Big Brother — Week 2

I am a super huge Big Brother fan.  So needless to say, I’m LOVING how this season is shaping up so far…tons of drama and twists — it’s great!!


This week was particularly crazy, so let’s get to it.



If you remember from last week, Frank won HOH after Willie tried to evict him.  As Frank accepted his HOH Medal, you could see the swamp steam rising from Willie’s head.  It was the first sign of the awesome week to come.


If you’re well versed in Big Brother play, you know the most obvious route for Willie to take is humble suck up.  What this would involve is private meetings in Frank’s HOH room, apologizing profusely, promising lifelong safety and devotion, and maybe even a bit of backstabbing by blaming your coach for putting Frank up in the first place.


But since that was the most sane and OBVIOUS route, Wille (in true Hantz brother style) decided to do the exact opposite.


He pouted.  He stomped.  He was basically a 3 year old, minus the cuteness.  Britney, fearful that he would drag the entire team down with him, advised Shane and JoJo to cut ties with Willie and try to get in the good graces of the other players.



What this did was anger Willie further, and realizing that he was probably going home, decided to head butt Joe (the chef) in the bathroom, which caused him to be evicted from the game.


Then everyone celebrated.



Knowing she had been loyal to Willie, JoJo immediately got to work on Frank, explaining why she shouldn’t be nominated.  Frank was very up front with her though, reminding her that he had tried to pull her away from Willie the week before and she refused.  I have to say, her stupidity really caught up to her, and I don’t blame Frank at all.



Sadly though, Willie’s departure made Franks nomination a lot more difficult, since Willie had been the obvious target.  Boogie tried to talk him into going with JoJo and a less obvious player, worried that if they put Shane up, he would win POV and take himself off.  This way, they could throw the competition and backdoor Shane, sealing his fate.  The other players weren’t interested in a pawn situation though, and Frank ultimately nominated JoJo and Shane, which was a surprise to no one.


Reward/Food Competition

This week’s Coach Competition required the coaches to dress up in MC Hammer pants that limited their leg movement and scoot on balance beam type things.  Britney had a huge HUGE lead, but stumbled and lost.  Mike Boogie should have won after her, but his ego got in the way and in the midst of celebrating, violated the competition rules by jumping off the beam too soon and lost.  Janelle ended up winning, basically by default.


Because she was the winner, Janelle was allowed to choose the Have Nots.  Her first choice was Wille, which I am sure contributed to his headbutting downward spiral later on.  Then she chose Ian, Shane, and Jo Jo, obviously targeting Britney’s team the  most.



Because both of her players were on the block, this was an important competition for Britney.  However — with only one player left in the game, this was an important competition for Dan and Danielle as well.  If Shane pulled himself off the block, Danielle would be the most obvious choice for a replacement, because her departure would mean Dan’s eviction from the game.  Sadly though, Danielle was not chosen to compete, so she was forced to watch from the sidelines.



The Veto Competition required the players to dress up like giant tortilla chips and dig around in pools of “dip” looking for menu items.  Those items would then have to be placed in order on their own menus, matching the master menu that was on the other side of the dip pools.  Ashley was by far the worst player in the competition.  She had some magical method of memorizing letters that was just NOT WORKING.


Also, is it just me, or does she act a lot like Luna Lovegood?



It was a close race between Shane, Ian, and JoJo, but Shane ended up the winner of the competition.



Shane (of course) pulled himself off the block and Danielle was put up in his place.


Unfortunately, Shane and Danielle both knew that him pulling himself off the block would mean that Danielle (his possible future Showmance) would be going up in his place.  Danielle, wanting to lay all the cards on the table, asked Shane if he would vote for her to be evicted.  Shane, a typical nonthinking MAN, responded “I don’t know”.


Note to all men out there:  If the woman you’ve been flirting with asks if you’re going to vote her out on Big Brother, say no.   Always say no.


Danielle went off to cry, which ultimately made her angry and decide to fight to stay in the game.  Helping matters along, she found out from Ian that Shane and JoJo had been flirting the night before in the Have Not room.  Danielle used this information to bond with Janelle, and also raise flags that a possible duo was in the making.



Britney warned JoJo to keep her mouth shut this week.  Of course, that is basically impossible for JoJo, being that she is naturally a little bit obnoxious.  Was Britney even paying attention when she chose her team??  Really??



Danielle’s strategy seemed to be to bond with Janelle and the other girls as much as possible.  It ended up working, and JoJo was voted out 8-1, the one vote in her favor coming from Shane.


Obviously, any chance of romance between Shane and Danielle is officially dead.  Now just keep your fingers crossed for magic between Ashley and Ian?


The HoH competition was a big game of ice hockey.  Each player had to hit the puck into a slot, and whoever got the highest amount won.  And in what can only be described as Big Brother Karma, Shane won the competition, securing HoH for the week.


Then Frank pooped his pants.  Probably.


Next week promises to be full of drama — can’t wait to see what goes down between Frank and Shane!!  And in another twist…America gets to vote on whether the coaches are sent back in the game!!  Head over to and vote!!


Obviously, vote yes.  Duh.


Big Brother is on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7 central and Thursdays at 9/8 central on CBS




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  1. 1

    Do you ever read Joker’s Updates?

    I don’t. ;)

  2. 2
    christina says:

    i like myself. lol. i am so addicted to big brother this season. We finally get showtime after dark in canada so i watch it every night. i really need a life.

  3. 3
    AmyC says:

    <3 Big Brother! Thanks for the recap!

  4. 4
    Tracy says:

    I so love Big Brother, it’s my one guilty pleasure show, haha! Now I’m going to be picturing Luna Lovegood every week LOL.

  5. 5
    Miranda says:

    Haha, of course vote yes right? Who would vote no?

  6. 6

    OMG! I’m such a Big Brother addict. It’s what I look forward to all year long. It’s not summer until BB starts. How did I not find your blog sooner? And no I don’t think Britney was paying attention when she was picking her team, but I don’t think Dan was either.

  7. 7
    Michele says:

    I have been watching BB since the beginning. I only missed #2. Totally addicted and love it. It is so cool that you are doing these updates! Thanks! So fun to share my obsession with others.

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