seasonal section and the magazine section.

  179. 179
    Libby Bennett says:

    I always go for the clearance dishes! Love to buy them and give them away with cookies on them. :)

  180. 180
    Cassie E says:

    Clothes, shoes, home decor, the dollar section up front…how am I supposed to choose?! ;)

  181. 181
    Brittney Lee says:

    Yay for Target! Classy big box shopping at its finest!

  182. 182
    Renee says:

    I love Target clearance clothes and the Archer Farms coffee in pumpkin spice and cinnamon vanilla nut.

  183. 183
    Randi K says:

    …does Starbucks count?

    I love that my local Target has $1 avocadoes. We loves us some avocadoes!

  184. 184
    Chris says:

    I love their housewares! Dishes, decor etc- love it!

  185. 185
    LaTisha says:

    Does my shopping cart filled with items I bought at Target count as a favorite thing. I would like to know what put in air when you are shopping there. Whenever I go in for 1 thing I end up coming out with a cart full of items

  186. 186
    Shawnna says:

    Love most things there. They have great selection and prices.

  187. 187
    Londa says:

    Love everything at Target, but my most favorite things are their sandals and clearance end-caps!!!

  188. 188
    Rhonda Taylor says:

    What do I not love at Target?
    Recent favorites are the Dollar baskets, fantastic stuff for stocking stuffers or gift baskets.

  189. 189

    I simply adore their kitchen department. I could spend hours just looking around!

  190. 190
    Kori says:

    They always get the best Halloween stuff every year

  191. 191
    Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE Target! You can buy EVERYTHING there! Best store ever.

  192. 192
    Stephanie R. says:

    I love everything at Target! I always, always, always make sure to hit up the Dollar Spot though….I love a bargain!

  193. 193
    Tanya says:

    I love the dollar section in the front of the store. I usually can find my son a book or a small toy so that he is happy and well behaved through my whole shopping trip!

  194. 194
    lisa says:

    Target is my favoriteeee store. I can get pretty much everything there

  195. 195
    Anne says:

    How boring will this sound?? I go to Target regularly for groceries but I really like their prices for TP and paper towels! Cheap! And the holiday candy section, the cosmetics, kitchen items, electronics (I got my iPhone there on sale!), and their greeting card section. It’s THE BEST!

  196. 196
    Pamela Wethers says:

    Everything at Target is great! Shoes, housewares, even have great clothes for my baby!

  197. 197
    Tamara says:

    I buy my kids clothes at Target. They usually have such cute clothes, not bad priced, and not bad quality!

  198. 198
    Marissa E. says:

    I think the last thing I bought at Target was a couple of pretty white swirly looking cupcake stands. I used them both at my bridal shower and my wedding reception! Now I use them on my counter to hold fruit like apples, pears, and oranges. Super cute. I love Target, but having been on a really tight budget for several months, I haven’t gone shopping there for a long time.

  199. 199
    Rita D. says:

    Do I really have to pick just one?? I do love to hit the dollar bins they usually have right as you walk in the door. It’s usually seasonal items, but at Christmas time I always find some really cute stocking stuffers there. I also love their kitchen/household sections. I can usually find super cute plate and cloth napkins or place mats to use with photographing food.

  200. 200
    stace says:

    I love the $5 holiday t-shirts. I can be festive without an ugly holiday sweater and still have money to by cute jewelry. It’s a win-win!

  201. 201
    Michelle says:

    EVERYTHING!! from the dollar bins to all the clothes they have (baby,kids and women) also how can you not love their house wear section, so chic ;) Oh and their Birthday party decor OMG so cute. I can’t just pick one thing, I love the the whole store!!!

  202. 202
    Laura Scott says:

    Where would I begin? Starbucks so I can shop in a zen mode. The dollar bins, especially this time of year for stocking stuffers. Their home decor is great, not something you’ll see anywhere else and they have 96″ drapery length! Clothes are great, even the children’s. The seasonal things are awesome.

