Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap ~ Episode 17

This whole entire episode was one giant build up.  The promos showed the ladies sitting on a Hawaiian Beach getting a call from Taylor telling them her marriage was over.

This didn’t happen until 50 minutes in.  I HATE when they do that to you…so now, the NEXT episode will be about the break up.  This week just announced the break up.  They could have saved me an hour of my life and just cut to next week.

Needless to say, we are here to discuss the show.  So let’s do it.


The episode opened with Taylor and Russell leaving the white party after their abrupt dismissal.  Russell feigned optimism, saying they could be back in Vegas in an hour, while Taylor rolled her eyes at him. They were still hamming it up for the cameras a bit until Russell kept repeating that Camille’s allegations were a flat-out lie.  The covering up was really awkward to watch, especially when Taylor said, “All couples fight.”  Um yeah, not like that.

Russell honestly seemed kinda scary to me… entirely too calm.  You could just feel his blood simmering through the tv screen.   When the Armstrong’s shut the front door to their home, camera men standing out front, I felt scared for the anger that was going to bubble over within their walls.


We popped back to the white party were the rest of the gang was rehashing the events of the night.  The ladies tried to explain what had just happened to Kim (who was typically MIA during the encounter), but as they spoke it appeared she didn’t understand English, her eyes glazed and mouth hanging open.


Everyone decided that despite the drama the White Party must go on.

Enter Fat Burger fries and the Mariachi Band from Lisa’s wedding planner.   The gang started dancing while some random woman with enormous ta-tas looked on.  Don’t pretend you didn’t notice her.

Kim, really feeling the Mariachi band, started doing very Latino ponytail hair flips on the dance floor all while getting her groove-thang on with some random guy.  As soon as Troll-Ken saw her dancing he decided he need to pick the food out of his teeth STAT and make out with Kim on the dance floor, so everyone would know how HAPPY they are.  I about gagged, not only at the tonsil hockey, but the thought that HOMEBOY WAS PICKING FOOD OUT OF HIS TEETH WITH HIS FINGER only seconds before.  Sick.

They did own the dance-floor though…at least that what Kim said.

The next day (or whenever) the group was preparing to go on their Hawaii vacation.  Giggy was reading to get his lei on, sporting fabulous pink cabana wear, but alas, he was not allowed to go.  What a bummer.

Over at Kyle’s house, Mauricio, sans shirt, walked around all sweaty and fit.  I don’t really know what they were talking about, because his abs were slightly distracting.  Sorry, I’m human.


They all arrived at the airport in separate town cars…because none of these people EVER DRIVE THEMSELVES ANYWHERE, all dressed for different seasons and occasions.  Brandi in the peasanty-sundress…Camille in 17 layers and Lisa dressed for Dynasty.

After they checked in for their flight they realized that Kim was unusual.  Kyle called her and translated her speech into, “Her license expired, she lost her passport and she took too many drugs”.  Either way, she and Troll-Ken weren’t making the flight.

Brandi had to take Xanax to stand being with these people calm herself down to fly, and subsequently said all sorts of inappropriate things.  Once they arrived in Hawaii her meds “really kicked in”.  I thought that was a little weird that the medicine started working HOURS later, but I don’t know much about drugs.  Call me a square.

In Brandi’s Xanax haze she called Troll-Ken a gay Bull Mastiff and got super touchy-felly with Lisa’s Ken, which was hilarious, because he got all stumbly and stupid.  Men…they are all the same.

BUT what was most awesome was when Lisa told Brandi her right nipple was about to pop out.  Best.  Comeback. Ever.

Whenever someone is getting too close for comfort with my husband I am SO using that line…it doesn’t matter what they are wearing.  I’m using it.


The next day on the beaches of Hawaii, Camille got super inappropriate with a spray bottle of Evian, while Brandi decided to show up wearing a size 2T bikini.  Lisa’s Ken was still speechless.

Next up was the phone call from Taylor.

Here’s how it went…

Taylor:  My marriage is over

Kyle and Lisa:  GASP!

That is all.

I waited an entire 2 weeks for that.  Blah.


Next week looks great…Kim and Troll-Ken show up in Hawaii and Kim calls Mauricio, “Maurice” which makes me laugh.  AND it appears as Troll-Ken back-talks Kyle, which I am sure won’t go over well.


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs every Monday at 10:00 on Bravo.


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  1. 1
    Hayley says:

    This episode was so pointless. I feel it could have more merit if Jiggy went along to Hawaii so he could scoot his butt around a plush couch or something. Also, having spent a couple years (unfortunately) dating a tobacco chewer, I spotted Ken’s chew-grab from a mile away. So not only was he chewing tobacco (which means spitting troll-spit somewhere–do you think it’s magical? Yeah me either) but he whipped it out and then proceeded to dance with his methed-out maiden on the dance floor, more than likely getting chew-spit on her attractive white ensemble. So. Nast.
    And I’m tooootally with you on the nipple comeback. It’s PERFECT. I feel like whipping that one out with the straightest face could be so ingenius, it’s almost dangerous. Because EVERY. GIRL. WILL. LOOK. It’s perfect! Everyone will think you’re a comeback guru and you can steal Lisa’s as your own and no one will know. You’ll be the coolest girl at the party–it’s a brilliant plan!

  2. 2
    Morgan says:

    Ha! I’m completely obsessed with everything BRAVO! Except the competition shows like Top Chef or the Art show… However, the constant commercial of the dark haired girl crying convulsively WAS amusing… :/ Housewives are a BIG part of my life, you capture it perfectly. {My husband secretly thinks so too. He will never admit it… as he stares intently at TV} Love both your sights!

  3. 3

    Hahaha love, love, love this! As always. I just watched it last night and I had many of the same thoughts as you. I too worried about what happened behind that closed door of Taylor and Russel’s home. Such a sad story.
    Also, did you see Lisa’s fake eyelashes on the beach—-eww!

  4. 4
    Sherri says:

    OK. I love Confessions of a Cookbook Queen and thought I’d check this out too. However…. I was a little judgmental that Real Housewives was such a big deal on here. By the commercials I thought it was a little trashy and ridiculous (stupid even) and certainly not worthy of my time. Well. One night my husband was out of town and I wanted to just sit and watch something so I gave it a try and I spent the next few hours trying to find somewhere online to watch all of the episodes. I am horrified to admit that I am hooked. (Even though it is ridiculous and trashy and stupid) I couldn’t help but wonder who I would be friends with if I was living in Beverly Hills. and had money. I am thinking Adrienne is the least crazy of the group. Maybe Lisa. When she said that she’d have to put out that night in the Hawaii epsiode made me like her a little. heehee. Maybe Camille. I’m undecided on that. I’m pretty sure I would slap Taylor, Kim, and Kyle. repeatedly. with a board.

  5. 5
    Giselle says:

    Loved when Lisa said Brandi’s nipple was about to come out. Priceless. And then saying she was going to have to put out that night…..loved it. I’ve been catching up on the dvr this week and just saw this one late last night. I’ve been avoiding the recap on here so it wouldn’t spoil the show…..but apparently it wouldn’t have spoiled a thing. Nothing happened.

  6. 6
    Katie B says:

    Shelly, I hate to be “that” girl, and I know you’re super busy, but could you please PLEASE write the next installment of your awesome, snarky RHOBH reviews? I am DYING to hear what you have to say about the ensuing drama. :)

  7. 7
    Kristin C says:

    I agree with Katie B – we need your RHOBH recap. The reunion shows have been chock full of stuff to talk about. Don’t leave us hanging. Are you going to start Reviewing Housewives of Orange County? It starts this week. Looking forward to it!

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