Holiday Make-Up Sets and Palettes!!

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As most of you know, I have suffer from a severe case of Cosmetic Obsession. It's disgusting.  Really it is. And this is the time of year my Cosmetic Obsession REALLY rears it's ugly head...because there are SO many great deals and holiday palettes out.  And who am I to turn down a good deal? Think of all the money I'm saving!! In all … [Read more...]

My Pregnancy Essentials

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Hey guys!!   As most of you probably know, I am nearing the end of my pregnancy.  And while I couldn't be more THRILLED about that, I also couldn't be more uncomfortable.   Fatigue, heartburn, bad skin, and general ROUNDNESS has reared it's ugly head...and because of that, certain products have become essential in getting me … [Read more...]

Mascara Throwdown


I am a mascara girl. It's one of my "if you were stranded on a deserted island and you could bring only 3 things" items.   I know. But the thing with mascara is that once I think I have found THE ONE...I always seem to find another ONE. With that said, though I always come back to my tried and true Loreal Voluminous.  It's been … [Read more...]



Today we are going to talk about what is probably the most boring and overlooked part of your face.   Okay...BESIDES your chin.   Your EYEBROWS!!   For years and years, I didn't groom my eyebrows.     Honestly, I thought that eyebrow grooming was for people who were super hairy and had … [Read more...]

The BEST Nude Eyeshadows for Fall


If you know me, you know that I have a bit of an eyeshadow addiction.   Well, I actually call it COLLECTING, because it sounds more acceptable, but you get my drift.   And while I'd like to say that they're all different and totally necessary in their own way...a lot of them are just slightly different versions of the EXACT. … [Read more...]

BB Creams ~ What’s the deal?


I fall victim to anything that's the "latest". My husband calls me a "Marketers Dream".  I guess he's a little right. I mean, what if the new whatever comes out and it's way better than the OLD whatever and I don't know about it? That's a scary thought. Especially when it comes to make-up.  It's really for the greater good that I stay … [Read more...]

Dermalogica PreCleanse


Dermalogica is a brand that is fairly new to me.  A couple of months ago, I received a sample of their Microexfoliant in my Birchbox and LOVED it.  It's a powder that you blend with water to form a paste, and rub on your face and rinse off.  It doesn't feel like it's doing anything, but your face feels so so smooth afterwords, and it's made with … [Read more...]

Organize Your Make Up


I'm not gonna sugarcoat this.  I have a problem.  It begins and ends at Sephora. I have too much make up.  Too too much.   Here's the thing..not only do I love make up, I am relentlessly fickle.  As soon as I find something I love I am immediately on the search for something I love more.   The thing about being fickle, … [Read more...]

Make Up Brushes and How To Take Care of Them

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Let's talk about make-up brushes.   I firmly believe that a good make-up brush makes a ton of difference in how your face looks.  A good brush blends better, picks up more eyeshadow without scattering it all over, and makes your powder or foundation look nice and flawless.   However--good brushes can get kind of expensive, and … [Read more...]

Beauty Must Have ~ Highlighters and Complexion Boosters


Surprisingly, I get a fair amount of emails asking what face make-up I use.  And honestly, it's hard to give a good answer because it changes often. I have used Bare Minerals powder and Nars blush for years, but what really helps my complexion and the look of my skin is...highlighter. I always always ALWAYS use some type of highlighter.  And … [Read more...]

Monistat — Foundation Primer?

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I have stated more than a few times that I am a make-up junkie.   Not just make-up, but beauty products period.  If it exists and promises to make me look better, feel better, or smell better, you can bet that I will be giving it a try.   Well.  A week or so ago, Shelly came across THIS blog post from Wedding Bee on … [Read more...]

Vampire-inspired make-up

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Don't let the title to this post scare you...I am not talking about white powdered faces and Halloween stuff. I am talking about everyday make-up inspired by Vampires...pretty faces, not creepy.   Really what this translates into is berry stained lips, sparkly eyes and flushed cheeks. You don't need to wear a cape and fangs to pull … [Read more...]