The Bachelor Juan Pablo ~ The Women Tell All


I have to say, this is the most excited I've been about an episode this season so far. To say it's all been a little lack-luster would be an hearing the women's side of the story, hopefully will give us a little insight about who JP really is. However, we should really re-title it "The Women Don't Tell Much"...because … [Read more...]

The Bachelor Juan Pablo — Fantasty Suite


Here we are -- Fantasy Suite time!!  He needs to hurry up and pick someone already so they can break up and look bad in US Weekly. This episode promised lots of Andi drama, and after seeing how smitten she was in the last episode, I was DYING to see what changed. They're in Saint Lucia.  It's breathtakingly beautiful, so of course JP sums it … [Read more...]

The Bachelor Juan Pablo — Hometown Dates


Two episodes in one this week!! This season is FLYING by, and it can't go quickly enough.  Never have I been so disgusted by a Bachelor, or a SEASON of Bachelor/Bachelorette.  This is just an epic fail all over.  Did you see what Jef Holm had to say about JP?  I have one response -- Jef for next Bachelor.  It needs to happen!! Since there are … [Read more...]

The Bachelor Juan Pablo ~ Episode 7


Tonight we know there will be a "big exit"... and we know it will be Sharleen. They pretty much gave this away in the previews last week.  So basically the question is, do we care? Will she come back after deciding she is making the "mistake of her life"? Prolly not.   Let's begin. They are all back in Miami, J Pab's … [Read more...]

The Bachelor Juan Pablo — Episode 6


I am just going to come out and admit that I was not looking forward to this episode.  Or any episode remaining this season. I have not disliked a season more since Bachelor Ben, and even he had more redeeming qualities than Juan Pablo. I don't understand...the season seemed so promising.  JP was so adorable!!  What happened?  I think we all … [Read more...]

The Bachelor Juan Pablo ~ Episode 5


Tonight's episode of The Bachelor opens up to the murky waters of Vietnam. Ok kidding, kinda. Vietnam looks like a spectacular place, until cameras cut to JP taking a river tour.  All I can think about are the critters in that river, ready to crawl up into my nether-regions and take up residency in my abdomen. Sorry. Anyhow, let's talk … [Read more...]

The Bachelor Juan Pablo– Episode 4


Here we are girls...down to 15 already!! Is it just me, or do these seasons seem to go much more quickly nowadays? We open with Juan Pablo and...Camilla.  You case you forgot that he's a dad. Chris H. came to warn the girls that of course...some of them would be going home this week.  Then he told them to grab their passports to … [Read more...]

The Bachelor Juan Pablo ~ Episode 3


This week leads to the promise of "The Most uncomfortable kiss in Bachelor History"... That is definitely a challenge accepted for Kasey.  Because Kasey...Not sure how, because every. single. kiss. from Kasey was "the most uncomfortable ever". Or Jamie. OR ERICA ROSE! So let's begin...   The one on one date card comes via Chris … [Read more...]

The Bachelor Juan Pablo — Episode 2


The episode opened with Clare getting ready for her first one on one date with Juan Pablo.  Bronzer was being applied, lips were being puckered in the mirror, and I decided that if anyone ever videos me getting ready in the morning, I will have to murder them. Juan showed up and Clare was hopeful (and wearing a bomber jacket, once again making … [Read more...]

The Bachelor ~ Juan Pablo


Ladies.  'Tis the moment we have been waiting months for. I refuse to say Juan-uary...but still that makes me no less excited. The first episode, for me, is always the most awkward of the bunch. All the limo exits...the uncomfortable greetings...and then those women who try and do something to "be remembered"...don't.  just … [Read more...]

Real Talk: Big Brother Season 15


Ok friends and Big Brother fans... Kristan and I took the year off of recapping Big Brother, and I am thinking we might have made the wrong choice.   Honestly. Who is watching, hands up. Who's your favorite??   Let TALK people!   In order of eviction: David:  We didn't know him long, but I kind of liked … [Read more...]

The Bachelorette Desiree — The Finale!!


As you probably remember, Desiree had her heart broken last week by Brooks the Finger Baby. She sobbed, he told her he basically forgot she existed any time she wasn't around, she begged him to stay and told him that he was going to win and she didn't want anyone else. Between that, and what I read on Reality Steve (yes, I read spoilers, SUE … [Read more...]