Big Brother ~ Week 3

So yeah, this whole week was basically an ENTIRE WASTE OF TIME!

Gee, thanks CBS for sucking 3 hours of my life that I will never get back.

Not cool.


But since I watched it, I might as well break down all the useless activity.


Let’s begin…

Sunday, Nominations.

Shane won the HoH on Thursday and needed it for his own survival.  I have decided that Shane looks like the love child of Adam Levine and that guy from Parks and Rec…


Ok, moving on…

The “nomination” episode started with Shane trying to work back into Danielle’s good graces.  Totally worked because she is in lurrve with him.

While Joe isn’t yelling at the camera in the confessional booth he is busy cooking and sucking up to Shane, going as far to call him “Sir Shane”, which completely creeped me out.  Joe surprised Shane with a morning breakfast, way before the approved wake-up time in Big Brother.  Shane got annoyed at Joe and said that he wouldn’t have minded if Carmen Elektra woke him up…only furthering my opinion of Shane as a cheeseball 1988 Surfer-dude.

The Coaches Competition went down allowed the Coaches to dress up in their best “Let’s Get Physical” spandex.  Janelle won the competition with her mad hip and tongue action.

She used her Coach’s save on Wil and no one was shocked.  Dan won a sushi party for the coaches and Boogie won cash, and shared with Ian, who was so moved he started crying.  It was minorly touching.

After little deliberation Shane decides to nominate Joe and Ashely, so Janelle had a “taste” of what it was like to have players on the block.  Also, he wanted to stay true to his secret alliance with Frank.

Joe and Ashley go on the block.


On Tuesday night we had the Veto competition…

The episode opened up to Joe yelling at the confessional camera.  Who else out there is hoping that he will have a Santoku knife accident that accidentally cuts off that caterpillar he has growing between his lower lip and his chin?

Joe is crazy angry that he was nominated, and Ashely is crying about being on the block while Boogie and Frank are doing their happy dance in the other room.

Joe realizes the only way that he will be able to stay is that if he wins the veto.

Unfortunately that plan didn’t work out for him and Shane won.

In a last minute game change, Britney talks to Ian on the sly and wanted Ian to guarantee Shane’s safety the following week…to which Ian replied, “it’s not in the foreseeable future”  which in Big Brother language means, “yes, you are definitely on the block”.

This, along with Janelle hocking her wedding ring for Big Brother safety started Shane’s wheels spinning.

Britney runs and tells Shane that Boogie’s team in out to get him, which plants enough of a seed for Shane to flip the game and remove Ashley from the block and put Frank up as a replacement nominee.

I might have cheered when this happened.

Anytime that the veto is used I clap.  It doesn’t happen often. Obviously I don’t literally clap.


On Eviction night the house got turned upside down.

Wil and Janelle’s BFF status is clearly on the rocks.  Wil has finally tapped into the fact that Janelle is a robot.  She has no emotions, shows no emotions and tried to then fake emotions with tears.

Wil doesn’t buy it and feels like she is ridiculously condescending, basically like she invented Big Brother and he couldn’t possibly figure out how to play without her as his coach.

At a certain point, Danielle realizes she has all the power in the house and that her vote will be the one that decides who goes home.  Dan wants her to evict Joe, while Shane wants her to evict Frank.

What we find out is NONE OF THIS MATTERS!

Before the live vote, Julie breaks the news that America has voted for the coaches to come back into the game.  Boogie doesn’t want to rejoin the game as a player, but all the other coaches want to join, so majority ruled and the coaches are back in the game.

What this means is that the game is completely reset and there was no eviction this week.

So Shane’s week was completely useless.  They were about to evict Frank, the most powerful player in the game, but now, Frank’s mad, Boogie’s mad and Shane’s screwed.

They had the HoH competition, but it was a cliffhanger.  We have to wait until Sunday to find out who wins.

Until then…



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    I know who one! I have no life & watched BB After Dark on Showtime.

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