Stitch Fix ~ August!

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Hello shopper friends!   I'm popping in to share with you this month's Stitch Fix! By now, I'm sure you are familiar with the drill, but for the full explanation click here and read all about my first Fix. I've also shared my Fixes for June and July.  And Kristan has shared hers for June and July also!   Anyhow a quick … [Read more...]

Stich Fix ~ July!

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Hey guys! Wanted to pop in for a quick post to show you my monthly Stitch Fix!   It's become such a fun part of my month, I honestly love sharing what I get!   Again, Stitch Fix is a fun personal styling service that delivers curated boxes of clothing right to your doorstep. A stylist chooses items based on the style … [Read more...]

Summer Favorites!


Hey Summer Friends!   Thought I'd pop in and share with you a new of my favorite things for the summer...I've been stocking up in preparation!   Let's start. These shorts from Old Navy... I have a few different colors and have found myself living in them so far this summer.  They're inexpensive, comfortable and … [Read more...]

My June Stitch Fix


Hey girls! So I just got my June Stitch Fix box in the mail! (Click here to read about my first "fix" and how it works.)   Totally wanted to share with you my second box.  I loved my first box so much, and was nervous about the second one...hoping that I would be as excited about everything inside as I was the first time. Turns … [Read more...]

Our Online Shopping Addiction

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Hey guys! So wanted to pop in and say this out loud to you... I'm Shelly and I'm addicted to online shopping.   I mean, not in the hoardery way...more in a cute aww, isn't she cute with all her purchases.. Both Kristan and I do our fair share of ordering online...meaning the UPS guys knows us … [Read more...]

Statement Necklaces


One of my favorite trends lately is the Statement Necklace.   I've tried to hop on the adorable scarf bandwagon, and just can't.  I can't stand to have bulky things wrapped around my neck (I've never worn a turtleneck in my life...ever) because I feel like I am strangling.  But the statement necklace is a happy medium for me -- I get an … [Read more...]

Stuff I Love for Fall

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So I am gonna bore you today with another list of things I love and want and need and couldn't live without. Stuff for fall. Because with the change of the seasons comes all new stuff...clothes, food, footwear, decorations, accessories...   Let's start... Shoes.  Actually, let's talk boots.  Because it is fall. And really … [Read more...]

Quick and Glamorous Ponytail Holders

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Okay, so listen.   This thing I am about to show you...barely qualifies as crafty, it's so easy.  But--I have found that the most awesome DIY projects are the ones that up your cute factor with very little effort, so here we are.   I've been seeing cute ponytail holder ideas floating around on Pinterest, but they all involve … [Read more...]

Accesorize with Watches

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I am a self-admitted watch hoarder.  I inherited the trait from my dad, so it's not my fault. I presently have too many to count, nor do I have any desire to take inventory of them...seeing the number might be a little scary. Here's the thing, though... I spend money on classic pieces, watches that I will wear for years and years. I … [Read more...]