BIg Brother ~ Week 7

This was a week I didn’t see coming, I will tell you that much.

I mean, Jen decided to start playing, Dan pulled the most polarizing move in BB history and Frank…well, Frank stayed orange.

Let’s talk.



We picked up where we left off , after the double elimination show…

Frank was all wound up that Ian didn’t vote for Mike Boogie and walked around the house on a yelling tirade.

Of course, I don’t know Frank personally, but the guy seems like a soft-spoken, decent individual.

You wouldn’t know that by the way he reacted to Mike’s ousting.  In my opinion, the Big Brother house will turn you crazy.


Frank’s vendetta against Dan was solidified.  He blamed Dan for Boogie’s eviction and for forcing Ian to vote against Mike.  We all know this isn’t the truth, but at that point in time Ian was doing a spot-on job of playing both sides.

At the HoH competition, Frank proved that he is impossible to beat at comps, pulling a huge come from behind victory.

Dan started sweating.

No surprise, Frank nominated Danielle and Dan.

The next day finally get to the “Pandora’s Box” portion of the season.  Luckily this year Jesse wasn’t involved and I didn’t have to poke my eyeballs out with tweezers.

Simply, Frank was given the option to win some $$, while the house got the chance to win an extra Veto.


Elbows were thrown in the extra Veto competition, but ultimately Ian won.


Prior to the Veto competition Jen woke up from her Rip Van Winkle strategy.  She decided to approach Frank and  see if he wanted to align with her.  Seeing as Frank had no other allies in the game he said,  Apreesh.  It’s like the keys to this game keep falling in his lap. honestly.

At the Veto competition they had to play “Draw Something”.  The Quack Pack had agreed that Dan would throw the competition and Britney would win, pulling both Danielle and Dan off the both, using the extra veto, keeping all the Quack Pack safe.

Well, Dan decided that he couldn’t leave his fate in the hands of other people, played hard, but ultimately lost the game…to JEN!

What is happening right now?

During the Veto comp Dan also ended up having to do solitary confinement for 24 hours following the Veto.  Without talking to anyone, he went straight to solitary, to devise a plan to get him out of getting evicted.

I have to say, at that point it seemed hopeless.


It wasn’t.

When Dan emerged from solitary the next day he decided it was time to implement his plan.

He staged his Big Brother “funeral”.  Going one by one to the houseguests telling them all the things that he will miss most when he’s gone to jury.


THEN.  We get to Danielle…who he saved for last.  Dan says,  something to effect of, I know what you did and you are dead to me.  And then he left the room.

Danielle broke down in sobs, because she had no idea what he was talking about.  Everyone consoles her and can’t believe that Dan can be such a D-bag.

Dan quickly grabs Franks, takes him upstairs to the HoH room and starts on phase 2 of his plan.  He tells Frank about the Quack Pack and how Ian is the “mole” who has been playing both sides.  He convinces frank that Britney is the one that needs to go this week, because that will break Ian.  And tells Frank that he needs him to get Jen to use the veto on him and remove him from the block.


Frank bought it, hook, line and sinker.

I couldn’t believe what was happening.


Dan felt like he was pushed into a corner and basically stepped on everyone he had been loyal to up until that point to save himself.


After his meeting with Frank, he sought out Danielle to tell her that him being mean to her was all part of the plan, to create sympathy for her and also to create hatred for him, making it easy to keep him in the house, because everyone hates him and he won’t be a threat.  Basically he channeled his inner Evil Dick.

At the Veto meeting, Jen used the Veto on Dan, Frank replaced him with Britney and everyone else sat there stunned.

Me too.



Still reeling from the Veto meeting, Britney felt completely back-stabbed by Dan, rightfully so.  Ian goes on the offense and decides to confront Frank.

Ian arguing is super awkward.  There’s a lot of, “Oh Yeahs…” and “Well…” and “Really?…”.  I think the tip-toe walking prevents him from making a competent argument.  His calf muscles suck all the extra energy from his brain and there’s nothing left but “Oh Yeah…Well…”

While Frank and Ian fight, Dan sits in the other room pausing between Matthew and Mark to laugh evilly at chaos he created…


What ends up happening is that the vote basically comes down to Shane and Joe.  Shane has to decide whether he wants to save Britney, his coach, or Danielle, his stalker.

He chooses stalker.

So Dan pulls off one of the biggest twists in BB history and Britney gets the boot.


I now hate Dan.


The HoH competition is an endurance challenge..we’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out who wins!


I would love to hear how you fell about Dan’s big game move?  Too far?  Or “get over it, it’s just a game?”

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  1. 1
    Victoria says:

    My husband and I have both come to the conclusion that Dan is both genius and psychopath. I’m still amazed that he pulled that off.

    I’m mad though because I liked Britney. :( Danielle just seems so crazy…Shane isn’t very smart. ;)

  2. 2
    Tracy says:

    I now hate Dan as well. Game move or not, I think the way he treats people is awful. I’d rather go out of the game with class than stay in and act the way he does!

  3. 3
    Michele says:

    I think Dan’s move was absolutely genius! It’s a GAME people! (not directed at anyone here) $500,000 is at stake. I was really annoyed at how he was treating people before he got put up, but he sucked me right back in by his brilliant move to host his own funeral. It was brilliant. The goal is to win the game. I really don’t think he’s an evil person in real life, and I am rooting for him all the way. I didn’t like to see Brittney go either, I love her. But sadly, only one can win. GO DAN!!

    • 3.1
      Victoria says:

      I am right there with you. The fact that he pulled off his crazy plan makes me kind of want him to win. It was such a Hail Mary play and it worked! So impressed.

    • 3.2

      I agree!!! I was really bored with this season & last week even told my Dad (my whole family has been obsessed with BB for years) that I wasn’t going to watch anymore after this season.

      But then Dan restored my faith in the awesomeness of this show!!!! It was a GREAT move….unless of course it backfires depending on how wins HOH this week!

  4. 4
    Ashley P says:

    Though I will miss Britney’s confessions in the diary room, that was a pretty great move on Dan’s part! I mean, I never would have thought of all that!

  5. 5
    cheri says:

    I think Dan is probably a good person in real life, and right now, he is in it to win the game. That was an awesome move on his part and I definitely want him to win. I missed the live eviction on Thursday, but I was able to watch it over the weekend on my Hopper with the Auto Hop feature. I was able to skip all the commercials automatically, which allowed me to catch the entire episode before having to head to work at Dish. I think the it was funny how Ian went off on Frank. This game is truly getting very good.

  6. 6
    Miranda says:

    I totally loved the game play last week. I think it was a great move on Dan’s part and I don’t like him any less for it. My feeling is that if the house fell for it, then it’s on them. I have been waiting for someone to ” play” the game. Every season they all talk about making big moves and they never do. I think Dan just showed us how to play the game.

    • 6.1
      Miranda says:

      On another note, seriously can Frank ever lose a competition that truly matters for him? And I loved (literally laughed out loud) your recap of Ian’s arguing. He was so bad at it “Oh yeah, well!”

  7. 7
    VIDGMER says:


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