    The one thing? They ate five minutes from the office!!

  203. 203
    amy g says:

    I LOVE the Sinful color nail polishes at Target!!!

  204. 204
    Celina Vigil says:

    Where do I begin, I love Target’s dishes, clothes, make-up, holiday decor and soo much more.. Sometimes I go there several times a week. :)


  205. 205
    Leslie G. says:

    I feel like I could spend an entire day in the housewares section – so many cute things and at such good deals!

  206. 206
    Linda P says:

    Pick one item? Seriously? target is totally my go-to for all things kid related, kitchen gadget related, sheets, towels, clothes for me, electronics, dishes, small appliances, lamps, etc. And there are totally other options in the area where I live, but Target fits the bill for like, everything. Ok, just one thing…? Target is the store I take my daughter to to buy her LEGO kits.

  207. 207
    Michelle says:

    Is this a trick question? How does one ever pick!? I do love the kid’s clothes and shoes and I am a fan of their housewares stuff too!

  208. 208
    Tara C says:

    I love the Missoni line, esp the cardigan they carry and that great bag. Sadly- it sells out so fast!! I also love Target bedding :)

  209. 209
    Meg S. says:

    I LOVE Target! I love stocking up on holiday items when they go on clearance, best time to get cute baking things.

  210. 210
    Haylie says:

    Almost anything from the baby isle!

  211. 211
    juli says:

    I love anything from Target. I never go in there and spend less than 2 hours going down every single aisle. Love the new site by the way!

  212. 212
    DEE W says:

    Mossimo jeans! they are a great fit

  213. 213
    Christa says:

    Clothes for my kids!

  214. 214
    Ashley says:

    OMG the dollar bins are my favorite!! I cant start my Target shopping experience with out walking those bins first!

  215. 215
    Ali says:

    Our Super Target has a Starbucks in it, so I usually stop in there first… After that, I love their home goods (frames, plates, bedding, organizational stuff) – it’s perfect way to spruce up our apartment on the cheap.

  216. 216
    Tammy Anderson says:

    I love Target and can wander around that store forever! I would have to say my favorite is the shoes — especially the sales. You can get so many great shoes when they’re on clearance! :)

  217. 217
    Jennie says:

    I LOVE Target. I love their jewelry.

  218. 218
    Tina Reedy says:

    i love everything about Target! Especially this really cool coat I got a couple of years ago.

  219. 219
    SaraJ says:

    I love Target! The holiday departments and dollar bins are fab. I just bought a great bed in a bag too, soooo pretty and cheap.

  220. 220
    Leah says:

    Archer Farms cracked pepper and sea salt potato chips. Yes please!

  221. 221
    Alyse says:

    I freaking love Target. Cheap swimsuits? Check. Cute shoes? Check. New mascara in the check out line? Check. They even have fresh groceries now!

  222. 222
    Anissa says:

    I love all of their home decor stuff – so cute!

  223. 223
    Vanessa Fisher says:

    I love the popcorn at Target Cafe! Me and my son get a bag and walk around the store and shop!

  224. 224
    Colene says:

    I love that their book section is right next to the electronics. Let me pick up a book and the newest DVD at a low price and I’m ready to go.

  225. 225
    Christina says:

    I love Target! I love how they have everything you need and everything you did not know you needed!!!

  226. 226
    Megan W says:

    My favoite part of Target is the clearance sections!

  227. 227
    Susan H. says:

    I love the Home stuff. But really love everything there.

  228. 228
    Allison C says:

    I love everything, but in particular the cheaper new release paperback books. I grew up in MN (the Target hub) so I have been shopping at Target ever since I can remember. Thankfully the same year I moved out east they opened up several Targets…otherwise I don’t know what I would have done! I pretty much go once a week and I LOVE super Targets…the food prices are great! I wish they would come out east too!

