The Bachelor Sean ~ Episode 7

Well, here we are in St. Croix.

Finally no snow, no rain, no parkas.


Sean “broke the rules” again by flying into St.Croix with the women, or at least he rode in on the small plane that took them over the island.  Somehow I think on the long flight from Canada, Sean roughed it in first class, while the ladies planned Bridesmaids attempts to get up to the first class cabin.  Now THAT would be a funny episode.

Anyway, when they arrived, the ladies checked into a hotel that smelled really new.

Tierra decided not to make any sort of scene and wheeled a cot out of the closet so she could sleep in the living room.  That Tierra, always so subtle.


AshLee gets the first date card that read, “AshLee lets get carried away.”

Tierra decided to publicly call AshLee an old hag in front of all the other ladies.  Ok, fine, she called her a “Cougar”, but she really meant “old hag” because she’s {gasp} 32 and isn’t married yet.  That Tierra…just killing ‘em with kindness.


AshLee gets ready for the date and Sean lets us know ever since that one really awkward time where AshLee blindfolded herself, he has felt close to her.  Whatever works for you, my dude.

They both strip down to their bathing suits and swim out to a boat waiting for them where they spend the day reenacting Titanic.

When they get back to the beach Sean asks AshLee about Tierra…and she tells him a nice version of the truth…how Tierra is impolite and fake and a huge pouty pants.

They do a little bit more beach frolicking before dinner.


Back at the hotel, the next date card comes and says, “Tierra, Let’s explore our love on the streets of St. Croix”.  Of course she is a major brat about the date that she’s going on.  She doesn’t want to explore the streets..she doesn’t want to be hot and have her face melt off, she doesn’t want to mingle with the locals or encounter any indigenous bugs.  This date is BENEATH her.  She wants boats,  she wants shopping sprees, helloooo she wants helicopters!

Leave it to Tierra to get a one-on-one and still be upset about it.  Bah!


While AshLee and Sean are eating dinner on the beach….AshLee decides to unload a final secret on him.  The suspense is killing me!!  It must be something major, like she has a hidden Siamese twin, or she is a major Doomsday Prepper or something…

But the secret she reveals is that she’s divorced, having been married at 17 for a year.  I guess it’s a big deal, but I was kind of hoping for something more scandalous.  Sean didn’t care.  Dessert please!

ashleeseanlove--3509247586005754342She then stands on her chair and does a crazy scream to all the people of St. Croix.  Then also screams that she loves Sean.  Lil’ weird.

The-Bachelor-AshLee-yelsAshLee seems nice and all, but she loves him already?  Well, ok!


Next date is the one on one with Tierra…2 seconds in she is complaining about being hot and thirsty…well, this is gonna be fun!

Then Sean pulls out his wallet and tells her he will buy her stuff…suddenly Tierra comes to life and decides that this won’t be so bad.  She’s such a genuine girl!


After parade dancing and snow cone eating Sean decides to confront Tierra about the issues in the house.  Of course she tells him she is the most friendly girl ever and that all the other women are just jealous of her and her pleasing personality.


Later at dinner Tierra opens up the conversation telling him that she feels he has been distant with her.  He  tells her maybe it’s because she’s a crazy B—.  Ok, no, he didn’t say that…although that would have been awesome.


After dinner they move to a dock, where they can wiggle their toes and Tierra decides to tell Sean that she is “falling in love” with him.  Annnnd Sean falls for it.  Men are ridiculous.


At the hotel the group date card comes, “Catherine, Desiree and Lindsay:  Love is on the horizon”, meaning Lesley gets the one on one.  If you all don’t remember, Lesley is the one that had the super long, awkward, Guinness kiss date with Sean earlier in the season.

Sean wakes the ladies up at the butt of dawn and tells them they have to be outside in 5 minutes.

Catherine looks gorgeous from the jump and the other girls lament on their unshaved armpits.  Nice.

