Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap ~ Episode 10

OK, this recap has taken me a while to write because it was Snooze-ville.


Again, with the cut segments from Russell and Taylor’s relationship they managed to fill an entire hour with the most boring events of the season.  You’d think they could spread them out a little.

It all started with an infomercial for Paul’s plastic surgery practice.  I figure he used the opportunity to get a little advertising in, while using the Housewives as guinea pigs.

The only thing that really came out of the whole evening was Kim finally admitting she is on a a bunch of pain meds, that make her act loopy.  Duh.  BUT it’s not crystal meth, so Kyle will be happy.  I do find the fact that she is taking all those pills worrisome and dangerous, but hey I’m not a doctor…

However, Paul IS and he was quick to assure us that all Kim’s pills would not effect whether or not she could receive lip injections or Botox.  Phew!  Glad to know that she can still get those.  I mean, she can’t DRIVE, but she can still get Botox.  Responsible doctoring, right there, folks.

On a side note, I was quite horrified as Taylor got more injections in her face.  No need for that, my friend, no need.

Meanwhile, Lisa got an email while in the waiting room from Russell.  He just wanted to tell her that his relationship with Taylor was okey-dokey and that she should not worry about them, that they have never been better.  Lisa was honestly confused,  I really don’t think she was the source that was quoted by US Weekly…do you?  So, Lisa promptly asked Taylor what the email was all about, and Taylor pretended like she had no idea.  Apparently Taylor’s plastic surgery didn’t help with her ability to lie, as her forehead couldn’t quite produce the “confused wrinkle” you need to feign confusion.  Damn Botox!

Next up Kyle decided to have a séance.  Kim couldn’t come because apparently it’s against her religion or something, which I think it s another way to say, “I want to stay home and get it on with my real-life troll doll.”  BUT Brandi COULD come…I guess the ladies are going to play nice together…as long as Brandi doesn’t talk at all, the ladies get along famously!

I tuned out a little as the psychic did her psychic-y stuff.  I was not impressed.  Anyone who watched the first season of The Real Housewives could have done exactly what she did.

There was a funny part when Lisa pretended she was Allison DuBois from last season and smoked an electronic cigarette.  But all I kept thinking was WHERE DID SHE GET THAT?  I mean did she bring it with her as a comedic prop?  Did Bravo place it on the table as a talking piece?  EXPLAIN!!!

The episode ended with Kyle going to visit Kim at her house and Kim dropping the troll bomb on her, also telling  her that they were moving into his troll cave together.  Kyle was understandably surprised, not expecting the news and also worrying about Kim’s safety in cave-living.

The episode ended with Kyle walking into meet Kim’s troll lover.  The end.

See, boring.

Next week, though looks riveting!  The ladies confront Taylor on her relationship with Russell and it looks like there are allegations flying!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo every Monday at 10 EST. 

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    Jessica says:

    I finally was able to watch this episode just now…the one thing I can’t quit thinking about?

    Where DID that damn cigarette come from? I mean – really – was she hiding it in her shirt pocket for that totally off chance that someone brought up the crazy psychic?!

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