  229. 229
    Krissy says:

    I love their bedding and bath items – always such cute things! The other day on my lunch hour I almost didn’t go because there was “only” one thing I needed. $110 and 20 things later I was done…

  230. 230
    Amanda Thompson says:

    Target always has the cutest tees and hoodies in solid colors, which are great for layering!

  231. 231
    Trisha Allen says:

    Target is the best place to find everything you need! I love going to one store for groceries and household items all with one stop!

  232. 232
    Megan J says:

    I love pretty much everything in the kitchen section. So many things I didn’t know I needed until I saw them!

  233. 233
    Lindsay C says:

    I love seeing that oh so wonderful orange clearance sticker! I swear it calls to me, like “Hey, I’m over here! Take me home!” Everytime I am there, I make sure to take a trip through the end caps to find the deals.
    Seeing those lovely stickers in the baby section is absolutely the BEST! Target helps me spoil my baby girl!

    • 233.1
      Shelly says:

      Hey Lindsay!
      Just wanted to let you know that you are the winner of the Target gift card! I will email you with details!

  234. 234
    Heather Davis says:

    If I HAD to pick a favorite item, I’m not sure that I could! I LOVE Target!

  235. 235
    Sara says:

    They have this wisk for kids that the top half is a giraffe. I’ve been wanting to get that for my son because he loves to bake with me.

  236. 236
    carrie gerhart says:

    I love the front dollar section and I love the baby/toddler clothes!!

  237. 237
    Daphne says:

    I love everything about Target!! I always hit the dollar spot and then check out the clothes and shoes! :)

  238. 238

    Target = Trouble for me. Love the dollar bins and the seasonal stuff.

  239. 239
    Breanna says:

    Target is my absolute favorite store! I can’t pick just one thing, but the areas I always make sure to go to while I’m there are the Dollar and Baby areas!

  240. 240
    Lisa F says:

    I loooooove the dollar bin! Even though everything is only a dollar each (mostly) I end up spending the most money there!

  241. 241
    Jeanne ODonnell says:

    I don’t get to Target very often as it is an hour away, but my favorite things are the home goods stuff.

  242. 242
    Lori says:

    I love baking supplies at Target! Sprinkles, frosting, all that fun stuff!

  243. 243
    Maria says:

    I just love browsing and seeing all of the cute new items! I also love their holiday sections and dollar bins.

  244. 244
    Michelle I. says:

    Everything! Their jewelry has become really cute!

  245. 245
    Heather Spooner says:

    I can’t get out of the home decor department without buying something. Love it!

  246. 246
    Hannah says:

    I LOVE Target! I love their clothes and boots, and I love buying make up there. There’s no place better than target!

  247. 247
    Victoria V says:

    How can you pick just one thing? Target is great!! I love the dollar spot and their holiday stuff. I can always find something cute and affordable.

  248. 248
    April says:

    Target is my home away from home. Choosing a favorite would be like choosing a favorite child. I love it all from top to bottom!

  249. 249
    Sherri Cameron says:

    I love the tableware~

  250. 250
    Laurel says:

    The picture frames by far. Adorable.

  251. 251
    Amy says:

    I love Target for so many reasons…one of them being that they offer nickel free earrings!

  252. 252
    michele boyer says:

    target – the entire store is my favorite – i love all their holiday items – such cute halloween and christmas and springtime goodies, but my favorite target item of all time is that nine square bin shelf thing with the pretty little canvas inserts…..we have 3 in our house. and use it for so many things from shoes (in the garage) to toys(in the kids’ room) to snacks and school supplies (in the kitchen).

  253. 253
    Kate says:

    I love target! My favorite thing by far are the scarves! I love scarves and can always freshen up my wardrobe with cute inexpensive scarves.

  254. 254

    My favorite thing to get at Target is toys!

  255. 255
    MariAnne Hernandez says:

    Love the baby section at Target! Can always find something super cute!!!

  256. 256
    Bev says:

    I just came from Target….I went after 1 thing and came home with 4 bags full!

