Whatta Man ~ Best of 2012 Showdown!



I am starting to question our relationship at the most basic level.


The last week or so we have taken a second look at all our Whatta Man winners over the past year.

I’m talking major hotties … Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordan Levitt, TOM HARDY, RYANNNN GOSSSSLINNNGGGG.

And you guys have officially killed me.


In Part One of our Hotty McHottieness Contest 2012 you girls chose Damon aka Ian Somerhalder.  Which I suppose I get.  I mean, the eyes, the smolder…fine.  But may I ask you Vampire Diary ladies, have you ever noticed he has lady hands?  I mean, the amount they flash that ring he wears I can’t see how you couldn’t have noticed.  Just sayin.

Then in Part Two.  Ladies.  I am afraid that we might never recover from this one…you chose Nathan Fillion. What the Fillion??  Did any of you see that TOM HARDY WAS ON THAT LIST?  Or JOE MAGANIELLO??  Or hell, even The BACKSTREET BOYS?


What am I missing?  Doesn’t he seem a little dad-ish for HOTTEST GUY OF 2012???

When I look at Nathan I see a vanilla milkshake.  Which is tasty and all, but not something that I would cheat on my diet for , if you know what I’m sayin…

So let’s do some side by side comparisons  of your two picks.  And please, try and convince me.



Whatta Man 2012 ~ Iam Somerhalder vs Nathan Fillion

PicMonkey CollageSo I know I have been a bit harsh on Nathan.  I’ll try and be nice.  Did I mention Tom Hardy was on the list?

I mean, I can see how he looks like a nice guy..in a neighborly sort of way.  Do you think he drinks Metamucil?  Ok, I kid.

Do you think he reads Reader’s Digest?

Sorry.  Last one.

Alright…let’s go through all the major “Hot Guy Categories” starting with the very important black and white…PicMonkey Collage2Ok, ok, I guess they’re both pretty alright.

What about doing the “Serious Stare”?PicMonkey Collage4Well now.

What about the “Overly Posed” photo opp?PicMonkey Collage3Pick Me!

And of course I have to throw in a “Junk” Shot.  PG-13, ladies.PicMonkey Collage5And finally a throw-back picture.  We have to remember where they came from…PicMonkey Collage7Ian in the pageboy and Nathan in the rollerblades and shorty-shorts.

I’m kinda dying.

And finally the very popular and important half-smile, but sexy stare…PicMonkey Collage6That’s all I got ladies.

Now it’s up to you…Vampire Damon or Vanilla Milkshake Fillion?

Can we still be friends?

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  1. 1

    Fillion all the way! I almost nominated him, but didn’t want to seem too old. Haha!!!

    Yay, Nathan! Have you seen him in Waitress?

    The other one is too, I don’t know….pretty?

    • 1.1
      Marie M.C. says:

      Bridget, I totally agree. Nathan is approachable. And darling. Seems like he’d be considerate and not just self-absorbed with his own beauty. Come on now. Do I really want someone who is soooo much prettier than any girl I know or was? Love Waitress. That’s where I first saw him and was like — hey, who is this cutie-pie? Ladies if you haven’t seen Waitress you’ve missed a lovely movie with NATHAN at his youngest, cutest and . . . . Boy, he can put his shoes under my bed, anytime.

  2. 2
    Mary Beth P says:

    Vanilla Milkshake Fillion!

  3. 3

    What the hell?!?! I demand a recount! lol And why isn’t there a shirtless comparison? ;) Clearly Ian needs to win this one.

  4. 4
    Nicole P says:

    Ian Somerhalder, for sure.

  5. 5
    Lindsay S says:

    Umm how is this even a competition. Ian. Hands down. Book closed. Crown him the winner.

    PS. The only person who can even compete with him, for me, is Matt Bomer. Sigh. They’re both so pretty.

  6. 6
    Erin F. says:

    IAN!!!! Btw- love the “junk” and throwback pics!! ;)

  7. 7
    Tammy T says:

    Fillion! The smirk KILLS ME!

