Meal Plan 1/28 – 2/1

Happy Monday, girls!!

I’ll admit, I’m not always a huge fan of cooking dinner.

However…there is something satisfying about having all my meals planned for the week and my grocery list made accordingly.

Makes me feel all grown up and organized.  Is that weird?

Here’s what looks good this week.


MondayCheesy Chicken and Rice Bake   I kinda want to dive in this and live in it for a little while.

**photo by How Sweet Eats


TuesdayCheeseburger Sloppy Joe Sliders    This is a recipe that a friend of mine came up with and posted on her blog.  When Lucy was a newborn, she brought some over to me one night for dinner…we loved them!!  Seriously so SO good.  They are now a part of my regular rotation.

**photo from Razorback Brit


WednesdayCoconut Curry Chicken Soup    This recipe is so simple, I love it!!  And it’s a great opportunity to introduce the kiddos to some new flavors.

**photo from Bev Cooks


Thursday:  Oven Baked Pulled Pork Flautas     See that middle row there?  All those are for me, I think.  Seriously, how amazing do these look?

**photo by Noble Pig


FridayPizza Stuffed Shells    Because sometimes pizza and pasta need to get married.

**photo from Pillsbury


Enjoy and have a great week!!



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  1. 1
    Marie M.C. says:

    I learned when I first got married I HAD to have a plan to make it through the week. Makes your life SO much easier. Working at home or out of the house, we all lead lives of quiet desperation. Well, sometimes not so quiet. Here’s what I did. I made something big on Sunday, counting on leftovers for Monday. Leg of leg, big pot of beef curry, large chicken, etc. Monday ate leftovers. Tuesday, Wednesday, cooked something fast — shrimp, fish, pasta. Thursday was clean out the fridge night, breakfast for dinner or sandwiches. Friday was movie night and pizza or fast food, A&W. Saturday was go out to friends or restaurant, or entertain at home. Most weeks I cooked three nights a week. (I did work 11 hour days including commute, had a husband who never lifted a finger, then came home and cooked. I’ll go shine my halo now.) New brides, birds that have left the nest, you don’t have to live on Raman noodles and take-out. Good luck! And Kristan, love these suggestions. Gonna try the Sloppy Joe and Fautas recipes.

  2. 2
    Alike says:

    I have a friend who always knows what she’s making for dinner, and I think she’s a real grown-up. But she’s also the type who would drop her kids off at school, then go home to clean the bathrooms. I’m not sure I want to be that person. Instead, I’d like to hire an “Alice.”

    • 2.1
      Marie M.C. says:

      If I ever have buckets of $$$$$ first thing I’ll do is hire a maid! But I don’t mind cooking. HATE shopping, would send the maid to fight the lines at Luckys.

  3. 3
    Erin F. says:

    The chicken and rice dish looks amazing! I picked up one of those spice packets last week for Quessadilla Casserole- those packs with about 8 different individual spices and seasonings in it. It came out really good, and I felt like I was cooking a “real” meal because I was throwing spices in the pan! ;) The only spices I usually have around are cinnamon and nutmeg! Also, sloppy joes in a hot dog bun are not as sloppy. But with a name like “sloppy joes” why should it be neat anyway?! ;)

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