  257. 257
    Catherine Chiarino says:

    I think my favorite thing to look at at target is the home decor and kitchen accessories!

  258. 258
    Amber Lansing says:

    Baby clothes!

  259. 259
    christine says:

    the clearance aisles!

  260. 260
  261. 261
    Megan says:

    Anything in Target is great!!

  262. 262
    Melina says:

    I love targets clothes. No matter what I can never go in to target without detouring to the clothes! Lol

  263. 263
    Julie says:

    Anything and everything! I Love Target!

  264. 264
    Annie says:

    I like about everything at Target!

  265. 265
    Kerry Evans says:

    The home decor stuff! I will look at a shelf and say to myself, ‘hmm, I need something there.’ And then I go to Target and can find the perfect thing to put there.

  266. 266
    Jodie Smith says:

    Target is my fav!! I love the Dollar bins and that I can get my Starbucks fix while I’m shopping!

  267. 267
    Sarah says:

    The linens….so many fun colors and themes.

  268. 268
    Alison says:

    I go to Target at least once a week. Love the dollar bins for the kids. Love it ALL!

  269. 269
    PattiP says:

    I love everything about Target! I almost live there…

  270. 270
    LoriC says:

    The Dollar Bin is my fav! Target ROCKS!

  271. 271
    Regina Smith says:

    My favorite thing to get at Target is makeup…its cheap, but reasonably good makeup!

  272. 272
    lora says:

    I love everything about Target…can not go in there without spending atleast 100 dollars :) Now that the one by me sells produce, it is absolutely one stop shopping

  273. 273
    Christina H says:

    I love everything about Target, though I love when they feature different designers. The clothes out of those collections are pretty great!

  274. 274
    Alicia says:

    I really love Target’s clothing and shoes!

  275. 275
    Charissa says:

    My favorite target item is the little girl clothes! My daughter loves the new tutu skirts on display!

  276. 276
    Victoria R says:

    I love Target, and I am not sure I can pick a favorite item! I love exploring the Dollar Spot every time I go in, because it’s always different. And I have to say I’m a huge fan of their Up brand face wash…

  277. 277
    LeAndra says:

    I LOVE Target…. item… usually holiday stuff on clearance!

  278. 278
    Christyn says:

    Uhmmmm, I like the kitchen supplies, and in the expanded grocery section, I love all the baking supplies (candy eyes anyone??)

  279. 279
    Holly Moser says:

    When I am bored I sometimes go to Target and just wander around. I usually find things to buy, some of the time it’s even stuff I actually need!

  280. 280
    Vicki Williams says:

    Love TARGET!!! My favorite is the kids clothes such great deals :)

  281. 281
    Katelyn Anderson says:

    Home decor and housewares dept! Inexpensive and SO much cute stuff!

  282. 282
    Cheryl says:

    Target is the best!! I love it all but adore their scarves, purses, shoes!! With Christmas around the corner I love buying scarves for friends and family! Makes it easy to borrow….LOL!!

  283. 283
    Lauren says:

    I usually love all the clothing and shoes. It is all so reasonably priced yet stylish.

  284. 284
    Rosie says:

    I don’t have a favorite item, I have a favorite section! I love their great selection of hello kitty products!

  285. 285
    Gina Wilson says:

    Ugh, I big, puffy heart LOVE Target. I live in Minnesota, where the awesomeness all started, so maybe that’s why I love them so much. My favorite item has got to be their plain v-neck t-shirts. But, let’s be honest, I go there sometimes and walk around for hours just looking at everything and always end up buying more than I planned on.

  286. 286
    Leanor says:

    I go to Target to buy shoes for the kids. Reasonably priced, large selection, cute and functional.

  287. 287
    Alison S says:

    I love everything at Target especially seasonal cute/decorative items!

  288. 288
    Elizabeth W says:

    I love their cute jewelry and home decor.

  289. 289

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