Our Online Shopping Addiction

Hey guys!

So wanted to pop in and say this out loud to you…

I’m Shelly and I’m addicted to online shopping.


I mean, not in the hoardery way…more in a cute way…like aww, isn’t she cute with all her purchases..

Both Kristan and I do our fair share of ordering online…meaning the UPS guys knows us well.


Sometimes it’s just easier to order via the internets…no driving, there’s usually a coupon floating around online and basically I save money because I won’t be suckered into buying a Starbucks and an Auntie Annie’s.  Sooo, yeah, it’s all about saving a dollar.

Today we’re just gonna go over some of my latest online snags….and also a few that are sitting in virtual shopping carts still, just waiting for me to say the word.


Ok, first.

Love these sweaters from The Gap.  Up here we’re still dealing with chilly weather, but these sweaters are light enough to wear on warmer days, or perfect for layering…I got mine in neon pink, which might be a little obnoxious, but I think it’s cute…


Kristan showed me these Yosi Samra flats last week and I have yet to press “purchase” yet.  I totally love them, I just need to obsess about them a bit more first…I’m pretty sure they’d look cute with my sweater :)

82C0BAB8-3048-64E8-4017F27CD61A67D3While we’re still on the pink..this Kate Spade wallet is THE BEST.  THE BESTTTTT.  I know it’s a little pricey, but I signed up for her emails, and about once a quarter she runs a 75% off sale, which is when I bought it…so totally sign up for her emails..


Beyond being a wife, mother, blogger…I am also a yoga pant connoisseur.  Which is absolutely a real thing.

And finally I have found the gold standard of yoga pants.  I mean, I’ve tried them all…From high end to low end…and have decided that my favorites are the Athleta Revelation pant.  They are the perfect material, they don’t pill up between your thighs, they have the right amount of stretch, they’re a great length, they aren’t cut too low…and they’re just all around comfortable and flattering.  They hold their stretch perfectly, and don’t get that weird sheen when they do stretch.

I bought them in all black,  but this is the picture on their website…


Moving on…this lotion.  Thissss lotion….

Pistache_BodyButter_CosmoAward2011I have talked about Laura Mercier’s line before here.  And I’d recently run out of my stash, so when Jessica posted about the Pistachio smell she has in her line I decided to give up my Creme Brulee for a bit and try it out.  And ohhhhhh myyyyy.  It’s amazing. AMAZING.  Now if you don’t like the smell of pistachios, maybe it’s not for you, but if you are on the fence you MUST try it.  Beyond being a great body butter, the smell.  Sigh.  You need it.

Another ridiculously priced, but amazingly wonderful Body Cream is this Moroccan Oil Body Souffle.  The cream is amazingly light, but so moisturizing, and it has that Morrocan Oil scent which lasts with you all day.  Love it.


I’ve found a new hair spray that I really like…I’d been using this one that Kristan loves and I really liked, but a friend recommended this Paul Mitchell Extra Body Finishing Spray to me, and I might like it better.  It totally holds, but isn’t sticky, plus holds volume.


You guys know I love nail polish, and I’m loving the whole line by The New Black…but especially this Cream Puff Light Set.


I have this set in Pink Ombre´, which is my new favorite way to do my polish…it graduates from light to dark and I paint each nail a different color…totally cute!


This BB Cream is my new favorite…It’s Dr. Jardt Black Label Detox BB Cream and I love it…The only drawback is it seems to come in only one color, which is annoying.  The color worked great for me, but if you have fair skin it might be a bit dark.

s1422617-main-LheroIt has the perfect amount of moisture (for my normal to dry skin), it covers and even my skin out really nicely and feels great on.

Another great BB Cream that I really like is this one by Tarte

s1486778-main-LheroThis one has a much lighter feel than the Dr. Jardt and also come is a range of colors.  I can see that I will be using this as the weather warms up.

Anyhow, last but not least..

This sweatshirt basically sums this whole post up for me.  And yes I bought it.  Annnd yes I wear it.


And this t-shirt Kristan showed me.  Love it, but haven’t bought yet!  Clearly it’s a joke, so please, don’t hate.


There you have it, so of my latest splurges!

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  1. 1
    Marie M.C. says:

    Online shopping is the ONLY way I shop! I even have a mail order pharmacy. No kidding. No waiting 20 minutes in line while the pharmacist is explaining something deeply private (and I’m doing my best to overhear) to the person in front of me. I bought a new vacuum (so exciting!) recently. I got dressed, put on lipstick, got in the car and physically stepped into to Bed Bath and Beyond. Please Louise. Temptation all around me. Plus, I have the cutest UPS delivery man. Hi Owen!

    • 1.1

      I’m just about to launch a free service to help making shopping online better – think of it as an online shopping assistant. It’s called JiSu (www.jisushopping.com). Given your online shopping expertise, I’d love to get you to test drive the site once up. Any interest?

  2. 2
    Carla Sue says:

    Ive always loved the Pistachio scent by Laura M. and receive many compliments and they people are surprised its Pistachio! Love my Pistachio!

  3. 3
    Lili says:

    THNAK YOU THANK YOU! i am excited to find the moroccan souffle in amazon! ive been looking for it since ive tried it in a spa – can’t find it anywhere else!

    Dr jArt black label is a favorite too!

  4. 4

    Shelly – I’m just about to launch a free service to help making shopping online better – call it an online shopping assistant. It’s called JiSu (www.jisushopping.com). Given your online shopping expertise, I’d love to get you to test drive the site once up. Any interest?

  5. 5
    Granted, although says:

    This! While I agree that being a persuasive speaker is great, but at some point you have to “get something done”.


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