Big Brother — Week 4

With the coaches back in the game (surprise, surprise…NOT!!), this week was a particularly exciting one in the Big Brother House.


Let’s discuss what happened this week.



As you may remember, last week left off with the coaches coming back in the game, meaning the whole week was reset.  Joe the Yeller and Frank the Blinker got to stay (booooo), and everyone went outside for an endurance competition.


For whatever reason, on the way outside, Dan decided to tell Boogie about the house plan to evict Frank.  Apparently he was worried it would come out anyways, and wanted to use the information as a way of building trust.  Bad idea, Dan.  Lying is how you build trust, we ALL know that.



The HOH competition required everyone to stand on the side of a “ship” holding on to a tilting wall over a moat type deal.  As they clung to the bars behind them, they were misted with water as well.  It basically looked miserable.


As if THAT wasn’t enough, they were also bombarded with fake bird poop.  Hurl.


Boogie was the first one out.  Partly because he really didn’t want to be back in the game to begin with, and partly to show everyone that he isn’t that big of a threat.  Everyone else started dropping shortly after, and after about 3 hours, it came down to Danielle, Britney, and Ian.


Was I the only one surprised by the Ian part?


Ian started trying to make deals with Danielle, and Dan butted in, telling Danielle not to give up the HOH.  I don’t think he knows how to ever stop coaching.


Finally, Ian dropped and Britney, after getting a promise that she wouldn’t be nominated, dropped as well.  Danielle emerged victorious and received a particularly disgusting kiss from Shane.



Immediately following the HOH ceremony, Mike and Frank launched an investigation that we will call “Operation Unhealthy Relationship”.  I mean really, Boogie…are you even who I think you are?  Does it seriously confuse you that people lied to your face??  I don’t know how I feel about this new sensitive Boogie.


Oh wait, I do know how I feel.  I don’t like it.


Of course, everyone started scrambling and denying that Frank was ever on his way out, which seemed a bit pointless considering that Danielle won HOH and would probably be nominating him again.


After evaluating who the most dangerous people in the house were, Danielle decided to nominate Frank and Wil.


She said that she was only nominating Wil as a pawn, but I suspect it’s because she knows that centaurs have magical powers and therefor are super dangerous.



Of course, Boogie was anxious to compete in the Veto competition so he could fight for Frank’s honor.  This wasn’t in the cards, however, and Boogie was left watching from the sidelines.


The competition consisted of everyone throwing a ball at a giant board with numbers on it.  With each round, the player who hit the lowest number was eliminated and had to choose a prize and sit on the sidelines.  As others were eliminated and chose prizes, they could swap with a previous loser or keep the prize they drew.


In a surprising turn of events, Ian won a prize that required him to live like a dog for a day and instead of trading it for a tropical vacation, kept the doggie day prize.  Either this was incredibly noble or incredibly stupid.  I’m still deciding.



Frank ended up with a Spiritard and Daniell won the POV.


With Danielle winning POV, Frank and Boogie started scrambling.  Boogie decided to plant the idea of voting out Janelle.  After deciding that Janelle was a threat and untrustworthy, a “secret” alliance called the Silent Six was formed.




The Silent Six consisted of Britney, Boogie, Danielle, Shane, Dan, and Frank.  Then they made a super dumb signal where they got in a circle and put their finger to their lips.


I hated it.



Finally it was time for the Veto Ceremony, and Danielle removed Wil and put Janelle up in his place.  Janelle was for real shocked but tried to look like she wasn’t , and Britney wasn’t shocked, but tried to look like she was.


Make sense?



After being nominated, Janelle visited Danielle in the HOH room asking why she was nominated.  Danielle told her that she had heard that Janelle was “coming after her”, so she was protecting herself.


Of course, this was a total cop out.  And I’ve heard from friends that subscribe to live feeds that Danielle showed a particular brand of crazy during this and many other conversations.  If you notice, they did not do a live HOH interview with Danielle this episode.  Loose cannon, much?



Janelle followed up by rallying her friends to help her stay.  Wil, who doesn’t trust Janelle, had no problem lying straight to her face.  Britney however, felt extremely guilty and ran to the HOH room begging everyone to either not vote Janelle out or tell her what was going on.  Neither happened, and Janelle was voted out by a vote of 8-1, Joe being the only one who voted for Frank to leave.


The HOH competition immediately followed, which was a multiple choice game where the players took turns ringing in.  It came down to Britney and Frank and Frank beat her by a second.


Next week is sure to be another episode of the Frank and Boogie Love Show.  Fun times.


Big Brother is on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7 central and Thursdays at 9/8 central on CBS

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  1. 1
    Kathy E. says:

    I love this show and have watched each season. I enjoyed your recap of the week and will now refer to the wild-haired guy as Frank the Blinker! My husband and I didn’t even notice they omitted the HOH interview before the eviction. We did notice they left out the eviction nominee speeches that allow the two nominees to beg for votes.

    Are you getting tired of seeing former players on the shows? C’mon, they’ve had their chances at winning. Let a new set of folks try to win and let the old players view from home. Especially Boogie…ggrrrrr,

  2. 2
    Victoria says:

    I wanna know more about these crazy conversations with Danielle!! I didn’t even notice that they omitted the
    HOH interview! Very interesting…

  3. 3
    Tracy says:

    I just think it’s crazy how much Boogie said he didn’t want to play the game, and then ended up basically making the entire house do what he wanted. He’s either really smart or really bored, lol.

  4. 4
    Becky says:

    Ha! The centaur comment made me laugh out loud!

  5. 5

    I love the move to oust Janelle. It turned what could have and probably should have been a predictable week and eviction into some very entertaining TV. I was glued to the screen.

  6. 6

    I can.not.stand Boogie. Ugh! I was sad to see Janelle go. :(

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