American Horror Story: Asylum


Hey guys. Popping in for a quick update. Last year Kristan did a great job of recapping American Horror Story's first season...   But this season we are calling in sick... Or scared. Yeah, more like calling in scared.   After watching the first 2 episodes we are both thinking that it might be a little "intense" for … [Read more...]

American Horror Story — Episode 7 & 8

tate suit

  Wednesday is here already, and I'm behind on my American Horror Recaps.  It's the holidays, man.   (From mid November to the end of December, anytime I am confronted with something I failed to do I just shake my head and say "it's the holidays..." it works every time)   Since we've got two episodes to cover, I'm … [Read more...]

American Horror — Episode 6

piggy piggy8

  Last week's episode of American Horror finished telling us what happened to Tate.  Sort of.   It opened with Constance in The House (yes, the Dead House) begging the SWAT team not to kill her son Tate.  So...another horror to add to the house history, yes?  Geez, no wonder the darn thing is haunted.   Through … [Read more...]

American Horror — Episode 5

tate and addie

Last week's episode of American Horror was one of my favorites so far...and we learned A LOT about Tate.   The episode started out with Ben and Vivian rushing home from the hospital to find that Violet isn't home.  They immediately panic, but Violet calls her mom to let her know she's out with friends.  Friends meaning her creepy ghost … [Read more...]

American Horror–Episodes 3 & 4

chad and patrirck

The last two episodes of American Horror have done two things:  #1  Explain the history of the house and why it is haunted  and  #2  Explain WHY the Harmon's don't just move (you know you've been asking yourself that question).   Episode 3  started off with a flashback to 1983.   And guess who was living in the house at … [Read more...]

American Horror –Episode 2 (Home Invasion)


  I'll admit that I put off watching American Horror Story this week.  My husband has been out of town, and I've been too scared to watch it alone.  But I finally worked up the nerve to watch it today (in the middle of the broad daylight) and I plan on canceling it out with lots of cheery cartoons before I go to … [Read more...]

American Horror Story–Episode 1

*Oct 03 - 00:10*

American Horror Story has all the elements of an awesome scary movie.   Except, instead of watching it for two hours and being scared to pee alone for about a week until it sort of gets buried in your mind under Teen Mom's on once a week for an hour.   Just enough to keep you in a constant state of scaredness.  … [Read more...]