Holiday Gift Guide Day 4! For the punk kids…


Hellooooo!  There are just THIRTEEN days left until Christmas!  *gulp*  This is Day 4 of our Holiday Gift Guide and today the focus is on the punk kids in your life! I split these gifts up into 3 categories: Babies (Birth to Age 2ish), Little ones (Ages 3-5ish) and Big Kids (6 to 11ish!) In my personal opinion, this is the easier group to shop … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Day 3! For the teens…


Welcome to Day 3 of the Holiday Gift Guide!  Today is by far the scariest day.  Are you ready?  We're wading into the world of...TEENAGERS.  Gifts for teens are by far the hardest gifts, especially if you don't live with any on a regular basis. So, with a little help from some friends, here is the gift guide for teens!  I tried to do an equal … [Read more...]

New Mommy Must Haves


Today's post is one I've been meaning to do for awhile. Because it's so hard to filter through all the baby products out there and figure out what you will really USE, versus what looks cute and fun.  It's easy to end up with a pile of useless stuff.  Also, I am influenced easily, I'm basically a marketers dream.  Trust me -- no one falls into … [Read more...]

Summer Reading Ideas for Boys!

Ribbet collage

Hey guys! Gonna pop in with a few ideas for your kiddos this summer.   These books are ones that my boys have enjoyed, and a few that I want to get for them, but haven't yet... My boys are 6 and 8, almost 7 and 9...this summer. So that will give you an idea of the age appropriateness of my choices.   First up let's go … [Read more...]

Kid’s Craft ~ Easy Spinners


My kids are off this week for Spring Break. And since we're staying home for the week I have to come up with stuff for them to do all day long. Kids expect that.   So first up on the agenda are some easy, fun crafts that don't require a huge clean up or crazy supplies.   I saw this one over at the Family Fun site a while … [Read more...]

Countdown to April Fools ~ DIY Fake Vomit


Well.  I am taking it there. Nothing but classy talk around here, huh? Fake vomit is the topic today.  Don't pretend you're not intrigued.   My 6 year old son brought this craft to my attention.  He got a book called Prank Star and of all the pranks in there, he was most excited about making fake vomit.  I am so proud. He … [Read more...]

DIY Bunny Bookmark


My kiddos like to read.  I certainly try to encourage this. Because they also like to play video games and watch tv.   So anything I can do, to get them wanting to pick up their book, I try. And if making bookmarks helps, then I'll do it.   This is actually a really cute craft idea that I originally saw here around … [Read more...]

DIY Tie Dye Crayons


A rainy day a few weeks ago my kids were looking online for a craft to do together... Sometimes crafts with kids are fun, sometimes they are more trouble than they are worth.   We came across this fun idea on a few different sites... I thought it was a great idea, because my boys are getting a little older and they don't ever pull … [Read more...]

Kids Craft ~ DIY Kazoos


I decided to make a craft with my kids the other day. Good idea in theory.   We settled on an easy DIY Kazoo. Good because simple supplies, simple instructions and simple assembly. Not so good because...well, it's kazoo.  Which means it makes noise.   If you can get past that, then you should make these.  They are … [Read more...]

We love Klutz!!

klutz collage

One thing I've learned over the years is that it's a waste of money to buy my son "toys" that don't really DO anything.   Action figures.  Pretend helicopters.  Little cars to push around.  Waste waste waste.   Jon David is only really entertained when he is learning or creating something.  He's always been that way, which can … [Read more...]

Winter Break Boredom Busters

boredom collage

It's basically a rule that kids like to play.  They want to be entertained.   They get boooooooooored.   One thing I struggle with over Winter Break is keeping my son busy.  It's usually cold and wet outside, and although I try to spend as much time with him as possible, I still have housework and cooking to do and can't spend … [Read more...]

Reindeer Bento


I am obsessed with Bento Lunch Boxes. I need to get my act together and move beyond the peanut butter and jelly, honestly.  There are some super creative people out there who do amazing things with Bento Tiffany from Cute Food for Kids.  She has a whole section on her site that features fun ideas for Bento lunches!  You need to … [Read more...]