Confetti Nails!

Last week I had a birthday.

So I thought it would be festive of me to let my nails in on the party.

It’s the right thing to do!


Kristan found the idea for these on Pinterest, which I eventually traced back to this site.  There’s no tutorial on how to do them, so I thought I would put one together for you, the way I did mine!


They were super easy!

I got my polishes ready.  I just raided my nail polish drawer and pulled out the brightest colors I had on-hand…

First I painted my nails an opaque white color

After my white coat was completely dry (you don’t want the colors to bleed together) I got my supplies ready…

I used a paper bowl and some toothpicks for application…

The toothpicks I used weren’t super pointy at the end, they were more rounded, which helped make the dots a little larger.

I started with my blue color.  I just put a small amount of polish into the paper bowl…

And using the end of the toothpick I dotted it on my nails…

I repeated this process on each nail and then repeated the process with my next color…

And continued until I used all the colors I wanted…6 in total, but that was just personal preference.

Here’s how they came out…

So cute and so easy!

Let them dry completely and top with your favorite top coat!

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  1. 1

    Sprinkles on your nails? Genius! So festive and cute for your birthday, Shelly! Loving it!

  2. 2

    Now that I think I could do! My daughter will love it too. Thanks Shelly!

  3. 3
    Diana says:

    As a nail blogger, I am loving seeing other blogs show off nail art :) I think you did awesome!!!

    The original picture was most likely done with dotting tools. You can find sets all around the web for $5 or so, but you can order them from China for like $1.50 for a set. They’re little pencil size tools with different size metal balls on the ends to allow you to make various sized dots with polish :)

    • 3.1
      NorthernPayne says:

      I saw on Pinterest that some took a ball-topped straight pin and stuck it in a pencil eraser and used that as their dotting tool – brilliant and really cheap!

  4. 4
    Jenny Flake says:

    Toooo cute!! Love it :)

  5. 5

    I could totally do this! Woot!

  6. 6
    Bronya says:

    I’ve done this on my toes…..LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing xxx

  7. 7
    Karen says:

    So cute! So festive! They look like sprinkles on your fingers. I think this is the one post of yours that doesn’t cause me to gain weight by reading it.

  8. 8
    Joycelyn says:

    I have done different color combos of this mani and always get a ton of compliments…easy and looks great, my kind of nail art! Yours look wonderful, I like the bright colors.

  9. 9
    kebab says:

    I hate it but love it

  10. 10
    Chloe says:

    O m g I love it

  11. 11
    Debra says:

    cute and fun


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