Big Brother — The Finale!!

Oh Big Brother.


I don’t even know what to say.


This week was the finale.  I can’t say that I was super thrilled with the way the season ended, but I guess nothing is worse than the year the Nerd Herd made it to the end, so whatevs.


I mean…Danielle?


I don’t know how many of you subscribe to live feeds (I don’t) or watch live feed videos uploaded to You Tube (I do), but Danielle isn’t the sweet southern belle that she was edited to be.  Thankfully, she didn’t make it to the end, or I would have really had to cry.


Let’s discuss.


The first episode of the week was mostly just a trip down memory lane.  BOOOOOORING.


Blah blah blah, all these people got voted out, blah blah blah, what good times…


The only real action we saw was at the very end when they went outside to start the first HOH competition, which was endurance.


HOH Part 1



The first HOH was an endurance comp, which required the house guests to hang on these hook things and get banged around and rained on and basically be miserable.  In exchange for evicting Shane instead of Ian the week before, Dan had made Ian promise to drop out of the first HOH competition.

Personally, this is where I would have gone rogue if I were Ian.  I mean…Shane is out, what’s left to lose?  But alas, Ian dropped out as promised, and Danielle, who was informed of this plan by Dan in order to gain her trust, dropped out as well.  Dan had misted her with magic and had her convinced that he couldn’t beat Ian in Part 2, and needed to win in order to take her to the finals.

So basically… Dan got both players to drop out of one of the most important competitions of the season.

I have no words.


HOH Part 2


This is where Dan’s plan gets a little complicated.

Worried that Ian might beat Danielle at the competition, Dan made a plan with Danielle.  If Ian beat Danielle, he and Danielle would stage a big fight over who Ian was taking to the finals.

Danielle, in a rage, would threaten to taint the jury and get Dan all the votes if Ian didn’t take her to the end.

The point of this fake fight?  So that Dan could convince Ian to THROW the last HOH, letting Dan win and be the one to cut Danielle free, so she wouldn’t blame Ian.

Of course, Dan acted the whole time like he was taking Danielle to the end out of loyalty, but the truth is, he thought he had the best chance of beating her.

The competition required Danielle and Ian to clean windows off these fake skyscrapers.  The windows had photos of evicted houseguests on them, which had to be put in order of eviction.



Ian ended up beating Danielle, the fake fight took place, but Ian was not convinced to throw the final competition.

Of course, Dan still held out hope that he could convince him to change his mind.



Back at the Jury House, Shane showed up and surprised all the houseguests, then they discussed who should win.  The house was pretty torn on the subject, with most of them thinking that while great strategy, Dan’s methods were too sneaky and ruthless.

Of course, Jen City acted like she was an expert on the game when in reality, she never really did anything.  I kind of just wanted her to stop talking.


HOH Part 3


This was a quiz comp, where Julie read answers to questions asked to evicted houseguests.

Dan and Ian had to guess which of two answers the houseguests gave.

Dan lost huge.  Ian really whooped him.

Now, whether Dan threw it or not is beyond me.  He seemed to really be trying, but who knows with that man.  He’s an evil enigma.

Ian had promised to take Dan to the finals (notice how Dan had ALLLLL his bases covered?), so after apologizing to Danielle and basically begging her not to be angry with him, Danielle was sent packing on live TV.


The Winner



The jury was brought out amidst much fanfare.  I had to wonder if the audience was being paid because really?  Hi fiving Joe?  FOR WHAT????

Danielle joined the jury and they all took turns asking Dan and Ian questions about why they should win.

Everyone seemed very angry with Dan, and it started becoming clear that maybe this finale wouldn’t be misted with his magic after all.

During the last question with Danielle, Ian revealed that Dan had given him his grandfather’s cross as a promise that he would take HIM and NOT DANIELLE, to the final two.  Danielle was completely blindsided, and upset.  Dan, realizing that Danielle’s vote for him is hanging in the balance, told her that he still would have taken her regardless of giving Ian the cross.


His intention of making the situation BETTER totally backfired.  Ian was furious and most of the houseguests were completely disgusted.



Both Dan and Ian were then given an opportunity to say some last words.

Ian was surprisingly coherent, convincing, and hot on the tail of Dan’s Grandfather Cross Scheme being exposed, rightfully indignant.

Dan’s speech came across as cold and calculated in comparison.


Ian ended up winning Big Brother by a landslide, and no one was really very shocked.

America’s Favorite was announced next, and it was Frank, which isn’t at all surprising.


How do you feel about Ian winning it all?

Did Dan deserve it more, or was his game just too dirty?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

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  1. 1
    Victoria says:

    I was happy that Ian won. As well as Dan played the game, it started to annoy me just how calculated everything was. And don’t get me started on Danielle. Why did she keep trusting and believing Dan??

    As for the Jenn thing in the jury house, she really confused me when she said, “Where I come from, rats eat cheese.” WTH did she even mean??? Huh??

  2. 2
    Becky says:

    Ugh I didn’t want either of them to win. Dan was way too slimy, and Ian just seemed like a complete tool most of the time. Like, he acts (and looks) like he’s about 14, and he’s always trying to get everyone to like him, but he was trying his hardest to play dirty too. I remember him even bragging about it n the diary room. SO ya. Not buying your little “holer than thou” speech, Ian! However, I didn’t want Danielle to win either. She didn’t do a single stinkin’ thing in the game besides follow Dan and Shane like a puppy dog.

    This whole season pretty much sucked as far as I’m concerned… I hope next year they step it up a bit! And Bring Franck back, for heaven’s sake.

  3. 3

    I was so mad Dan didn’t win. He played by far the best and most impressive game, possibly ever. He went into the house to win money, though not originally the whole 500,000, but whatever, and he did whatever it took to win that. I am not sure many people would do differently if placed in the same life changing decision. However, for whatever reason, I believe Dan threw part 3 of the final HOH. The wrong answer on that last question made it obvious to me. Even I was screaming the right answer at the TV. It was a good season, but I really would have liked game play to be rewarded in the end instead of what was, which was what? Nicest guy. Geekiest guy? I don’t know.

  4. 4
    Michele says:

    Oh Kristan, I must say I was a little disappointed that Dan didn’t win. Yeah, he was evil and a liar but his game play was brilliant. No one ever said you have to play fair and pretty in Big Brother yanno? He had lots of blood on his hands, he did what he had to do to counteract that, and he was brilliant at it. I have been watching since the beginning of this show and I think this was the best season EVAH! I never watched any live feeds or videos of live feeds— so Danielle is not such an angel? Hmmm. Maybe I’ll have to check that out. CBS sure made her SEEM like Mother Theresa! I’m sad that it’s over, as I am every year.

    • 4.1
      Victoria says:

      I didn’t watch the feeds, but I used the Pocket Big Brother app. And yeah…Danielle isn’t all sweet like they portrayed her. She’s a bit crazy…

      And I understand what you’re saying about Dan. I was happy that someone who hadn’t won before won this season. Dan definitely played an amazing game, though.

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