This Week in Pop Culture 1/17

Hey girls!!

Soooo…it was a busy week in Hollywood.  Was there a full moon or something?

I mean…

Anyways.  Let’s talk about it!!

Brit Brit and her fiance Jason Trawick have split and called off the engagement.

Apparently it was really Jason and Britney’s dad Jamie who orchestrated the whole split.  Jason was worried that Britney couldn’t take the news without going bonkers, so he told her dad and they arranged the press announcement and his move before she was even told.  So it’s confirmed…she really IS a robot!!  Have you SEEN her on X Factor?  She has zero emotion.

Sadly, I’m afraid that this break up might send her right back to a fake British accent, paparazzi boyfriend, umbrella weapon, and a shaved head.  Let’s hope she keeps it together, though!!

(Is is just me, or is Jason really Sam Merlotte’s doppelganger?)

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde are engaged!!

The two cutie pies have been dating for over a year, and no details yet on when and where the wedding will be.  I can’t wait to hear more details, I love them both!!

Jeremy Renner is a dad to be!!

Apparently his ex-girlfriend is pregnant and living with him…and the baby is due NEXT MONTH.  He’s been keeping it quiet, and even though she’s living with him, their relationship was never serious.  We’ll see how this whole deal plays out.


The Golden Globes!!

Lots happened at the Golden Globes, obviously.  Argo won for Best Director and Best Movie, Drama.   Hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were funny and adorable, and there were gorgeous dresses all around.  My personal favorite happened to be Jennifer Lawrence.  I am in love with the coral color and the metallic belt.  And her hair is perfect.  She’s right from head to toe in my opinion!!


98 Degrees Reunion

I’m sad to announce that 98 Degrees refuses to go gently into the night.  They’re back.  I don’t know WHY they are back, but them and their muscles and smolderey stares have been tweeting photos of recording sessions in the studio.

Sigh.  Why can’t it be N’Sync?  WHYYYYYYYYY


Broken City opens this weekend.  It stars Mark Wahlberg and Kyle Chandler, so I have no doubt that Shelly won’t be missing it.

The plot, according to Movie Insider:

Billy Taggart (Mark Wahlberg) has a promising career as a New York City cop until the night he is involved in a controversial shooting. Stripped of his badge, but kept out of jail by New York’s popular Mayor (Russell Crowe), he re-makes himself as a private investigator. Times are tough, and when the mayor offers Billy $50,000 to investigate the First Lady’s (Catherine Zeta Jones) extra-marital activities, it seems like a straight forward payday. Unfortunately, it quickly becomes apparent that the Mayor is not at all what he seems, and for Billy to achieve redemption he will have to risk everything — possibly even his freedom.

Broken City is rated R for pervasive language, some sexual content, and violence.


Did you watch the Golden Globes?  What are your thoughts?

Have a happy Thursday!!

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  1. 1

    I did not watch the Golden Globes because, duh, Once Upon a Time and Downton. Why they even tried to compete, I don’t know. But I just had to chime in and echo your sentiment: WHYYYYYYY CAN’T IT BE N*SYNC?!

  2. 2
    Joycelyn says:

    I am an award show junkie so, of course, I watched the globes! I wasn’t a fan of Jennifer Lawrence’s but line of her dress, looked like eyes almost. I did love Lucy liu’s floral ball gown, I thought it was memorable and gorgeous.

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