He takes them to see the sunrise.  Which I guess is cool and all, but I vote that the sunrise happens at a more appropriate time of 9:00?


THEN he takes the ladies back to the Sugar Mill.   Wasn’t he just there with Tierra?  A little double dip action there, Sean.

They continue road tripping, next up: visit a donkey.  Great date.

Then they drive even further to have a cocktail at a Cafe.

Also, why does Desiree always get the front seat?  Hello ladies, didn’t you ever learn how to call shotgun?  Geez.

Next up more driving to a tree house where Sean and Desiree swing on vines and pretend the other 2 aren’t there.

After the tree house they end up at a beach, set up with a half-tent to watch the sunset.


On the beach Catherine reveals something super personal about her dad and why he won’t be at the hometown date, if he keeps her around.  You can tell she’s nervous while she tells him, but it makes me like her more, because she just seems normal…no monkey scream, no eyebrow wiggle.  Just normal.


Sean hands out the rose and I am surprised he gives it to Lindsay.  I fully expected Catherine to get this one.

They didn’t get to see the sunset because it was too cloudy, so they toasted to clouds and called it a day.



The final one on one date card comes and it says, “Lesley, I hope our love stands the test of time”.

Sean decides to take Lesley on a date where they can just sit and talk.  How. Exciting.


Sean opens up the date with, “Our relationship isn’t where it should be”…which we all know is the kiss of death.

They set up a little picnic and she talks about her family.  Then she tells him that she sees him as her best friend but feels like they have “crazy, raw passion” for each other.  That’s when things get awkward.  Sean literally sits there stony faced.  Not a smile, not a smirk…just crickets.

Poor Lesley.  Picnic over.


Sean talks about the lack of eye contact, lack of tonsil hockey while Lesley talks about how awesome their “natural progression” has been.

Lesley’s date’s over.  No dinner, no fireworks.  Just over.  Shortest one-on-one ever.  It’s not looking good.


Sean decides to call on his sister Shay to give him some advice. She magically shows up.  Just in time!  She doles out some pretty straight forward talk and I notice that the affinity to flashy colored clothes must be genetic.


Back at the hotel, stuff’s going down between AshLee and Tierra.  This fire’s been burning under Tierra’s butt since she smelled a whiff of AshLee’s breathe on Sean’s “distant” lips a few nights before.

Tierra says that she is being sabotaged by the other girls.  Tierra uses this chance to throw AshLee’s age around again as much as possible, and also to bring up the fact that girl’s are jealous because men love her so much.  I can’t stand it when mean girls say the reason they don’t get along with other women is “jealousy”.

Nope, the reason you don’t get along with other girls is because you suck.  That is all.

And also, when you can’t control your eyebrows…I mean…I’ve heard lack of eyebrow control is a sure sign of an unstable person.


The other girls were TOTALLY trying to steal her sparkle.  MEN LOVE HERRRR!

tierra-youre-32-w352Of course Sean shows up just as Tierra is breaking down, sobbing on the couch.

She’s just so sensitive, with such a big heart, it’s just SO hard on her.  And she just hates getting emotional. 


After a few minutes of trying to calm Tierra’s eyebrows down,  Sean decided to go outside and ponder some wise words his sister gave him just 2 minutes earlier about the “girl who can’t get along with people”.



THENNNNN.  Sean pops back in and tells Tierra that he just can’t put her through anymore of the emotional roller coaster that she has been on.  Her heart is too sensitive.  She is just too fragile a person.  Like a doll. (voodoo, maybe?)

It was beautiful.  Totally beautiful.

When Tierra gets in the limo she continues to blame the other girls, yelling, “I HOPE THEY GOT WHAT THEY WANTEDDDDD”.  “MY SPARKLE…THEY CAN’T HAVE ITTTTTTTT!”

I cannot wait until The Women Tell All.


The other girls don’t know that Tierra left, which I find crazy because the hotel seems like it was basically 2 tiny rooms…I find it hard to believe that they weren’t pressing their ear up against the door trying to hear every last eyebrow waggle.

