My Fall Obsession ~ Leggings

Let’s talk about my latest fall obsession…

I am sure I am the last person to hop on this train, but let’s discuss anyway.


Leggings.  Especially printed or patterned leggings.



Here’s the deal..I never thought I could pull it off.  Until I tried it.

Trust me you can.


Pair your leggings with some basic pieces and you’re set.  Not only are you comfortable, you’re totally cute.  ANNND leggings are pretty cheap, so there’s that.


Let’s have a look at some of my favorites.


Let’s start with a basic.  If you just want to ease into the trend start here…


These are Instantly Slimming Leggings from White House Black Market.  Yes, these are a touch pricier than your usual, plain black legging…BUT for those of you scerred to dive in, definitely try these.  They are made of a slightly thicker ponte fabric, so there is no lumpy business, they have a higher rise to help mask muffin top and they are warmer than the average legging.  They can honestly double as a pant.  I have a pair and love them.  They are my “fancy leggings” if there is such a thing.


Next up, let’s take black a step further…

zipperleggingsThese Zipper Leggings are from Express.  They are adrable, don’t you think?  LOVE the zipper detail at the bottom…it just adds that extra bit of fun.


Still easing into the trend let’s talk about “jeggings”…

zipperjeggingJeggings have come a long way in the last few years…they are basically super stretchy jeans.  I love these Zipper Jeggings from Aeropostale.  Wear these with a flat or a boot!


Another pair of jeggings I like are these…

grayjeggingThese Grey Jeggings are also from Aeropostale and I just love this color.  I don’t own these, but they are on my list!


Ok, let’s take it up a notch.

lace leggingThese Lace Leggings from Aerie are fun.  The lace adds a little bit of interest without being a full on print.  Plus, I love Aerie leggins and own 3 pairs!  They are comfy!


I have these…

polkadotleggingsPolka Dot Leggings from Aerie. I adore these.  I wear them with an oversized sweater and boots.


Before you think you can’t wear a a pattern on your legs, think again…

nativeprintleggingsI know these Native Print Leggings might be a little out of your comfort zone, but I urge you to try them.  Pair them with a long black tank, a denim shirt and tall boots…yes, it draws attention to your thighs, BUT it also camouflages a LOT!  ANNND people are going to be so focused on how cute your leggings are they aren’t going to think twice about anything else!

Plus they are super cheap from Forever 21, so it’s worth giving the trend a try!

ps- Forever 21 has loads of cute cheap leggings…


Another fun patterned legging are these Sweater Leggings

sweaterleggingsI love these because they are made of sweater material and are a little warmer.  The only things about the sweater leggings are they stretch out a bit.


If you really want to go there you need to try these…

leatherleggingsFaux Leather Leggings are totally hot.  I haven’t been brave enough yet, but I’ve seen girls wearing them and they look adorable!!!


Again, an easy way to wear leggings is with an oversized or long sweater….or with a tunic. Tall boots, booties or flats look great with leggings as well!


I’d love to hear your favorite brand of legging!








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  1. 1
    Sarah says:

    I love leggings but I always have the hardest time finding shirts/tanks that are long enough to pair with them (want to keep the backside covered). Any ideas on where to get some longer layering pieces?

    • 1.1
      Linda says:

      Get a cute little skirt. Then you don’t have to worrie about your back side. Or camel toes. You can just wear a regular sweater. Real cute.

  2. 2
    Norma says:

    Sarah, Old Navy often has longer shirts. I have a rather large booty and can often find tops there.

  3. 3
    Kelly says:

    I LOVE leggings! Wear them with everything! I do need to try out the patterned ones, but you are right, they are a little out of my comfort zone. Time to branch out!

  4. 4
    SC says:

    Oh My Gosh! Please stop it! Leggings are not pants! Wear them with a long sweater or long tunic, but please don’t use them for pants. Good grief.

  5. 5
    Carol says:

    Agreed – leggings are not pants. LOVE them with a tunic, but unless you’re still a small child, NO LEGGINGS AS PANTS!

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