  8. 8
  9. 9
    carol says:

    IAN!!!! Oh those eyes…!!!

  10. 10
    Lauren says:

    Of the 2, Ian. I’m with you Shelly I REALLY don’t understand how Nathan is in this final showdown.

  11. 11
    Melissa says:

    Ian all the way!! Those blue eyes, the stare, not to mention he plays a bad boy vamp most of the time, is there anything else more desirable!!!???

  12. 12
    Jessica D says:

    IANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ian Ian IAN IAN IAN IAN!!!!!

  13. 13
    Julie F. says:

    IAN!! Lady hands and all :)

  14. 14
    Diana T. says:

    Um… what? 2 of my favorite guys and I have to choose?!

    Even though for eye candy I’d always go with Ian, my heart belongs to Nathan. I have loved Nathan for a very, very long time… as a geeky girl, how could I NOT love him after watching Firefly, or Dr. Horrible? Even my husband has a guy-crush on Fillion, so that’s saying something :)

  15. 15
    Colene says:

    Yay!! My man Nathan made it. I’m telling you when sex appeal fades and the looks fall to the wayside, then you’re going to want someone who makes you laugh. Nathan is that guy. He seems like he would go out of your way to make you laugh. Also, if you’re not watching Castle and seeing the bedroom scenes between him and Stana Katic, then you are missing out. GO Nathan!!

  16. 16
    Norma says:

    Hmpf. I’m not feeling either one. I mean I get the smolder from Ian, but he’s got girly waxed eyebrows. I *hate* they waxed eyebrows. Let me wax mine, you leave yours alone. Nathan is cute in a boy next door sort of way. I guess I’ll vote for Ian cuz Nathan doesn’t really do it for me and I did watch the first season of Vampire just for Ian.

  17. 17
    Kaia says:

    Ian is a pretty boy and Nathan is a real man. I vote Nathan all the way!

  18. 18
    Nikki says:

    After watching Step Up this past weekend and seeing a movie trailer for his newest movie, I have to write in Channing Tatum. 2012 was the year of Channing, but hoping to see much, much more of him in 2013. And the fact that he took a year off to be with his wife during her pregnancy and the early months with their coming babe, just makes him that much more attractive.

  19. 19
    capa says:

    Guess I can see why Nathan might not appeal on looks alone cuz looks-wise he’s not my type either. He’s pretty average, if you have never seen his interviews, convention shenanigans, bloopers from his shows and….. FIREFLY. Then those all-American looks blend with personality and it’s a killer mix, I tell ya! A lot of TV guys are pretty to look at (not Ian though, he gives me the creeps for some reason), but I need at least a promise of something deeper to get me going. Nathan is hilarious, intelligent, gentlemanly, has a way with words and a very dry sense of humor. And it seems almost everyone who ever worked with him becomes his friend. Sure, I don’t know him etc, but all that kind of adds to his charm. So Fillion, definitely.

  20. 20
    AngieN24 says:

    Don’t hate me, but I have to go with Nathan. I’m lactose intolerant but I still like vanilla milkshakes. ;D

  21. 21
    Angela says:

    This is like Sophie’s choice for me! Oh, my! I love Nathan’s funny silly side and he is so hot on Firefly!! Captain Tightpants!!! But Ian makes me swoon. Oh, yes. Ian for the win!!!

  22. 22
    mmmaze says:

    Oh c’mon, don’t break my heart calling Nathan Fillion names and such… He is like a perfect man seriously! Like somebody said already you need first to dig his personality and than he becomes Adonis! LOL
    Just watch Serenity bloopers, he’s an improve genius and such a charming bastard my heart melts. But watch Serenity first, then bloopers LOL
    Even my brother has man crush on Nathan Fillion, I can’t imagine anyone having a man crush on Ian LOL.

  23. 23
    Ashley says:

    Who is this vanilla man? Is he from Castle? I don’t even know…Ian all the way, the eyes alone should win it for him.

