October Reading List

Have you read any of the books on the September Reading List yet?


I finished Those We Love Most, by Lee Woodruff and really, really loved it.  As a mother, parts were difficult to read, but I loved the insight into the different characters, and I was satisfied with the ending.  I’d definitely recommend it, but be prepared for some tears.


I also finished A Prayer for Owen Meany.  I downloaded it to my E-Reader, so I didn’t realize how LOOONG it was until I was about 2/3 through.  However — it was SUCH an amazing story.  Quirky and sad and full of so many lessons.  The ending made me literally gasp — it was that good.  This is one of those books that will stick with you for a long long time, so READ IT!!


I only got a couple of chapters in J.K. Rowling’s A Casual Vacancy.  I’m going to pick it up and try again, but I was really having trouble concentrating on it — too many characters and not enough happening.  I have heard that the ending is amazing, so I will give it one more try.


I didn’t start No Easy Day yet, but I do plan on it in the next week or so.  If you read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!!


Now for this month’s picks:


Breaking the Silence by Diane Chamberlain

I am new to Diane Chamberlain.  I read The Midwife’s Confession on the advice of my friend Kristen, and then found this book while looking for more by the same author.  Breaking the Silence is about a woman who made a promise to her dying father — to visit an elderly woman she has never heard of, who is suffering from memory loss.  Unfortunately — this promise cost her her husband, who was so distraught that he killed himself in front of her daughter.  Her daughter is so scarred that she goes mute, and we are left wondering who this elderly woman is, and why was the husband driven to suicide by the promise to visit someone they’ve never known?

I am halfway through this book, and so far, it’s really good.  Parts of it are just a bit far fetched, but I love the way it keeps you guessing.  I find myself staying up late to finish it, which is always a sign of a good story.


The Round House by Louise Erdrich

This is a newly released book that has been described as the Native American To Kill a Mockingbird.  Thirteen year old Joe is forced to grow up too quickly when his mother is the victim of an attack that takes place on an Indian reservation.  As his parents retreat into pain and grief, Joe leans on his friends and looks for answers.

I haven’t read this book yet, but it sounds really good and I can’t wait to start!!


The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe

This is a nonfiction book that tells the story of how Will and his mom became closer through a book club they formed during the last two years of her life after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Through books, they forgot the illnesses and troubles in their lives and got to know one another on a deeper level.

As a lover of books, I am really looking forward to reading this — it is a true testament as to how a good book can change your life.


Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan

I really don’t know how to describe this book…and at first glance, it doesn’t look like something I would normally read.  It’s an adventure and mystery story, intertwined with books and computers and secret societies.  I looked this book up on several different sites, and the reviews were so consistently awesome that I decided I have to give it a try.  Hopefully it’s as good as promised!!


Did you read any books on last month’s list?  What are  your thoughts?


I’d also love any suggestions for next month’s list!!


Happy reading!!

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  1. 1

    Not from your list, but I am reading the “The Prisoner of Heaven” by Carlos Ruiz Zafón and even though it’s quite tough I am really liking it.
    I’ll go and take a look at your proposals now!

  2. 2
    Pragna Raval says:

    I have read three books which were very good ‘THE WORLD WE FOUND” AND THE SPACE BETWEEN IS by thrity umrigar. Also I love the book ‘ A FINE BALANCE” by Rohinton mistry.

  3. 3
    Lisa says:

    I finished the new J K Rowling book, but it was tough going for the first 3/4 of the book. So many characters that I kept getting them all mixed up, and none of them terribly captivating. It does get much better at the end. I’m on a trip to Argentina, with long flights – not much else to do on the plane and not easy to find English books or magazines down here. Otherwise, I would have abandoned it halfway through.

  4. 4
    KRisten says:

    As always, added some more new books to my TBR pile thanks to your post :)
    I’m currently reading The Orchard, which is a memoir, and am really enjoying it!

  5. 5
    Jimi says:

    I am still on the waiting list at the library for No Easy Day and The Casual Vacancy. Both have very long waits! I’m currently reading Where We Belong. I think that was on one of your previous lists. And I just finished Cutting for Stone, which was quite good. Thanks for the October list! All of them sound excellent. And I’ll definitely be reading A Prayer for Owen Meany after your comments…but it will have to wait until the first of the year.

  6. 6
    AmyC says:

    I just purchased “A Prayer for Owen Meany”. The kindle edition was only $2.99!

    Have you ever read anything by Wally Lamb…particularly “I Know This Much is True”? It’s an 800 pager but so good!

  7. 7
    Robyn says:

    Diane Chamberlain is one of my favorite authors. Her best book by far is The Secret Life of Cece Wilkes. It is a page turner for sure! Breaking the Silence is good, but nothing compared to Cece Wilkes! Thanks for the suggestions!

  8. 8
    Maria says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. I just started Love Anthony by Lisa Genova and I like it so far. I read (many years ago) that Wally Lamb book mentioned above and loved it. I am picking up Unbroken tomorrow at the library and waiting on Where We Belong and Consider the Fork, a History of how we cook and eat, which sounds very interesting.

  9. 9
    Sara says:

    I thought The Casual Vacancy was horrible and ended up sending it back to Amazon.
    Have you read any of Sarah Jio’s books? They’re fantastic! The Violets of March, The Bungalow, and Blackberry Winter. Read them in that order!

  10. 10
    Marie M.C. says:

    Just finished Mr. Penumba’s 24-Hour Bookstore. LOVED it! I’m trying to shove it down everyone and anyone’s throat. I enjoy mystery books and this is such a different twist on your normal mystery novel. Original, and that’s hard to find. Kristan, I’d like to hear what your thoughts are. Have you had ANY time to read since Lucy arrived and decided she’s never going to give you a minute to yourself? No, I’m not calling her selfish, just a new-born baby who needs her mommy. Someday she’ll sleep — even through the night.


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