Cute and Easy Homemade Gift Tags

I’m the first to admit that I don’t have a lot of time for crafts.

Honestly, I have a ton of interests — scrapbooking, crocheting, embroidering…but between running two blogs, running a house, raising an 8 year old, AND having a baby on the way, hobbies often take a back seat.

I had a lot more time for paper crafting before I started blogging, but I still find time for quick projects every now and then.

Thankfully, I have a lot of paper, adhesives and ribbon at home, but I remember how daunting the scrapbook aisle of my craft store was when I first started out.

It’s so hard to know what you need for what project.  So for those of you who might not be scrapbookers or full time crafters, I’m going to walk you through an easy project that will make any gift or holiday treat seem a little more special.

You’ll need:

Blank Gift Tags — the ones I used were $2.00 for 20, which is $.10 each. They are sold with the blank cards in the scrapbooking department of your craft store.

Burlap — burlap was only $3 per yard at my craft store, so you could get a half yard (or less…a half yard is a BUNCH for a project like this) for next to nothing


Adhesive — I prefer a roll on adhesive like THIS that they sell with scrapbook supplies.

Ribbon/rickrack — You can find this in the scrapbooking aisle, but trust me when I say that it’s cheaper in the fabric department.  It’s a conspiracy, I’m fairly certain.

Black ink pad/Halloween Stamp — this is completely optional.  You could easily just use a black pen and write on the tag yourself.  But if you want to use the ink pad/stamp, you also find these with the scrapbook materials

White cardstock and patterned cardstock — one 12×12 piece of each is enough for a lot of tags.  You can usually find sheets of 12×12 cardstock for about $.50 each, so it shouldn’t cost you more than about a dollar.

Scissors and a paper trimmer (optional) — I use THIS paper trimmer.  It’s inexpensive and makes cutting straight lines really easy


Start by cutting burlap to fit your tags.

I cut my burlap to fit right under the hole at the top, but leaving a bit of room at the bottom for ribbon.  I also cut the burlap to extend just past the edges of the tag,  Don’t worry about being neat.

Attach the burlap with a stapler.

Cut your white cardstock to fit whatever stamp you are using, making sure that it’s not too big to fit on the tag.

This is easier if you cut all your pieces like an assembly line — do all your burlap, then all your paper, then put your tags together last.

Stamp your cut white cardstock using the black ink pad.

When working with plain white cardstock, I like to distress the edges.

This is really simple, but adds a more interesting look to the finished product.

To distress, just drag the edge of the cardstock over the top of the ink pad.

Cut your patterned cardstock into a mat for the white cardstock, making it just a bit bigger so the edges peek out.

Using your adhesive, attach the stamped white cardstock to the patterned mat.

Using your adhesive again, attach the matted, stamped cardstock to the burlap, covering up the staples from earlier.

Cut your ribbon/rickrack into roughly 2 inch pieces, then staple along the bottom of your tag.

You’re done!!

You could totally do this with any fabric/stamps/ribbon to match any holiday.  How fun would Christmas tags be?

Enjoy and have a happy Tuesday!!



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