Reindeer Bento

I am obsessed with Bento Lunch Boxes.

I need to get my act together and move beyond the peanut butter and jelly, honestly.  There are some super creative people out there who do amazing things with Bento lunches…like Tiffany from Cute Food for Kids.  She has a whole section on her site that features fun ideas for Bento lunches!  You need to check out all the Christmas Bento ideas!  I die!

Well, I wrote Tiffany an email telling her how I adore her cute lunches and asked if she could give us a fun holiday themed Bento idea so I can impress my children with my mad lunch making skills.

Tiffany gave me a step by step, so I can attempt it on my own:

“There’s a hot dog, rice, tomato, scrambled egg, black forest ham skin (for eyes) and carrot in this bento.”
*I think I might use craisins for the eyes
Tiffany also said:
- I cut the hot dog before cooked it.
- when packing egg into a bento, make sure it’s well done!
- close the lid after the food is cooled. This bento is meant to be eaten cold.  *Pack with an ice pack too to keep it chilled.
*She also placed some lettuce on the bottom underneath the egg, I bet this helps hold everything in place.
She told me that the meaning of “bento” and  ”lunch box” are not quite the same. Bento is nicely arranged whole meal in one container (doesn’t have to be cute).
She also said, “For me, the most difficult part of packing a bento is how to fill up the the whole container so that everything in it will still look nice and pretty when it’s time to eat.”
I found some adorable Bento Boxes that I am thinking about getting my kiddos…
This one is so cute and it’s double decker…AND it comes in panda ad pig :)
How about this sweet one??  Hello Kitty y’all!
Or this one, which is cool because it has little compartments.
And for a few more ideas on how to use the boxes there is this fun book with tons of cute stuff!
Thanks Tiffany for helping me out!  I can’t wait to give this reindeer a try!
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    Lorrie Bell says:

    In love with Bento. I bought LOTS of bento boxes and supplies for christmas gifts!!


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