Celebrity Scandals of 2011 ~ #4 – #1

Yesterday we started our countdown to the top celebrity scandals of 2011.

Let’s recap.

#10 ~ Christina Aguilera gets arrested

#9 ~ Hutchison/Stodden marriage

#8 ~ Alec Baldwin and Words With Friends

#7 ~ JLo/Marc Anthony divorce

#6 ~ Lindsay Lohan steals a necklace

#5 ~ Justin Bieber baby scandal


So picking up where we left off…

#4 ~ The Kardashian Wedding and split

We are all probably so sick of hearing about this, yes?

Here’s how it happened…

They meet.  She talked.  He grunted.

Cameras followed.

They got married at a hugely extravagant wedding.

They divorced 2 months later.

It was in every magazine, on every news show for ever and ever.

The end.


My wish for Kim in 2012 ~ go back to Reggie.


#3 ~ The Ashton/Demi Split


I can’t say this wasn’t a surprise, but it still made me kinda sad.

I have never been a huge Kutcher fan.

And the fact that he is a cheater makes me like him less.

The whole tweeting their relationship thing always struck me as weird, and I kinda think that once you put something out there like that you can’t really go back.
And Demi,  the tweeting.  Maybe cut back?

Let’s review the self portrait tweets:

Demi in bed

Demi in the mirror

Demi wearing Hipster specs

Demi in a bikini

Demi in sunglasses AND a bikini

Demi in a fedora

Demi with her eyes closed

Demi in a mask


ENOUGH DEMI! …I mean, it comes across as a little desperate.  We ALL KNOW YOU’RE HOT. Please, stop trying to constantly remind us!


My wish for Demi in 2012 ~ Close the twitter account.


#2 ~ Charlie Sheen

Now, you might think this should be #1.

Have we ever witnessed a celebrity meltdown of such epic proportions?  The T-shirts, the tour, the radio show, the Today Interviews…

I mean, the vernacular alone could rank top 5, for sure!

We got:

  • Winning
  • Tiger Blood
  • Sober Valley Lodge
  • Duh!
  • Warlock
  • Sheen corner
  • Fire Breathing Fists
  • The Goddesses

…just to name a few.

I still feel resentment over the fact that I referred to those  girls as “the Goddesses”.

The reason that this one didn’t come in #1 was because, while insane and entertaining, it wasn’t completely shocking.  Weird and scary?  Yes.  But Charlie Sheen has been a hot mess for a long time now.


My wish for Charlie in 2012 ~ Take a shower, get a haircut and Just Say No.


#1 ~ Ahhnold’s baby Daddy Drama

Wasn’t this really the most “jaw-dropping” scandal of 2011?

In case you missed it…yeah right…here’s what happened…

Arnold had an affair with the housekeeper that had worked for the family for 20 years, which lead to the birth of a child.  The insane thing about it is that when the housekeeper had the child, she raised him along side of the Schwarzeneggar children.

The families would spend holidays together completely unaware that they were standing next to their half brother.

AND Maria kept the housekeeper employed all while she was sleeping with her husband.

It sounds like an awesome Lifetime movie, doesn’t it?


Maria was dealing with the downward decline of her mother’s health and then her subsequent death when the news of Arnold’s infidelity broke.


My wish for the “housekeeper” in 2012 ~ Please don’t let your “love child” dress up like a “Barbarian” for Halloween ever, ever, ever again.

So there you have it.  The year in scandal.


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  1. 1
    Steph says:

    Re-living these scandals here made me realize the inordinate amount of time I spent discussing these things in the past year. I don’t want to think too closely what that says about me but I look forward to 2012!!!! Thanks for the round-up.

  2. 2
    Tara says:

    That is so totally crazy and disrespectful, the kid is like 13! When were you gonna fess up?

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