Cocktail Friday — Root Beer Float Cocktail


It’s Friday, it’s Friday!!


Today I’m sharing an adult version of my favorite ice cream treat — minus the ice cream!!


Since there’s no ice cream in it, that means you’re allowed to have four.  I don’t know if you did the cocktail math, so I’m just letting you know.





Root Beer

1 oz Heavy Cream

1/2 oz Vanilla drink syrup (in the coffee aisle)

1 oz Vodka

Whipped Cream


Fill a glass with ice.  Add heavy cream and vanilla syrup.  Top with vodka and root beer.


Have a fabulous weekend!!

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    Becca says:

    A company here in Michigan makes a root beer vodka! Probably not something you’d have a use for besides this drink, but maybe for a party it’d be good to have!

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