Snickerdoodle Martini


It’s Friday and that means it’s time for a cocktail.


But actually I could really go for a cookie.


What better way to cap the week with a cookie and a cocktail?

Or a cookie in a cocktail?

Or maybe just a cocktail that tastes like a cookie…

Yeah, that’s it.


And really a cinnamony-sweet-cozy cocktail with flavors similar to a cinnamony-sweet-cozy cookie is perfect for a fall day.


Snickerdoodle Martini

2 oz vodka

2 oz butterscotch schnapps

2 oz cream

cinnamon sugar for rimming the glass

light corn syrup for rimming the glass

caramel sauce


Pour a small amount of corn syrup on a plate and dip glass, letting the excess drip off.  Then spread the cinnamon sugar on a plate or shallow bowl and dip the rimmed glass in the cinnamon sugar mixture.

Drizzle some caramel around the inside of the glass.

Mix vodka, butterscotch schnapps and cream in a shaker over ice, shake and strain into glass.

Sprinkle some extra cinnamon sugar on top and serve!

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  1. 1
    SNancyKat says:

    You know you can get vodka in any flavor!! I’m wondering about a flavored vodka to UMPH up the taste! Vanilla? Sugar Cookie flavor? Cinnamon? That is worth investigating. Many, many, many, *hic* many times.

  2. 2
    Connie says:

    Very tasty. I used whipped cream vodka so I didn’t need the caramel sauce. Brilliant!!

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