Vampire-inspired make-up

Don’t let the title to this post scare you…I am not talking about white powdered faces and Halloween stuff.

I am talking about everyday make-up inspired by Vampires…pretty faces, not creepy.


Really what this translates into is berry stained lips, sparkly eyes and flushed cheeks.

You don’t need to wear a cape and fangs to pull this look off…actually I would advise against it.


Let’s start with your face.  What you will want is a perfectly smooth matte finish to start building on.

I LOVE this foundation from Make Up Forever.  It comes in a bunch of shades, so you’re guaranteed to find one that matches, and it leaves your skin with a velvety-matte, smooth finish.

Now once you have your perfect foundation you’ll want to add a bit of a flush on the cheeks.  You know, because you don’t really want to look dead.

Try this one by Tarte.  They make a really fun True Blood line.  Don’t be scared of stains either.  Just start with a little bit and add to create the look you want.  This one is totally wearable, trust me, I love the Tarte cheek stains.

Another fun cheek stain is this one by DuWop.  It was made for their Twilight line, which is super fun.

When you have your face done you might want to add some shimmer or “illuminator”.  Add just a little to highlight your cheeks or your brow-bone or more for a dramatic effect.

Here are a few that I love…

Laura Mercier came out with a Twilight inspired line called Moonlight which I think is really fantastic.  Here’s her Face Illuminator...

Or you can use this liquid glow by Twilight Beauty

Now let’s move on to your eyes…

Tarte’s True Blood line has this whole palette which has 17 different eye shadows, mascara, black eyeliner (which is a MUST for this look) and some eye primer.  PLUS it’s on sale now at Sephora for $36.50!


Or if you want a little more shimmer try this really great high impact loose eyeshadow by Twilight Beauty.  It comes seven fun colors and is only $9!

For your lips I think a stain is the way to go…subtle but pretty.  Again DuWop’s Lip Venom is perfect, not only does it stain, but it gives a little plump.

If you skipped the shimmer on your face, but want a little on your lips, try these sparkly ones from Twilight Beauty.

It comes in 10 different shades, so you can surely find one you like!

And last but not least let’s talk nails.  There are really so many options here, but the one I like the best is this deep violet by Laura Mercier.

But there’s also this pretty shade by Essie called Wicked, which I love.

So there you have it!


Some fun makeup options that you can wear day and night, vampire lover or not!

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    Mrs. Horn says:

    I am also completely obsessed with vampire inspired things. But, I am also a super un-goth person so it has to be subtle. I bought the tarte eyeshadow pallette when it came out. I love love love it! The outside is super goth and true blood inspired. Inside there are so many gorgeous colors! Me, two other bridesmaids and a bride all used it for a wedding and it barely made a dent. They are beautiful high quality colors. Like I seriously cannot say enough good things about it! I paid a painful $52 dollars for it but, it was worth every penny and then some.

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