  24. 24
    Jodi O says:

    IAN for the win!! There is no comparison here ladies!!

  25. 25
    erinz says:

    jeez Fillion all the way. He’s a man and has an actual personality unlike pretty boy there.

  26. 26
    Mandy Kirk says:

    I am shocked!! I love castle and all but come on! Bad boy vampire Damon(Ian) for the win all the way. I thought Ian would win this one hands down, after seeing the comments I guess I am wrong. How many votes can I have??? :)

  27. 27
    Holly says:

    Definitely Nathan!

  28. 28
    SC says:

    Are you kidding me? I can’t with a clear conscience vote for either one of these so called men. One of them is clearly only about 14 years old and the other one isn’t even a vanilla milkshake. What the heck happened here that we end up with these 2????

  29. 29
    Debbie Samson says:

    Nathan all the way, don’t want someone young that you have to train plus Nathan’s sense of humor. He is sexy without trying the other guy looks like he is trying to hard to convince you he is straight. I’m not saying he isn’t I wouldn’t have the foggest idea but that what it looks like.

  30. 30
    Victoria says:

    Nathan!! I do love me some Ian but Nathan is just so manly. Plus I like a guy who can make me laugh. And from the bottom of my heart how in the world have you still not seen Firefly?!?

  31. 31
    Gladys says:

    Nathan Fillion all they way!!

  32. 32
    mari says:

    hmmm.. hate to disappoint you, but Nathan Fillion. I like a bit of mileage on my men, plus he’s really funny in a not scripted-celeb-farting-jokes kinda way, has very kind and lovely eyes (and a killer smile). He’s just an entertaining guy and it skyrockets his hotness level for me, hehe. And yeah, you need to watch Firefly ASAP, then you’ll understand. Ian doesn’t even look attractive to me and everything I heard/read from him makes him look like an airhead and a typical pretty boy. Not saying that he’s a bad person, just not hot for me. I’d be down with Tom Hardy, but he didn’t make the finals and I know zilch about him. But in looks deparment only – yes, he’s the most attractive of those three.

  33. 33
    MelindaB says:

    Seriously? It’s Nathan all the way. If you have not seen Firefly or Waitress, and are only judging him from Castle, then you have no basis from which to judge. Nathan is not only handsome, he’s funny and smart and is the complete package. I wouldn’t take Ian Somerhalder or Channing Tatum if you sent them to me gift-wrapped, but Nathan? Yes, please. You know, if I wasn’t already married.

    • 33.1
      MelindaB says:

      Not only does Nathan come before Ian in my book, Ian isn’t even second–that would be Jim Caviezel. I look at these pictures of Ian and all I can think of is Zoolander.

  34. 34
    Leslie says:

    Geez I was worried the 2nd round winner would make it hard for me, but nope.

  35. 35
    Christie says:

    Ian!!! The eyes! I mean. Come on! And Ian’s not as young as some think he is. He’s 34! Don’t get me wrong! I love Nathan too! Any geek girl will love both of these guys simply for the roles they have played. But for me, it’s Ian baby!!!!

  36. 36
    Emily T says:

    Nathan Fillion hands down!

  37. 37
    Carmen says:

    Nathan, Nathan, Nathan!!

  38. 38
    Susan says:

    I have to go with Nathan. I’d be afrain Ian would steal my make up & hair products! He is beautiful…but thats it BEAUTIFUL…..not handsome or rakish! Nathan would sex you up & then drive car pool. Gotta love that!

    • 38.1
      Heather says:

      I love your comment, “Nathan would sex you up and then drive car pool.” I have to go with Nathan too! He is so funny and cute. I love CASTLE and The Waitress. I haven’t seen Firefly but I guess I need to!

  39. 39
    Jennifer says:

    Mmm, I’d like a good Vanilla Milkshake Fillion, please!!!!

