Splatter Paint Nails

I might be too old for this next trend, but I’m doing it anyway!


I love the “accent nail” look…It’s become a fun way to add something extra to your nails without going overboard.

Not that I have anything against going overboard, and would likely do the splatter paint on all my nails…but today I will show you how to do it and you can accent away, or go all-10…up to you!


This is so so easy…

All you need is a few different color nail polishes, a straw, a paper plate, some paper towels and nail polish remover or tape.


First prep your nails by applying your base color.

You can now, either tape your fingers around your nails with scotch tape, or you can clean them up after with some polish remover.  I was lazy and didn’t tape, since I was only doing an accent nail.

I chose white for today, because it really makes the other colors pop…but honestly you could use any color!


Next choose 2 or 3 other colors that you are going to splatter.  They should be significantly darker or lighter than the base shade, so you can see them!

Also, I am going to let you know I tried this with some really inexpensive polishes and it didn’t work as well.  The pigment in the color wasn’t high enough to really show up.  So use a decent polish for this…you won’t be wasting that much, trust me.

Splatter one color at a time, it’s easiest.  Just place a small amount of the polish on your paper plate.

Dip you straw into the color, enough that the color gets on the inside of the straw.

Quickly aim the straw at a diagonal to your nail and blow through the straw quickly with a decent amount of force.  I do recommend that you practice once or twice on you paper towel before doing in on your nail.

Repeat until you get the effect you want.

Let each color set up for a few minutes before moving onto the next, so they don’t bleed together.

Repeat with remaining colors.

Set the polish set for 10 minutes or so…and clean up sides of nail with polish remover or peel your tape off.

Top with a clear coat once splatters are dry.

That’s it!!

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  1. 1
    Norma says:

    Love this! What a cute look!

  2. 2
    Shannon says:

    Red splattered with gold would look so perfect for Christmas! Thanks for a cute tutorial! I’m always looking for nail ideas.

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