Whatta Man Monday ~ Best of 2013 Part 1


Whatta Man Monday is back with our annual Whatta Man Showdown for the YEAR!

This will be a three part post, with the first half of the year winners, the second half of the year winners and then finally the 2 finalists competeing for the very exclusive title of Whatta Man Monday King..

You guys will *unfortunately* have to sit here and look at 52 pictures of 2013′s past winners.

Such a tough gig.


Last year Nathan Fillion beat Ian Somerhalder to hold the 2012 crown.  I expressed my disappointment in this choice.

But apparently you guys love you some Firefly. What. Ever.


Let’s start with last year’s winners January – June.

WAMM2013-1Dan Stevens was the first winner of the year in our Downton Abbey Edition.  We were all gearing up for Downton Abbey.  Unfortunately for those of us who are Downton fans, I don’t think he’s gonna make the list next year.  *ahem.

Damian Lewis was our next winner in our Homeland Edition.  No spoilers here, but DID YOU GUYS SEE THE FINALE THIS SEASON?!  Gah!

Peyton Manning beat out his brother Eli in our Manning Brothers Showdown.  Poor Eli.

George Clooney beat well, George Clooney in our first Then and Now Edition.  Meaning old George beat young George.

Michael J. Fox sorta won in our 80′s Heartthrob Edition.  Actually it was our first-ever tie with Kirk Cameron, but here at TWWS we made the executive decision to call a winner.



Dermot Mulroney beat out Dylan McDermott in our basically same name Edition.  Love that guy!

Kevin Bacon beat Kevin James in our Kevin Edition.  Can’t say I agree with this one.  I guess I like a guy with a little more meat on his bones!

Mark Wahlberg beat his brother Donnie in the Wahlberg Edition.  This is actually the second time Mark has made the semi-finals…and probably won’t be the last.  I already have him scheduled for an appearance in 2014!

Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) won in our Friends Edition.  Or Chanandler Bong to those in the know.

Deacon from Nashville won in our Nashville Edition.  DO guys still watch that show? I do and love it!


WAMM2013-3Josh Lucas is another second time semi-finalist wining this year’s Sweet Home Alabama Edition.  Will this be his year?  Looking at that photo of Charlie Hunnam below, I’m gonna say no.

Speaking of Charlie HunnamLet’s all take a pause.  Having just binge-watched Sons of Anarchy this guy is gonna be tough to beat.  Whether he’s bikered up like Jax Teller or suited up like the former Calvin Klein model he once was, this guy wins in my book!

Zack Morris beat AC Slater in out Saved by the Bell Edition. Zach was always my choice too!

Sawyer from Lost.  Sawyer beat out Jack in our Lost Edition.  Can’t argue with the truth.

Bruce Willis is on the docket twice this year.  The first time around he beat out Jason Statham in our Action Star Edition.  Odds are definitely in Mr. Willis’s favor!


WAMM2013-04Tom Cruise beat out Tom Brady in our Tom Edition.  I should have named this week, “Who do you dislike the least Edition”.

John Corbett (Aidan) beat out Big in our Sex and the City Edition.  He was a little too “go with the flow” for me…but I guess you guys liked him!

Rob Thomas beat out Robin Thicke in our “Rob vs Robin” Edition.  How is this real life, people?

Leonardo DiCaprio beat Tobey McGuire in our Great Gatsby Edition.  Having just watched The Wolf of Wall Street, I will have to agree with this choice.  Also, I LOVED the Great Gatsby.  LOVED.

Bradley Cooper is our third repeat from last year in the semi-finals.  He easily won in our Wolf-Pack Edition

Freddie Prinze Jr beat Ryan Phillipe in our That’s so 90′s Edition.  That was a tough one, I have to admit.


WAMM2013-05Chris Pine is our fourth repeat from last year.  He narrowly, and I mean NARROWLY beat out Cumberbatch in our Star Trek Edition this year.  Is it wrong that I wanted an upset on this one?

Kelly Severide otherwise known as Mr. Lady Gaga won in our Chicago Fire Edition. Good choice indeed.

David Beckham beat Brad Pitt (hahahah) in our Hot Dad Edition.  LOVE LOVE this!

Ethan Hawke beat Ben Stiller when we went back to the 90′s for Reality Bites Week.  Still love that movie, y’all.


Alright!  That’s the first half you guys (Charlie Hunnam)!  You have some serious (Charlie Hunnam) thinking to do.  This might not be an easy (Charlie Hunnam) decision. But don’t let me sway you (Charlie Hunnam Charlie Hunnam Charlie Hunnam Charlie Hunnam Charlie Hunnam Charlie Hunnam).

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  1. 1
    Sarah E says:

    I’m going Bradley Cooper. Silver Linings Playbook – ahhhhh! I don’t even know if that movie came out in 2013 since I don’t keep up with new movies very well, but I watched that one and Limitless this year and that solidified me as a BC fan.

  2. 2
    AM says:

    I think it’s a bit of cruelty to make us choose just *one.* There were three tied for first in my mind! (And at least four more who made my list!)

  3. 3
    Liz S. says:

    I want a write in vote for Anson Mount (Hell On Wheels)!

  4. 4
    Jeanie says:

    Sorry, I’m new to the blog. Are we just voting for our favorite?

  5. 5
    Rachel says:

    Ahhhh!!! There’s too many choices! You should break it up into quarters instead of halves; that way, we don’t have that many options to pick from at one time! What’s a girl to do?!

  6. 6
    Marie M.C. says:

    There are some real hunks on this list. IMHO the reason Nathan Filllon won last year? Smart, adorable, cute. Great sense of humor about his life and himself. Not just a face or a “body”. However. Where is MY continual, all time favorite Ewan McGregor. Sign. His accent drives me wild. I moon over him (and Anderson Cooper) as if I was (were?) 17 again, instead of the 70 that I sadly am.

  7. 7
    Anna says:

    My 9 year old self still lusts after Leo D! But David Beckham…mmmmm.

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