Big Brother ~ Week 9

Can you people even believe this show?

I mean CAN YOU?


I am Team Ian all the way after this week…let’s discuss how that happened.


Sunday night picked up after last Thursday’s double eviction week.

Frank and Joe, both gone.


I was sad to see Frank go, as he was the one that I was rooting for.  But honestly how many times can someone escape eviction.  His time caught up with him thanks to Dan’s betrayal.

Joe’s outing was predictable.


We get to see the behind the scenes action from the double eviction episode a little and watch Dan try and scramble to get Ian out of the house.  But Ian winning the veto messed with Dan’s plan.  He immediately wanted to backdoor Shane, but Daniele talked him out of it, so Dan put her up instead.

This, of course, was a safe move for Danielle.  We all knew Joe was going home.  BUT Jenn got mad at Dan for this move.  She seems to see though Dan’s motivational speeches a little bit, but she’s on a sinking ship and she knows it.

Joe goes home and Dan regrets not back-dooring Shane…



We finally move on to this week’s HoH competition which is called Memory Lane.

It involves rolling balls down a shaft to drop on the date an event happened.

Ian won and did the most “rewind and watch again” move of all season.  He runs into a bedroom and tells the camera, “Look Mom!” all while doing spastic, seizure-ish dance moves.  It was awkward and awesome all rolled into one.

Ian has a brief moment of clarity and considers nominating Dan, but Dan uses his motivational-wizardry-hypnosis powers on him and tells him to nominate Shane and Jenn.

Of course he listens because he is so excited to be in Dan’s Renegade alliance that he forgets that Dan is a d-bag.

On a side note, we are visited via video message by Rachel.  Ian chose to open Pandora’s box because he thought he was getting a message from his parents, only to be tricked and had to watch an hour long video of Rachel talking and laughing and talking and laughing and talking and laughing.

Who’s worse..her or Jesse?

The rest of those house got nice messages from their family at home.  It was all predictably sentimental.


Veto and Eviction

Julie surprised us on Wednesday by announcing that we would have a eviction one day early this week.  The house guests clearly weren’t ready for Julie to pop in, not giving Danielle enough time to use her magical zit cover up on her forehead.   Which really isn’t nice CBS.  To her or me.

The Veto competition obviously took place a day or so early.  It was a challenge called Time Flies and basically they had to solve a puzzle, while swinging back and forth punching an alarm button every 20 seconds.  If they didn’t push the button, all their magnetic puzzle pieces would fall and they would have to start over.

Ian was horrible at this challenge.

Shane ended up winning..and not only did he win the Veto, he was also awarded a luxury prize.  He was able to choose one other house guest and go out of the house to watch the US Women’s gymnastic team perform.  Of course he chose Danielle.

He obviously isn’t into that poor girl.  The body language alone…

But they seemed to have a good time, grandma-kissing each other and offending the women’s team by comparing getting  chosen to go into the Big Brother House the same as getting chosen to be on the Olympic Team.  Yeah, that’s EXACTLY the same, Shane.

Finally at the Veto ceremony Shane used the Veto, pulling himself off the block and Ian replaced him with Danielle, not Dan.  He said that he felt the need to “break up the couple”… I mean, that’s what Dan TOLD him to say through his hypnosis session they held earlier in the day.

When Julie told them they were having the eviction that same night, voting out Jenn was an easy choice.

The HoH comp was held and Danielle won.  The Quack Pack was finally going to have to vote off one of their own.


Nominations, Veto and Eviction

As soon as Danielle wins HoH, Dan goes to work.  He tells her to nominate himself and Ian.  He says he needs to go up, so Shane will fully trust her.  This is just the beginning of Dan’s diabolical plan.

So, Ian and Dan go up on the block.

What’s different about these nominations is, that is doesn’t matter who goes up really, what matters most is who wins the veto.

What ends up happening is Danielle wins the Veto comp too, which is puzzle that stumps all of them.

In the meantime, we pop in on the jury house, which is always my favorite part of the eviction episodes.   Ashely, being first to the house has plenty of time to blow bubbles and mediate and baby talk to herself…you know, usually fairy-type activity.  Britney joins her and all is jolly, until Frank show up and brings the pain.

