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Hey girls!

Popping in today to share a few of my recent favorite purchases that I’m loving…


It’s kind of a mish-mash of things, no rhyme or reason.. just stuff I’m really liking.

Most of the stuff I’ve gotten in the past few months, but some are a few that I just have forgotten to share with you!



Let’s talk…starting with face stuff.

This fun Sugarbomb lipgloss from Benefit

8094199_fpxI held off on buying it, honestly, because I have about 3,500 lipglosses, all in versions of the same nude pink color.  It’s an addiction I tell you!

But this one I went ahead and broke down and bought a few weeks ago.  It’s super plush without being sticky.  It stays on as well as you could hope a gloss to stay on for… and the color is just the prettiest nude.  Plus it has this sugar-y-vanilla scent.  Love it.


Next up this Pore Perfecting Face Primer from Urban Decay

m6BB-K-_eCumS1GPycxooDgI went off primer for the summer, now I’m back using it. I honestly feel like it holds my makeup on longer.. Also I have dry skin, especially this time of year and this extra barrier under my foundation prevents any flaking or dry appearing skin.  I really, really like this one! And it’s a light nude color helping with coverage.


Last month I went to an event and in the gift bags they gave us these new Philosophy products…

1338847_fpxIt’s called Full of Promise and I REALLY like the face cream.  I never really got onboard with their famous “Hope in a Jar”, so I wasn’t expecting a lot from this one, but it’s GREAT!  I don’t know how much “lift” it gives my skin, but it’s a super moisturizing cream that absorbs well and my skin loves.


While we’re talking Philosophy, I recently bought these duo called Honey Buns on a whim when I was in Ulta. I must have been hungry.

2592847-p-MULTIVIEWI LOVE that it has a lotion and not just the body wash… and it smells INSANE.  I adore’s a rich brown sugary, baked cookie smell.  Love it.



Also, this guys…

07_drybodyoil_reflection_2I am a Moroccan Oil fan…I just LOVE it.  I have been hooked on their Body Souffle for about a year now…and then I tried this Dry Body Oil.  OMG it’s amazing.  The smell is AMAZING and it’s perfect for spraying on after you get out of the shower.  The smell stays with you all day, which I have never had with a dry oil spray and it’s moisturizing!  I am ADDICTED!


Now I know we’ve touched on a lot of face wipes/makeup removers here… and while I still LOVE my Dermalogica (especially for when I go heavy on the eye make up), these Neutrogena Wipes are what I am currently using…



As for clothes lately..of course I have been getting a lot of use of of my Stitch Fix boxes…

But I am obsessed with these jeans…

PicMonkey CollageI have both pairs.. they are from Madewell and they are insanely perfect.

I bought the skinny zip jeans in NY a few weeks ago, because I thought they were cute.. but they FIT PERFECT!  I have a hard time with skinnies and these are my new favorite.  And they have the perfect amount of stretch that DOES NOT STRETCH OUT!  It’s awesome.  NO hiking your jeans up by hour 2… I know they are a little pricier than Gap jeans, but I adore them.

And then since I loved them so much I went online to buy another pair in a different color and found the CAMO ones.  I was a little worried about how they would fit, because for whatever reason colored jeans (even though the same cut) never seem to fit me the same!  WHYY???  But these are SO great!  They are a thin denim and they are so so cute!

I wear them with booties and flats and even tall boots!  Love these jeans!


Also, these boots

hunter-original-short-blackThey were a bit of a splurge too, but I have been obsessing over them for 3 years and I thought just DO it already.  I love them.. they are perfect for me in my climate, they are warm and look cute with socks, but they are ridiculously durable and will be something I have for a LONG time. They come in loads of colors, but for me I knew black would be a safe choice.


Now a little tech stuff..

I have an iPhone 5 and ever since I got it I have been struggling finding a case I love.

I adore the cute ones, but I have dropped my phone and cracked the screen, so I am a little scared of the lack of protection…so I tried an Otterbox and just didn’t love it.

Eventually I made the switch over to Speck based on the recommendation of the guy at the Apple store.  I loved that it was super protected but not bulky..the only thing I didn’t love was that I had to remove the whole case to charge it on my docking station.

Anyhow, I found these cases online…

m2p5lKYK6ashpj4rYZ2PiCwIt’s a hinged Speck case, so the bottom bends back to fit perfectly on my dock!  This is the color I have too and it’s pretty!  Such a simple idea, but for me it’s been PERFECT!


Talking about cell phones, I really love my Anker portable charger

ku-xlargeIt will fully charge your device 4 times!  I keep it charged and in my purse.  It’s irreplaceable on trips when you are using your phone a a lot, or for the kids iPods or iPads!


So yeah, those are a few of my latest obsessions!


Let me know if there is anything you’re loving lately that I need to try out!



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    Katy says:

    All of the Benefit Ultra Plush lip glosses lip glosses are peach scented – not vanilla!

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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on iphone 4s cases clearance.

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