Whatta Man Monday — The Best of 2013 Part #2

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It’s time for the SECOND portion of voting for Whatta Man of the YEAR!!

Last week we showed you winners from every Whatta Man for the first half of 2013.  I believe there were 25 men to choose from — and you OVERWHELMINGLY chose Charlie Hunnam (le sigh), with Bradley Cooper and Chris Pine tied for a distant second.

I have to say, I’m not hating the idea of Charlie taking it all.  Have you SEEN Sons of Anarchy?

Regardless – we still have a whole second half of the year to weed through before the final two face off next week.  It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.  Who needs People Magazine?  We pick our OWN winners!!


Starting off the second half of the year, we brought you the Fast and Furious Edition.  Not surprisingly, Paul Walker TOTALLY whooped up on Vin Diesel.  So sad that Paul has since died in a tragic accident.  We all definitely miss him!!

Next was the Catfish Edition.  I am SO in love with that show and even MORE in love with Max.  Helloooo Silver Fox!!  No surprise he pulled off a win against Nev.

Our first Doppelganger Edition happened with Javier Bardem against Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  Do people even know they aren’t the same person?  Apparently yes because JDM totally won.  Love his smile!!

I love a good romantic comedy, so 27 Dresses Edition was a MUST!!  Ed Burns beat James Marsden, which surprised me!!

In a feeble attempt to prove to me that Gerard isn’t all I think he is, Shelly did an Our Favorites Edition.  Her man crush Tom Hardy against my ultimate, Gerard Butler (That VOIIIICE).  Well Gerard won and Shelly cried.  Sorry not sorry.  (she didn’t cry.  But maybe her heart did)

WAMM2013-07Our second Doppelganger Edition happened, this time pitting Elijah wood against Daniel Radcliffe.  The response was underwhelming, but Elijah pulled off a win.

The Two Guns Edition was a Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington face off.  It was Denzel’s first time featured here, but hopefully not the last.  Love him!!  Sadly, he didn’t win.

Here’s one even you old schoolers could get excited about — the Mustache Edition!!  Not everyone can pull it off, but Tom Selleck and Sam Elliot make it look GOOD!!  Tom won, no big surprise.  He’s seriously one of the most handsome men ever!!

The Mark Edition was a cutie patootie vs handsome schmansome battle.  Mark Ruffalo lost to Mark Harmon.  Tough choice for me, but I think I’d have to go Ruffalo.

Under the Dome was the show of the Summer, so an Under the Dome Edition was a must.  Alexander Koch beat Mike Vogel which is saying a lot.  His character was pretty gross.


With all the controversy over Ben Affleck taking the role of Batman, it should be no surprise that Christian Bale won the New Batman Edition.  I’m not hating the idea of Ben playing Bruce Wayne.  Am I the only one?

We often take Whatta Man inspiration from our favorite shows, so I knew a Parenthood Edition was necessary.  I LOVE that family SO MUCH!!  Adam beat Crosby.  I’d have voted Crosby.  I just love him!!

Shelly got hooked on binge watching Breaking Bad this Summer, so she put Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston to a vote.  Aaron won — no surprise there!!

The Good Wife is one show I regret missing the boat on, so I’ve attempted to get caught up on Netflix (keep getting distracted, but it will happen).  Peter beat Will which is fine for me.  In my mind, Will will always be the guy driving Sue Ellen around in the Clown Dog truck.

Nick won the Jonas Brothers Edition which was shocking.  Shelly and I have seen Joe in real life and homeboy is SMOKIN’.  Not even kidding.  But apparently you like fresh faced.  Weirdos.

WAMM2013-09I’m a Today Show girl, and I was kind of sad when Carson Daly beat Willie Geist.  Seriously, guys?

Ray Donovan beat Daryl Dixon in the Badass Edition.  I don’t watch Ray Donovan OR the Walking Dead, so I guess I have to reserve judgement on that one.

We went way back with the 90′s Edition (I feel so old) and Joey Lawrence beat Scott Wolf.  Whoa!!  (couldn’t resist)

Thor beat Superman in the Superhero Edition.  Can’t say I’m surprised…it doesn’t get much better than Chris Hemsworth!

Grunge Heartthrob Edition — I was REALLY rooting for Jordan Catalano (Jared Leo) bto pull off a win, but Johnny Depp took the prize.

WAMM2013-10You overwhelmingly preferred Bruce over Ashton in the Demi’s Exes Edition.  I have to say, I agree.  Ashton has the cheekbones but Bruce is a classic.

According to you, People magazine can say what it wants but Channing is still the reigning Sexiest Man Alive.  I agree one trillion percent.  Sorry Adam, you’re just not Channing Tatum-ey enough.

Will Ferrell real life beat Ron Burgundy in the Anchorman Edition.  Duh.

Tons of you are Sherlock BBC fans, and Benedict totally pulled off a win against Martin Freeman.  You guys love your Cumberbatch!!

Doppelganger Edition Round 3 and Scott Speedman beat Aaron Eckhart.  Are we sure they aren’t the same person?

Who do you want to pit against Charlie Hunnam?  Can’t wait to see who wins this week!!

Happy voting and have a great day!!

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  1. 1
    Lisa says:

    This is much harder than last week. Too many hot ones to choose from!! Guess I’ll have to stare at them a while in order to make the right choice :)

  2. 2
    Jill Vestal says:

    Hands down, no contest, all-time fave – Tom Selleck.

  3. 3

    Ooooh, tough choices! I think, in order to beat Charlie, I have to go with Thor! Chris Hemsworth!

  4. 4
    Maria says:

    I don’t see Taylor Kitsch on the list so I am not voting:) He will always be my main man…well, besides Josh:)

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