Real Talk: Big Brother Season 15


Ok friends and Big Brother fans…

Kristan and I took the year off of recapping Big Brother, and I am thinking we might have made the wrong choice.



Who is watching, hands up.

Who’s your favorite??


Let TALK people!


In order of eviction:

davidcastphotonewDavid:  We didn’t know him long, but I kind of liked him.  Not sure what he saw in Aaryn, though.  Ugh.

nickcastphotoNick: Oh my lord.  Now, I didn’t like his arrogance, so I was glad that he went home.  Actually we should all be glad that he went home.  How in the WORLD would Gina Marie have acted if they had ACTUALLY FORMED A RELATIONSHIP?!

jeremycastphotoJeremy: Horrible person.  Now, I think that’s normally not a nice thing to say about someone, but really.  He was horrible.  NO denying.  And also Kaitlyn will not give him the time of day outside the BB house, in case anyone actually thought there might be a chance.


kaitlyncastphotoKaitlyn:  We didn’t really get to see any other side of Kaitlyn except her jerky “mean girl” side.  I am sure there is more to her than that, but she just wasn’t that nice.

Let’s have a look and see if she was unfairly portrayed…

Yeah, no.
howardcastphotoHoward: Oh poor Howie.  Made the huge game mistake of lying to Helen.  That sealed his fate for sure.  Nice guy, though.  Had way more self control than any other BB cast member in history.

candicecastphotoCandice:  I might be in the minority here, but I liked Candice.  She had spunk.  There are some major low-lifes in the cast this season and I can’t imagine how dealing with those people day-in and day-out would mess with your head.

juddcastphotoJudd:  This was one that I still don’t fully understand.  I liked Judd.  One of the few people on the show this season that I actually DO like.  Helen said he needed to leave and he left.  That’s how it went down.


Ok, now that we are up to date, let’s talk about the show.

Did you guys like the MVP twist?  I didn’t like it so much, except when America put up Amanda.  It did add a whole new level of paranoia and insecurity into the house which was funny, but I’m just not so sure how I felt about it.  Loved to hear your thoughts.


Who’s left?


jessiecastphotoJessie is a sitting duck.  I won’t be surprised if she goes home this week.  Although, she seems to be the only one as of late talking any sense AT ALL!  Agree?  Disagree?

I didn’t like her at first, but now she’s growing on me.


spencercastphotoSpencer:  FLOATER GRAB A LIFE VEST!  Don’t like Spencer.  He has no loyalties at all.  But honestly, he’s gonna be gone soon too.  He doesn’t win any challenges and his social game is weak.


elissacastphotoElissa:  Another twist this season was putting Elissa in the show, who is famously the sister of Rachel of Brendan and Rachel.  Unfortunately Elissa isn’t nearly as entertaining as Rachel was (love it or hate it).  She’s on the Helen bandwagon and plans on riding that all the way to the end.


ginamariecastphotoGina Marie: Well. I know she was probably cast to be the out-spoken, lovable New Yawker.  And while she’s loud and out-spoken she most definitely isn’t lovable.   The amount of trash talk on this season is out of control.  And her comments to Candice on her way out the door were classless.

And can we just talk about her gross obsession with Nick.  It’s straight-up embarrassing. Not a fan.


aaryncastphotonewAaryn:  Well, the show has not been kind to Aaryn.  But I feel like Aaryn hasn’t given anyone much to work with.  She seems like an all-around unpleasant person.  Her racist comments are insanity..although I find it hilarious that the show has only focused on her in regards to racism.  We’ll get to that in a second.

Helen telling Aaryn she was like “Janelle” after last week’s eviction of Judd was the worst comparison in the history of the game ever ever everrr.

helencastphotoAnd while we’re talking about Helen. Thoughts?  I don’t care for her.  She seems far too “fake peppy” for me.  SHe is a major player and needs to be taken out fast.  I have to give it to her for turning the game around at the beginning, though.  She was a goner and she made it happen.  But she is cut-throat and plays it like she isn’t.  Don’t like that.

andycastphotoAndy:  All round nice guy or edited well?  I choose to like Andy, but also believe he is a floater who is counting his days.  I could be wrong.


mccraenewMcCrae:  Ok, He’s my favorite, except for his involvement with Amanda.  I’ve enjoyed seeing him stand up to her in the last few weeks, and grow wary or her drama.  Girlfriend will eat him alive in the real world.  Get out now McCrae!


amandacastphotoAmanda:  Ok, well.  I am not an Amanda-lover.  And the main reason for this I will reveal in a second.  But first, let’s talk about the bullying, the fighting and the arrogance.  They have edited this girl well.


Now, onto the real reason I don’t like her.  Here’s a video that Kristan shared with me.  It’s NOT SAFE FOR WORK, and has strong language if the kids are around.  But please, watch and then explain to me HOW CBS isn’t showing any of this behavior.  Aaryn’s “racism” was made SUCH a huge part of the show, and Amanda played a huge role in calling her out on it.

So please, watch this compilation and let me know how you feel.



Ok, let’s talk winner predictions…

Will Helen take it all?  Will McCranda be the final 2?

How soon can they vote GM out?


I can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say about the deplorable people on BB15!

Let’s go!


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  1. 1
    bkstrvl says:

    I had NO idea that Amanda made all those comments (though I like her less and less as the show goes on). Shame, shame, shame on CBS for airing Aaryn’s remarks but not Amanda’s. They are both disgusting, as well as GM.

  2. 2
    Mary says:

    As an adoptive mom I am horrified at what GM said to Candice as she left. She is a classless, uneducated, excuse of a person. Truthfully, there is no one on the show that I would want to win. I guess the closest would be McCrae but even his attachment to Amanda has made me lose respect for him. I hope he comes to his senses soon.

  3. 3
    Becca says:

    Oh. My. God. This season is ridiculous!!! All I have to say is that they’re a bunch of cry babies! You’re paying Big Brother, this is not summer camp, you will make friendships, but it’s not necessary to sob every time someone is voted out. That’s the point of the show!!! I know Amanda hasn’t been accurately portrayed (and I was wondering who else was making “racist comments” they said house guests once but I didn’t remember anyone else saying anything, so that clears that up) but I do like her. I bet many past house guests have said things they shouldn’t have, this has just been very publicized. I think she’s funny (from what has been shown on CBS, I don’t think the clip you posted was acceptable behavior) and she’s played the game well, in my opinion. Many people have identified her as a target, yet she’s escaped eviction more than once. I’m ready to see Alyssa go, but have no idea how the rest of this season will go!!!

  4. 4
    Becky says:

    Wow. Couldn’t even watch the whole Amanda clip. I can’t stand this season, it’s a train wreck. But I keep watching. I liked Judd the best and am ticked he’s gone. Helen and Amanda need to go ASAP, why are the other house guests so scared to just do it?!!? Arg.

    Thank you for doin this recap!! I missed your commentary!

  5. 5
    Jennifer B says:

    Amanda is disgusting!

  6. 6
    Laura says:

    I love BB15!!! All of your opinions of the houseguests are spot on. If McCrae can get away from Amanda…he is my pick for the win. Loved the update :)

  7. 7
    Erika says:

    After watching that horrendous compilation of Amanda clips, here’s something hilarious!

    I can’t decide what’s worse… her dance moves or the faces she’s making?

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