This Week in Pop Culture… 9/3/13


It’s the first week of the new year, and tons has already happened in celebrity land.


Let’s have a look.


Kim Kardashian is pregnant.

In case you were underground all week and haven’t heard, Kim and Kanye are expecting a baby.  Kanye announced it Sunday evening at a concert and her family began confirming via Twitter immediately following.  Apparently she is 3 months along, so I guess we can expect a mini Kimye around June?

I know I should scoff at this whole bit of news, but the truth is, I’m excited.  There.  I said it.  I’m dying to see the baby and I can’t help it!!


Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy are divorcing.

I’m not a huge Bethenny fan (although I did like her a lot better on her own show than when she was on the RHONY), but this is sad.  I hate that so many celebrities get divorced!!  Apparently they had issues with her lack of relationship with his parents, and his jealousy over her income.  She seemed like she could be abrasive and a control freak, so maybe that came into play.  I just hope that their sweet little girl comes out unscathed.


Hugh Hefner gets married.

And here’s a celebrity marriage that is SURE not to end badly (eye roll) — Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner.  As you may remember, Hugh and Crystal were engaged last year and she cancelled the wedding last minute.  Well, somehow he won her back (Hoooowwww??  Seriously??) and they were married on New Year’s Eve.

I don’t even want to think about their honeymoon.  Don’t make me.


Jenny McCarthy is weird.

A very botoxed Jenny McCarthy made out with a stranger who turned out to be an American sailor, at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Seriously, Jenny…aren’t we past the age of making out with strangers?  Are you just trying to seem fun and “zany” or are you really so nonchalant about who you swap bodily fluids with?  GROSS.  Just GROSS.


Paparazzo killed while trying to snap photo of Bieber.

A paparazzo was hit by a car and later died, while trying to snap a photo of Justin Bieber in his white Ferrari while pulled over for speeding.  However, it turned out that the car had been borrowed by a friend…Justin was not in the car at the time.  This is really a shame, and it amazes me how daring some of these paparazzi are.  Many celebrities are calling for changes in laws regarding stalking by photographers, and this incident will surely shine a spotlight on all of that.

(Have you ever seen the documentary made by Adrian Grenier called Teenage Paparazzo?  It’s really interesting and worth watching)


In movie news this weekend:

Promised Land, written by and starring Matt Damon and John Krazinski looks really good.  I love both of them, and this movie looks like it gives you a lot to think about.

The synopsis, according to Movie Insider:

Matt Damon plays Steve Butler, an ace corporate salesman who is sent along with his partner, Sue Thomason (Frances McDormand), to close a key rural town in his company’s expansion plans. With the town having been hit hard by the economic decline of recent years, the two outsiders see the local citizens as likely to accept their company’s offer, for drilling rights to their properties, as much-needed relief. What seems like an easy job for the duo becomes complicated by the objection of a respected schoolteacher (Hal Holbrook) with support from a grassroots campaign led by another man (John Krasinski), as well as the interest of a local woman (Rosemarie DeWitt).

Promised Land is rated R for language.


That’s it for this week.  Have a great weekend!!

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  1. 1

    Thank goodness someone else thinks Jenny McCarthy is becoming increasingly plastic-y by the day. She’s always been a beautiful lady but she’s beginning to look a bit creepy when her facial muscles are frozen in place.

  2. 2

    Jenny McCarthy description: spot on! She just gets creepier with age.

  3. 3
    Nikki says:

    Thank you! That is what was so freakish about her. Botox! Of course! I was scared. Seriously frightened. She used to be so cute. What the heck happened?

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