Big Brother — Week 8

This was a HUGE week in the Big Brother house.  We’re finally down to the final FIVE!!


Regardless of how you feel about Dan’s game play, he has definitely shaken things up and given us something to talk about.


Let’s discuss.




I know most of us usually fast forward through the recaps at the beginning of each episode, but this week I was thankful for them because Sunday evening my local network moved Big Brother to another channel and it didn’t record.


With that being said, I don’t have a TON of info on what went down during that episode — but I saw that Ian won the HOH, which was an endurance comp.



Apparently he made a deal during the competition with Shane, who fell out with promises of safety.


Dan, sensing that he could be in trouble, quickly reunited the Quack Pack, this time pulling Joe into the fray.  Meanwhile, he continued to spin things to Jen and Frank, leading them to believe that they were in an alliance.


Behind the HOH doors, however…all bets were off.  Both he and Frank tried to convince Ian to nominate each other, but in the end, Ian went with the Quack Pack and nominated Frank and Jen.




This is where things REALLY started to get interesting.


Frank, still believing that he was in an alliance with Dan and Danielle, approached Dan concerned because Dan’s key was the last one pulled during nominations.  Apparently in the Big Brother house, this is a passive aggressive way of telling someone they are next in line, so he was worried that if he won POV and pulled himself off, Dan may be going up in his place.


Dan, never one to let an opportunity for evil slip through his fingers, proposed that Frank THROW the POV competition so they wouldn’t have to worry about that happening.  Frank actually seemed to consider this idea, which shocked me.  Maybe he still needed Coach Boogie because Mike would have shut that idea down in a hot second.



Finally it was time for the veto competition, which was Otev, this time coming back as an alien.  Otev gave clues and the players had to scramble to find a corn cobb with the name of the player he was referring to on it.  Ultimately, Frank decided that he couldn’t risk throwing the comp, and just barely lost to Dan at the very end.


Because Jen saved Dan the week before, and Dan and Frank didn’t want to give away that they were in an alliance, they decided that Dan would use the veto on Jen, under the guise of paying her back.  Dan assured Frank that Joe would go up in his place and together they would have the votes to get Joe out.


Meanwhile…Dan also had to spin the fact that he would be using the veto on Jen to Ian.  After visiting the HOH room and sprinkling wizard dust, Ian was convinced that it was HIS idea to take Jen off the block and put Joe up in her place.  Dan, meanwhile, was sitting pretty, giving the appearance of loyalty to BOTH alliances.



You have to give it to Dan…he is dirty, but I have never seen anyone spin things the way he does.


The Veto Ceremony went as planned on both sides, with Dan pulling Jen off the block and Joe the Yeller going up in her place.  Dan pretended to be repaying the debt, Frank pretended to be disappointed, and Ian pretended to be angry.  I don’t even know how such a thing could be possible, but Dan pulled it off.



Then Joe went to the Diary Room and yelled a lot.  It made the wooly worm on his chin wiggle, which is always a little entertaining I guess.




Between the Veto ceremony and the Eviction, there wasn’t a ton of drama.  Frank thought he was more or less safe because of his alliance with Dan,  and Joe thought he was safe because he was just a pawn to get Frank out.


Dan just sat back and waited.


In a REALLY boneheaded move, Joe, thinking that the person climbing in to bed next to him one night was Shane, began to talk about a private conversation he and Dan had 30 minutes earlier.


It wasn’t Shane.


It was Dan.


Smooth move while you’re on the block, Joe.  Smooth indeed.



In the end though, Frank proved to be a bigger threat and the house couldn’t pass on an opportunity.  He was easily voted out, regretting his decision to ever trust Dan.




Julie announced that this would be a double eviction, and immediately sent the group outside to compete in an HOH Competition, which was a trivia comp.  Dan won, and nominated Ian and Joe.
I honestly did not understand his motives in nominating Ian instead of Jen.  Maybe that will become clear next week?


The group then ran outside to compete in the Veto, which was required them to guide a piece through a maze.  Ian surprisingly pulled off a win and pulled himself off the block.



Dan nominated Danielle in his place which may have seemed shocking, but she was guaranteed the votes to stay and I think he wanted to make sure that Frank left.


Joe was voted out and greeted Julie with his usual yell-ey self.


The new HOH will be announced Sunday…can’t wait to see who it is!!


What are your opinions on Dan’s game play and who are YOU rooting for now?

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