Anyhow, at the Rose Ceremony Sean showed up and told them that Tierra went home.  He also told the ladies that he didn’t feel like chatting and wanted to skip the cocktail party.


Lesley doesn’t get a rose and Catherine is more upset about it than she is.


Next week is hometown dates…Catherine’s sisters, Desiree’s brother and Lindsay’s dad…oh myyyy.  Did I mention Desiree’s brother?  Can’t wait.

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  1. 1
    Rachel R says:

    Loved it. BTW, Sean’s sister Shay has a blog. I really like her! Y’all should read it. and this one all about the family (mostly about Sean being the bachelor and the inside scoop)

  2. 2
    Sandra says:

    Rejoicing that Sean finally saw the light, thanks to his sister’s awesome reminder not to choose the one who can’t get along! It drives me crazy when they say, “I’m not here to make friends, and I’ll never see them again.” It says a lot about how they’ll get along with in-laws and spouse’s work functions, etc. I’m cheering for Catherine. She’s sweet, gorgeous, and Sean grins from ear to ear when they’re together.

  3. 3
    Missy says:

    Great re-cap and I’m so happy “Tierrible” got sent packin! But it was weird the the man in the black suit didn’t come for her luggage. Hmmm.
    Strange too on Catherine’s reaction to Lesley not getting a rose.

    You may already know this, but Sean’s sister Shay has a food blog. It’s She has a link on there that tells about Sean and another link to the mixandmatchfamily blog where she gives her re-cap of the trip.

  4. 4
    Jennifer says:

    Excellent recap. I’ll try not to take YOUR sparkle, but did anyone else notice that in the previews for next week, there wasn’t much about AshLee? Maybe I missed something, but I am concerned about Sean even making it to her and her family. I’m just gonna take my sparkle and go…

  5. 5
    Meagan says:

    First of all, I was so pleased to read your comment last week about karate chopping the air during a particularly cray-cray scene: I thought I was the only one with a black belt in The Bachelor. Now that I know that we share talent from the same dojo, I’m sure you’ll know what I mean when I say that there’s always a moment in the season of each Bachelor/Bachelorette show when I become obsessed with anticipating the ‘Tell All’ show: this episode was it. The pinnacle of Tierra’s delusion was when she chose to throw away an opportunity to charm Sean’s sister just so she could sit on a COT in a NEW-SMELLING resort and protect her SPARKLE from being catburgled by the other girls. Wh-wh-whattttt??? And I like AshLee, don’t get me wrong, but she seems just a little plastic to me… I don’t know. I’m not sure who I’m pulling for just yet. Probably a tie between AshLee and Catherine. But most of all I’m pulling for the Tell All Show. Can. Not. Wait.

  6. 6
    SaraJ says:

    I absolutely loved when Sean woke the girls up early and Catherine said something like “I just need to pee and I’m good to go” , so cute.

    Like you, I can not wait for the “Tell All” show!!!!

    I think I like Dez the most but I’m pretty sure she will be going home next, her brother and Tierra look like they would make a good couple.

  7. 7

    I don’t watch the Bachelor, never have. I started reading your guys’ recaps on the show cause I read (and dig) your other blog(s) posts, and I have to say I love them. Hooked! Better than the actual show, for me anyway. Can’t wait for next week!

  8. 8

    Catherine’s reveleation about her father was really surprising. She always seems like such a happy care-free girl. I thought after opening up to Sean like that she would for sure get the rose, or at least Desiree who seems to be the frontrunner. Anyways, I came across this posting and it apparently has a response from Catherine’s father about her revealing such personal family business on National television. Who knows if this is true of not, but I found it interesting,

  9. 9
    Natasha says:

    I’m so glad Sean finally sent Tierra home! I’m rooting for Catherine now. I liked Ashley, but got really creeped out when she yelled, “I Love Sean!!!” I wish you were still doing the RHOBH recaps. Those were better than the show!

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