My Latest Etsy Obsessions (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

Let’s talk about Etsy.

Like how we ever survived without it.  Because I just don’t understand.

These days, Etsy is my go-to for all the little odds and ends that I’m not sure where to buy.  From jewelry to baby clothes, to home decor, they always have you covered!!  Plus, I’m supporting talented small business owners, which is ALWAYS a good thing.

Here are the Etsy shops I’ve been obsessing over lately.  There are lots of items that would make fabulous Mother’s Day gifts, just check to be sure they’ll arrive on time.


 Nursing Necklaces from Kangaroo Care

I always thought that Nursing Necklaces were invented to get women to waste money…until my daughter turned about 4 months old.  Every time I nurse her, she flails, kicks and her hands grab and pull at anything they can find.  And when I carry her in a sling, she’s constantly grabbing at my shirt and jewelry and trying to stick them in her mouth.  That’s when I realized that there MIGHT be something to Nursing Necklaces!!  These ones from Kangaroo Care are gorgeous.  They are also all natural, vegan, and completely safe to chew on.  The wood beads have a light, fresh scent that babies love, and they are great for keeping them entertained in your arms.

**all images from Kangaroo Care


T-Shirts from Printed Palette

The Printed Palette has some seriously beautiful t-shirts.  They’re perfect for dressing down with jeans or shorts, or under a blazer or with a maxi skirt.  The tribal prints are really in style right now, and they even have adorable shirts and printed leggings for toddlers.

**all images from Printed Palette


Unique Wreaths from Ever Blooming Originals

I absolutely love these wreaths. I recently purchased the yellow one in the galvanized tub, and it’s adorable.  I get compliments on it all the time!!  Perfect for dressing up your door during the warm months.

**photos from Ever Blooming Originals


Slings from BabyEtte

I have tried all kinds of carriers with Lucy, and the ring sling works the best BY FAR.  She can sit on my hip and look around, and if she gets tired, she just rests her head on my shoulder and goes to sleep.  It’s super easy to put on, so it’s great for on the go.  We love using it while grocery shopping!!  She gets to look around and I get to shop with a happy baby and empty cart.  I’ve looked at lots of ring slings, but these are my favorite.  They’re inexpensive, good quality, lightweight (perfect for Summer) and BabyEtte owner Beth is very passionate about baby wearing!!  She will answer all of your questions and has tons of video tutorials.  She also has mesh slings for the water…perfect for taking baby to the pool, lake, or beach vacation.

**photos from BabyEtte


Necklaces from Freshy Fig

For a unique and thoughtful gift, you can’t go wrong with these necklaces from Freshy Fig.  I got Shelly the cupcake/muffin tin and measuring spoon one for Christmas.  It’s super cute!!

**photos from Freshy Fig


Nursing Ponchos from Busy Spinning Thread

The bigger Lucy gets, the harder it is to nurse her in public without flashing the entire room.  That is why I LOVE these ponchos.  They are lightweight, cover you FULLY, and are cute!!  You can even wear it as an infinity scarf until  you need to let it down to use it.   They also come with a matching drawstring bag, for portability.  I’m taking an airplane trip with Lucy in a month, and this is a must have!!

**photos from Busy Spinning Thread


Handmade Signs from Betsy’s Wood

Shelly recently bought a chalkboard sign from this shop and she said that the owner is super sweet and easy to work with.  If this isn’t the perfect Mother’s Day present, I don’t know what is!!

**photos from Betsy’s Wood

Hope you love these as much as I do!!  Happy shopping!!

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  1. 1
    Maggie says:

    I love Etsy! :) My family… including my mom, dad, aunt, cousin, and myself… sell some of our favorite handmade items on our new Etsy shop, Blue Moon Expressions. It has some wonderful gifts that would be perfect for Mothers’ Day, and I would love for you & your readers to check it out!

  2. 2
    Carolynn says:

    Your printed palette links lead to Kangaroo Care, just thought you should know!

  3. 3

    Thank you for featuring my shop on your site!! Love it!!!

  4. 4
    Deborah says:

    I love the little cameos! Another great etsy mother’s day gift is this little bud vase from the design pallet – it’s so perfect for bringing in the little flowers from the yard that kids love to give mom.


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