He’s still obviously unhappy about being stabbed in the back by..oh everyone…but is most angry at Dan.  Britney semi-defends Dan which causes upheaval. I can see both sides, but feel more for Frank…I don’t know why.


Back at the BB house Dan starts to realize that Danielle is going to evict Ian and not Shane.  So to really throw things off he convinces Danielle to pull him off the block and replace him with Shane.  I still don’t understand why she agreed to do this.  I think it was because then Dan could be the one to evict Ian and there would be no blood on hers or Shane’s hands.  AT least that’s the story Dan spun her…”It’s all for you Danielle.  I’m doing it all for you.”  What’s even more idiotic is that Danielle went to Shane with the plan and he agreed.  AGREED!

The level of stupidity on Shane’s part is out of control.  He’s seen Dan screw every single other person on the show, and then leaves his life in the game in his hands.  In my opinion, Shane deserved the boot to fall for that plan.  Seriously.

When eviction time came, Shane and Danielle had no doubt that Ian was out the door.  Shane didn’t even pack a suitcase.  I mean, to feel secure enough to leave all those pink tank tops behind?!

Anyways, Dan evicted Shane and Ian almost died.  Literally.

He kept holding his chest and making guttural noises.

Danielle was left with her mouth hanging open, not believing Dan’s level of betrayal to her and Shane.

Dan starts trying to tell Danielle a whole bit about how he’s her coach and that it’s all for her.  It seemed like she was buying it too.

It was the craziest episode since Dan’s funeral.


I can’t wait until Sunday to see how Dan gets himself out of this one.

Because you know he will.


So yeah…I’m totally rooting for Ian.

Is Dan the devil or a BB genius?  How far can you go in the game without losing all your own personal integrity?

I am really torn on this one..I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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  1. 1

    I love me some Frank, so I must admit I was getting kind of bored – until all this Dan shenanigans started. He’s quite evil, but it is a game – so I guess he’s a freaking evil genius!

  2. 2
    Michele says:

    I really don’t think Dan is evil. He’s “playing” an evil game, really really dirty. But it is a game after all. And he is downright genius for saving himself so many times and getting people to do what he wants. I am torn too Kristan, I feel a little sorry for Ian and kinda hope he wins. I don’t think Dan has a chance to win, he’s made too many enemies. And Danielle has plenty of sympathy votes. So we shall see I guess. I’m so sad that it’s almost over!

  3. 3
    bkstrvl says:

    I despise Dan. Yeah, yeah, great game player, bah, blah, blah. I am always astounded at the sheep mentality of the other players in a game of this sort when they seem to always keep around the biggest threat (i.e. Rob from Survivor who ended up winning AGAIN!). I have yet to hear (on camera) anyone mention that Dan has already won once and therefore should probably be voted out. I am also surprised that the players haven’t tattled on each other. I seem to remember in other seasons that a few people were outed for their dirty dealings. If only Jenn had told Ian that Dan was lobbying to get him out, it might have changed things. If they continue to keep Dan, then they deserve to lose. But I totally love Ian and hope he wins.

  4. 4
    Lori says:

    I dont think Dan is a good player. I mean other people have won Big Brother over the years with out placing their hand on a BIBLE and immediately lying about it!!! I am not sure if people can lie and cheat the way he has in this game is really be a good peoson in REAL life. Just a thought!!! AT this point I dont believe any of them deserve to win. Ian and Danielle are both puppets. Neither one of them have had an original thought for themselves!!

  5. 5
    Meagan says:

    You know, I’m seriously torn over this one. I normally watch these shows with one eye and very little serious thought, but I’m actually pretty bothered by how Dan has played this game. Whether it’s his references to his ‘published books’ or his swearing on his wife’s life (come ON – really?!?! You coach at a Catholic high school, dude!! How would you feel if anything actually happened to her??? You’d NEVER forgive yourself and neither would your community!!!) he’s really coming across like someone’s who’s crossed the reality line.

    In other news, the award for best reaction EVER goes to Ian just after Shane was evicted. I love that kid and seriously thought they were going to have to call in the paramedics. Team Ian ALL THE WAY!!!

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