We love Klutz!!

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that it’s a waste of money to buy my son “toys” that don’t really DO anything.


Action figures.  Pretend helicopters.  Little cars to push around.  Waste waste waste.


Jon David is only really entertained when he is learning or creating something.  He’s always been that way, which can be both good and bad at times.  Good because he learns a TON, but bad because a lot of the things he wants to do require help, and I only have so much time in a day.


Awhile back, I discovered Klutz books, and they’ve been a favorite ever since.  They’re reasonably priced, and come with all the materials your child will need to complete the projects in the book.  There is a HUGE variety, from art, to building, to imaginative play, and they never fail to keep Jon David occupied.


We most recently bought this Lego Crazy Action Contraptions book, and Jon David has had a ton of fun with it.  Every piece you need, as well as step by step instructions for 16 projects are included.  They’re easy enough for kids around 7 -10 to put together, but just complicated enough for it to take a bit of time and thought.  We really love this one!!


This Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes is another one we’ve had our eye on for awhile.  It’s for ages 7 and up, and comes with 40 pieces of sturdy patterned paper, as well as step-by-step instructions for 10 really cool airplanes.  Jon David will fly paper airplanes for hours, so I have no doubt he will love this book.


This Klutz Juggling book comes with 3 bean bags and complete step-by-step instructions on how to juggle.  If the bruised apples in my fruit bowl are any indication, I think this book would be very popular in my house!  It’s the oldest Klutz book, and one of their best selling.  I am going to buy this one and save to give to Jon David on a rainy day.

There are tons of fun Klutz options for girls, but I really love this Fancy Paper Fashions book.  It comes with patterned paper, stencils, glue, and tons of sequins, beads and ribbon to embellish the dresses.  Even tiny hangers!!  I sort of want it now.  For myself.


When I was younger, I went through a phase where I had a whole Friendship Bracelet Business going, so I really love this Klutz Friendship Bracelet Book.  It comes with tons of instructions, as well as floss, beads, and even a clipboard to secure the floss while you work.  So cool!!


If you’ve got little ones, Klutz has a Chicken Socks series that is a lot of fun for younger kids.  I have bought this Twirly Tutu book as a gift for my niece and it’s completely adorable.  It comes with material to tie a pretty tutu, and lots of activities to do afterwards.


A few years ago, Jon David went through a super hero obsession, and I got him this Klutz Superhero Starter Kit.  He had a ton of fun with it and looked so dang cute.  It comes with a cape, stickers, and 3 paper masks, as well as indispensable superhero advice.


I highly recommend having a few Klutz books on hand for last minute gifts or “I’m bored” weekends.  We love them!!


**Klutz did not pay me for this endorsement, we just really like their books sooooo….(but if they wanna pay me I will totally take the money).

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  1. 1
    Laura says:

    I discovered Klutz books when my oldest, who will graduate from high school in just a few short months (sniffle, sob), was little. Between our three daughters & three nephews, we’ve probably bought every book they’ve ever published. They are, also, my go-to birthday party present.

  2. 2
    Victoria R says:

    I had that exact same friendship bracelet bok from Klutz almost 20 years ago… I’m not sure it has changed at all! They have some of the best activity books!

  3. 3
    Hannah says:

    I had the friendship bracelet maker when I was younger and I used it forever! Klutz makes some of the best books!

  4. 4
    nina says:

    love klutz! i used to have the modeling clay one where it came with all the different colors of clay on the bottom and you could make little animals and stuff. it was like one of my favorite books ever

  5. 5
    Erin Maree says:

    We picked up a Klutz book it was a whiteboard type book in which they had taken photos of every day options and then they gave you ideas of what you could turn them into (by using the whiteboard markers provided) for our friends who had kids 10 and 4 (a boy and a girl) and they both loved it! It was great as the book lay flat which meant each child could do one :) I am sure it kept them quiet for a long time!

  6. 6
    Andrea says:

    I got my niece the Paper Fashion one and she spent hours with it. Even had a little notebook that she would put her latest designs in. I think my sister loved it more since it kept my niece occupied for so long. So in a way it made up for all the fire trucks and other miscellaneous toys that I bought my nephews that made loud obnoxious noises. :)

  7. 7
    Marie M.C. says:

    What great ideas. I totally agree with you about toys for kids. Most American kids have piles of toys that are a complete waste. They get them, play with them a couple of times, then — throw them aside. The BEST toys are ones they make themselves. We all know the fun kids have with a big box! I used to keep a box on top of my fridge and I’d put in empty cans, empty egg cartons, string, glue, scissors, construction paper, you name it. Zero cost. Endless play. Also, I bought two shiny squares of cloth, one red and one yellow so they could play superhero. Gave them hours and hours of play. Remember parents, give the kids books, go to the library, limit TV time, take them somewhere — a museum, the playground. Kids like to get of the house, too. Let them help in the kitchen. You never know, maybe they’ll grow up and cook for you!

  8. 8
    david velez says:

    I got my son the jugger pack and he would not stop playing with it

  9. 9
    david velez says:


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