My Sephora Wish List!!


So, I realize the time to drop the significant other some "helpful hints" is probably passed (unless he's a procrastinator like mine), but just in case...I'm sharing the list of Sephora items I'm majorly coveting. Don't get me wrong -- I've been known to indulge in a Sephora purchase from time to time (more often than I care to admit.  MAKE UP … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Day 5! For the toughest group…

Holiday Gift Guide for Grandparents Header

Welcome to Day 5 of our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!  In my opinion, I've saved the hardest group to shop for for the last day of the guide.  This one is for your parents, grandparents, aunt, uncles, etc.  I always seem to run out of ideas, and I don't want to resort to pictures of my kids or something crafty.  This crowd also generally seems to never … [Read more...]

Stuff I’m Loving

PicMonkey Collage

Hey girls! Popping in today to share a few of my recent favorite purchases that I'm loving...   It's kind of a mish-mash of things, no rhyme or reason.. just stuff I'm really liking. Most of the stuff I've gotten in the past few months, but some are a few that I just have forgotten to share with you!     Let's … [Read more...]

Latest Pretty Purchases!

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Hey friends!   Wanted to pop in and share with you some of the things I have gotten over the last few months that deserve a share!   First let's start with this cleanser from Clarins... It's a One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser.  I love this stuff!  I am a huge Clarins fan and have found that this has been great for my … [Read more...]

Skin Care 101

Skin Care Favorites | That's What We Said

Hey girls! Clearly Kristan and I both love make up. We're junkies.   But I'll have you know that I am a little obsessed with skin care products as well. Maybe even more so...   I have to say that I have not always been the best about removing my makeup before bed, or wearing sunscreen, but once I hit 30, I knew things … [Read more...]

Make Up Favorites For Spring


Hey guys! Wanted to pop in and share some of my latest favorites for the Spring! Some of these might be overlaps from previous lists, but hey, that's the sign of a good product, right?   Plus, I am currently on a make-up spending I need to make my latest purchases last. Here are some that will be perfect for the … [Read more...]

Our Online Shopping Addiction

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Hey guys! So wanted to pop in and say this out loud to you... I'm Shelly and I'm addicted to online shopping.   I mean, not in the hoardery way...more in a cute aww, isn't she cute with all her purchases.. Both Kristan and I do our fair share of ordering online...meaning the UPS guys knows us … [Read more...]

Coconut Oil ~ Why you need it

Coconut Oil ~ How to use it. That's What We Said

So I'm sure I am late to jump on the Coconut Oil bandwagon. But here's the's good stuff. Of course it says it is "oil", but it oil in a solid form, so it's easy to use.  No spills!   Whether or not you are for or against cooking with coconut oil is not the topic of discussion today.  Honestly I have no idea, because my … [Read more...]

Must Have Skin Care Products!!


I've always taken it for granted that every woman knows how to take care of her skin and apply make up.   But then lately, I've noticed that I get a lot of comments from women saying, "I have no idea how to put make up on".   This is a travesty that I need to remedy.  I'm making it my mission in life.   I mean...not … [Read more...]

My Pregnancy Essentials

maternity slider

Hey guys!!   As most of you probably know, I am nearing the end of my pregnancy.  And while I couldn't be more THRILLED about that, I also couldn't be more uncomfortable.   Fatigue, heartburn, bad skin, and general ROUNDNESS has reared it's ugly head...and because of that, certain products have become essential in getting me … [Read more...]

DIY Makeup Remover


Hey! So Pinterest has made me think that I need to make everything myself. DIY Windex, DIY scarfs, DIY furniture...   But since I much prefer to spend my hard earned dollars on completely non-DIY stuff I usually ignore most anything that requires me to make stuff that I could easily buy at Target.   Until I saw a picture … [Read more...]

Dove® Visible Care Toning Body Wash Review


Hey guys!   It's been warm in a lot of parts of the country for a while now.  Here in New Jersey, summer is just now kicking in full force. Every year before the summer season starts I try to get the parts of my body that I like to keep hidden, prepped and ready. People.  I'm talking about elbows, legs and shoulders!  Get your mind … [Read more...]