  40. 40

    #TeamNathan LAWD that man makes me swoon… he is sooo hot and like everyone said, hot in a normal way. I think charisma and personality go a long LONG way. Whew, is it hot in here?

  41. 41
    Andrea says:

    Got to go with Ian on this one!

  42. 42
    Sara D says:

    Ian!!! Hands down Hunk of the year! ;)

  43. 43

    I’m with you..neither. I vote Tom Hardy, Ryan Gossling, Justin Timberlake, Chris Hemsworth…all hotter choices ;)

  44. 44
    Laura L. says:

    Ian!!!!! I mean seriously what kind of fan base is voting for the dad next door? I can not believe out of all of the choices that Nathan made it into a top contender. Must be a lot of older mom’s and grammies on here. Ian is just to sexy to be posted next to that! :)

  45. 45
    Krista says:

    I agree, how did these 2 make it n the finals?! Especially Fillion. I vote Channing Tatum!! But since he doesn’t count on this ballot, I guess I have to go with Ian Somerhalder for the win.

  46. 46
    Elizabeth says:

    Nathan please.

  47. 47
    Anna S. says:

    I’ll just take one of each, please.

  48. 48
    Mona says:

    I’m going with the vanilla milkshake….Nathan Fillion for the win.

  49. 49
    Brenda says:

    NATHAN!!! Without a doubt!!

  50. 50
    Stacey says:

    Definitely Ian!!! Love his eyes!

  51. 51
    Katie says:

    Yay…Nathan. Just cute through and through!

  52. 52
    Mia says:

    Iam all the way!!!! (:

  53. 53
    Ellen M. says:

    Nathan Fillion all the way. Go Castle!

  54. 54
    Jennifer says:

    I LOVE TVD and have to vote for IAN!!!

  55. 55
    Nicki says:

    Go Team Fillion!

  56. 56
    keri wamboldt says:

    He may be your vanilla milkshake but he is still my Captain! Nathan all they way!

  57. 57
    Tonya says:

    Nathan Fillion vanilla milkshake

  58. 58
    Jan says:

    Ian’s too much a pretty boy – Nathan is the rightful winner
    He may be a vanilla milkshake but I bet there’s some cinnamon and nutmeg spice in him! :)

  59. 59
    Lyn says:

    Nathan Filion – no question!!! Ian Somerhalder’s eyes are gorgeous, but he looks like he knows it.

  60. 60
    Melissa says:

    Those each count as 1 vote, right?? So I voted for nummy Ian 36 times, right?

  61. 61
    Gina says:

    OMG! Without a doubt, IAN!!!! There isn’t even a question! Ian’s eyes alone make me melt! What are all of you vanilla milkshake ladies thinking?!?!? :)

  62. 62
    Barbie says:

    Nathan!!!!!!!!! Smart and funny! Unbeatable combination!

  63. 63
    Courtney says:

    I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, Nathan Fillion is the best man of them all.

  64. 64
    Shalyn says:

    Fillion. Definitely.
    Browncoats for life. #dork

  65. 65
    rescie says:

    I’m sorry it’s Nathan Fillion all the way and he is NOT Vanilla Ice Cream, he is funny, cute and not bony with weird eyes.

  66. 66
    Jessica says:

    Fillion … He is smexy

  67. 67
    Joiya says:

    What the hell is this BOY Ian doing here? He really creeps me out!!! So definitly NATHAN!!

  68. 68
    Mendella says:

    If there is a vampire to choose it can only be Eric (or for us “elder” people Angel and Spike! ;) )! TVD is the children’s version of TRUE BLOOD and it sucks! Ah, but FIREFLY, yessssss, this is the real thing, you know! Nathan for sure!

  69. 69
    Jessika says:

    Nathan Fillion!

  70. 70
    Evelyn says:

    Love Nathan Fillion.

  71. 71
    Ericka says:

    Nathan Fillion, definitely! Not only is he genuinely handsome, his acting record branches out across all of my favorite genres. He’s also funny, charming, and clever. Nathan all the way!

