January 19, 2018

About Us 

We are very happy that you have stumbled upon our website. We are Tina and Sarah, two mommies who love our kids, our husbands and our families in general. Here, we hope to share with you some stories about our families, the regular challenges that we face as mommies and wives in the hope of helping you out in overcoming similar challenges and inspiring you to find creative solutions to problems and issues. 

In fact, we even have a forum section here which hopes to encourage you to connect with other mommies and discuss problems and solutions with each other. We hope that you will be able to visit said section and simply engage and discuss with each other. 

At the same time, we also encourage you to visit our Resources section where you will find tips based on our experiences and the issues that we have faced as wives and moms. We hope that you will find these useful as we share experiences and our hobbies and little projects.  

Note that we will also be very happy if you will share with us some of your own experiences. We will be glad if you would like to submit your own articles and tips. We will post these with your own bylines. The key is to send us a message through the emails provided in the Contact Us section. We will review your articles and let you know the date of publication so that you can look out for it. 

Through the That’s What We Said website, we hope to build a community of like minded mommies who are empowered to talk about the different issues and challenges that we all face and help out each other in times of difficulties. We hope that you truly find this website useful.