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We’re Shelly and Kristan. We are friends, moms, wives, bakers, and bloggers (Obviously…since you’re reading this on our BLOG right now).


We love our kids, our husbands, sugar, make-up, shoes we can’t afford, and are big fans of awkward silences and the Reality TV Ugly Cry (let’s be honest…too much Botox does not a pretty cry make).


We met through our food blogs and became fast friends. Partly because we loved all the same stuff and partly because we realized that we were too strange for anyone else to handle. If we didn’t pair up, we were probably facing an eternity of Internets Loneliness.


This site was formed from an overwhelming need to share all of the non-food things in our lives. And although we don’t take ourselves too seriously over here, sometimes we actually share some useful information. Like…life changing even (okay maybe that was taking it too far).


We LOVE our readers and are always looking for new ideas. So if there is a post you’d like to see, be sure to send us an email at shellyandkristan (at) gmail (dot) com.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks for reading!!



Kristan Roland is a displaced housewife, living and baking in Arkansas. On her blog, Confessions of a Cookbook Queen, Kristan shares her love of sugar and sparkle, along with personal anecdotes, which she usually serves with a side of sarcasm.  Kristan has no formal training, other than some cake decorating classes she took at a local craft store. She is a firm believer in keeping things simple and uses herself as an example that even the most imperfect  people are capable of creating fabulous things in the kitchen.







Shelly Jaronsky is a Texan at heart, living in New Jersey. She blogs about her adventures as a mommy, wife, and baker on her website Cookies and Cups. Shelly loves pop culture, shopping, and sugar in equal measure and started her site in early 2009 as a place to share her messes and successes. There is no pretense to her cooking, and often refers back to church cookbooks and family recipes for inspiration.


Shelly firmly believes that no one can frown while eating a cupcake, so she works hard making people smile, one cupcake at a time!


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