  72. 72
    maybaby says:

    Nathan, clearly.

  73. 73

    Tom Hardy creeps me out. Ian is REALLY pretty, too pretty. Nathan all the way!!

  74. 74
    Robyn says:

    IAN!!!! Nathan is dad-ish!!

  75. 75
    Aryn says:

    I think you need a Firefly marathon. Then maybe you’ll understand the Nathan-love. As much as I look forward to my Thursday night take-out-and-Vampire-Diaries, my vote goes to Nathan. (But Tom Hardy’s lips are a thing of beauty!)

  76. 76
    linda payne says:

    Kinda wanting a vanilla milkshake right now – Nathan all the way!

  77. 77
  78. 78
    M. Vivian says:

    I can’t even concentrate on my work right now! Somerhalder for President!

  79. 79
    Herekittykitty says:


    That mischevious smile, the sexy laid back attitude, the hair. Swoon. He’s the kind of guy that LOOKS sweet and safe but might be just a bit more trouble than bargained for. The only person who could beat him for me is David Boreanaz.

    Nathan Filion, end of story.

  80. 80
  81. 81
    Jen Johnson says:

    No contest – Team Ian all the way!!!!

  82. 82
    Kelly W. says:

    Nathan Fillion. The other guy looks too girly…

  83. 83
    CJ says:

    Nathan FTW!! I can’t believe he’s going up against Ian. I mean Nathan Fillion is Captain Tightpants! Who wouldn’t want to have a crush on Captain Tightpants? Isn’t that what us girls are looking for anyway :)

  84. 84
    Nicole says:

    Nathan- and remember, attitude is included in a man’s hotness. Anyone who has seen Nathan as Captain Malcolm Reynolds will never be able to look at him the same way (even if he is dadish now.)

  85. 85
    Tina says:

    Oh by far IAN oh my is all I have to say!!!

  86. 86
    Andrea says:

    Without a doubt..IAN!

  87. 87
    gigi says:

    Nathan Fillion. Not a vanilla milkshake, just a witty and smart dude who’s always fun and seems very heartfelt. I like Delena, but am not invested in the actor. He’s an excellent bad boy as Damon, but that’s about it. Fillion has tons of charm and I just really like him as a person (as far as I can see of course), so that trumps probably every pretty boy out there. And oh, I am 32, dunno if I’m in the granny territory yet, but I wouldn’t have dumped Fillion for Sommerhalder 10 years ago either. No offence.

  88. 88
    Amanda says:

    OMG NATHAN!! REALLY?!?!? Ewww….

    Ok, I vote for Ian, hands down, without even a second thought. He is yummy!

  89. 89
    Carly says:

    I’m with you, TOM HARDY

  90. 90
    Tammy says:

    Nathan! he is so charming.

  91. 91
    Jen says:

    No question, Nathan all the way. But I will always have a soft spot for Clooney & Cusack. Those two are my dream men.

  92. 92
    Anna-Maria Robak says:

    Nathan Fillion is tops for me. That man is ruggedly handsome.

  93. 93
    Patti says:

    Nathan “Captain Hot Pants” Fillion all the way! Cute, funny, sexy, all around adoreable – the kind of guy you can see actually keeping around for more than S-E-X. I can’t see having a conversation with Ian…

  94. 94
    Vicki H. says:

    While I enjoy occasionally gawking at Nathan – Castle is sexy! – I really think there is no comparison…Ian makes me want to…..zoom zoom! :) Definitely Ian…and can I complain again that he has not been picked for 50 Shades?????

  95. 95
    Jen Grimm says:

    Ok there are some great shots of Ian…but overall I have to go with Nathan! He may be older, but he has that mature charisma to him. I would still vote for Maks all the way though!

  96. 96
    Carley says:

    I mean I am still really upset Ryan Gosling didn’t make the cut. Did you people not see him hold Emma in the air via Dirty Dancing people. I mean come on! but…if I have to choose I’ll go with Ian! He is pretty smoldering


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