Big Brother ~ Week 6

If you remember, last week left off with the house in the middle of an HOH competition.


Let’s talk about how that panned out, want to?



The HOH competition required the players to slide across a slippery surface, filling large bowls with water.  One bowl was for safety, one for HOH, and one for $10,000.  Obviously, if you started filling the bowls for safety or money, you weren’t going to be able to catch up with filling your HOH bowl, meaning you were automatically removed from any possibility of Head of Household.

With that being said, Mike Boogie immediately started going for the money.  If you ask me, this said a lot for how cocky and comfortable he must be in the game — if you’ve previously WON the show, AND already won money this season, you already are a huge target.  How could he not see that?

Frank wasn’t very happy that Boogie was going for the money, but I’m sure that he never mentioned that to Mike, since he’s his love child and all.



Predictably, Shane ended up winning HOH.

Is it just me, or do we need to get some fresh meat in charge?  I mean…



With Wil’s departure last week, Boogie and Frank felt secure that they wouldn’t be nominated this week — counting on the Silent Six Alliance to keep them safe.  What they DIDN’T know was that a sub alliance called the Quack Pack existed…and Ian is a member.

Prior to the HOH competition, Frank privately suggested that Ian nominate Britney or Shane if he won.  Why exactly Boogie thought Ian stood a chance at winning (especially an endurance comp, which I am sure they’re warned about), is beyond me.  But regardless, it turned out to be a boneheaded move because Ian wasted no time in getting this info to his alliance.  Britney immediately began pushing for the nomination of Boogie and Frank and in the end, Shane agreed, giving a nomination speech that made no sense whatsoever.

The look on Boogies face when his key was not pulled was hilarious.  Even more hilarious than his normal face, believe it or not.

Majorly upset and befuddled, Mike immediately cornered Shane in the HOH room to get the reasoning behind his nomination.

The whole conversation was hilarious to me, mostly because Mike Boogie is one of the shadiest people to play the game.  Why is all this so confusing?  Does he not understand that he is a huge target?  Is it so beyond the realm of reality that anyone would want him out?

Shane cracked under the pressure of Boogie’s pointy eyebrows and somehow ended up blaming Britney for making him nominate Mike and Frank.  Boogie then confronted Britney, who denied being behind it, but unwilling to throw Ian under the bus either.  Boogie ended up coming to the conclusion that it must have been Dan behind his nomination, and confronted Dan.  Dan was also unwilling to give up Ian, which made him look guilty as a result.

Boogie wasted no time in trashing Dan to anyone in the house who would listen.  The whole thing made me feel like Ian was a bit of a rat, letting Dan take the heat.  You hear me Ian?  I’m not rooting for you anymore!!



The Veto competition required the players to guess the amounts of candy on large displays.

Of course, Ashley’s technique for guessing involved crystals and mythical spells, but even she was no match for Frank’s prowess.

Frank easily won.  BOOOOOOOOOO

Of course, this meant that Frank would be taking himself off the block, so Boogie began to see a glimmer of hope.  He tried to con Shane into nominating Dan as a replacement, but it was a no go.  Shane put Jen up in his place, and Mike Boogie almost cried.



Jen then decided to go on a rampage, like she had any real shot of going home.  Because you know, she’s such a huge threat in the game and all.




With his demise imminent and their backs against the wall, Frank and Boogie resorted to a never fail tactic — bullying.  I’m guessing they haven’t watched other seasons, because players normally don’t feel warm and fuzzy towards players who hurl insults around the house.

Also, Boogie called Shane “Son” at one point.  Then I realized that this was a real possibility.  Boogie IS old enough, even though he doesn’t act like it.

Most of the bullying was directed at Dan, who sadly just sat and took it with a grain of salt.  Ian continued to let him take the heat, letting Boogie think he would be voting in his favor.



Boogie was easily evicted, finally realizing on his way out that Ian was really the one responsible for his eviction.

Also, who dressed Mike Boogie?  He kinda looked like a cross between Andre 3000 and Mr. Magoo.


As it turned out, this week was a double eviction, so the players had to immediately go outside to compete live for HOH.  It was a memory quiz that Ian won, and he promptly (and nervously) nominated Ashley and Frank for eviction.

He also apologized to them like a million times.  He’s not such a great villain after all.




The group then headed outside for a live Veto comp, which Frank won.





Joe was nominated in Frank’s place, and Ashley was voted out.   I have to say that I think her unfortunate headband played a part in her eviction.

Of course, Frank was not happy and immediately resumed the household bullying.

This week should be interesting!!

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  1. 1
    Shelley says:

    I particularly found Ashley’s eviction plea quite humorous…not being as “articulate” as others! That is a mild way to put it! Ha! :)

  2. 2
    Michele says:

    Last Thursday’s episode was the BEST BB I have ever seen, and I’ve watched all 14 seasons. It was so classic the way it all played out. I am loving this season. I’m rooting for Dan and Brittney. Glad Boogie is gone—- Frank, you’re next. You’re a bully and a poor sport.

  3. 3
    cheri says:

    This last eviction was perfect. I was so glad to see Boogie leave, but Ashley was very humorous to have on the show. She was so ditzy and the things she would say were so funny. I didn’t get to see the live double eviction on Thursday night, but I did watch it the next morning with the Auto Hop feature on my Hopper. I automatically skipped over the commercials, so I was able to get ready before heading to work at Dish and still had time to spare. I am waiting for Frank to leave the house now. I am rooting for Britney or Dan as well and I hope one of them wins.

  4. 4
    Tracy says:

    I wasn’t rooting for Boogie, but I was at least glad he respected the ownage at the end when they played Ian’s goodbye message for him. He totally got played, and it was hilarious. :-)

  5. 5
    Melissa says:

    I said to my hubby tonight “I’m worried Ashley is going to burn down the jury house.”

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