Holiday Gift Guide Day 4! For the punk kids…


Hellooooo!  There are just THIRTEEN days left until Christmas!  *gulp*  This is Day 4 of our Holiday Gift Guide and today the focus is on the punk kids in your life! I split these gifts up into 3 categories: Babies (Birth to Age 2ish), Little ones (Ages 3-5ish) and Big Kids (6 to 11ish!) In my personal opinion, this is the easier group to shop … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Day 3! For the teens…


Welcome to Day 3 of the Holiday Gift Guide!  Today is by far the scariest day.  Are you ready?  We're wading into the world of...TEENAGERS.  Gifts for teens are by far the hardest gifts, especially if you don't live with any on a regular basis. So, with a little help from some friends, here is the gift guide for teens!  I tried to do an equal … [Read more...]

Meal Plan Monday ~ 9/30 – 10/4

PicMonkey Collage

Let's talk about dinner this week!   Monday ~ Chicken Strips are always a huge favorite at my house and these from Add A Pinch sound amazing.. and easy! *photo credit   Tuesday ~ How good does this Healthy Bacon and Pumpkin Pasta from Pinch of Yum sound??  Can't wait to try this one! *photo … [Read more...]

This Week In Pop Culture… 8/1

This Week in Pop Culture | That's What We Said

Hey girls!! This was a pretty slow week in pop culture. I mean...when Simon Cowell is the big scoop...meh. Anyways -- let's discuss. Simon Cowell expecting baby with friend's wife According to US Weekly, Laura Silverman is 10 weeks pregnant with Simon Cowell's baby.  Her husband Andrew filed for divorce 2 weeks ago, citing adultery and … [Read more...]

Grasshopper Cocktail


Happy Friday!! I don't know about where you live, but it's crazy hot here in Arkansas. Crazy. Stinkin. Hot. It's not attractive, y'all.  I'm sweating like a fiend, and irritable to boot.  So today I'm sharing a cool and minty cocktail -- if that doesn't cool you off, I don't know what will.   INGREDIENTS 2 oz creme de … [Read more...]

Meal Plan Monday ~ 4/29 – 5/

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Hey friends! It'll be May before the week's end, can you even believe it??   So let's get this week going with some fun and easy weeknight meals...   Monday ~ The Chipotle Cheddar Shrimp and Grits from The Little Kitchen is SO gonna be on my table this week! *photo credit   Tuesday ~ Obsessed.  Irish Nachos … [Read more...]

This Week in Pop Culture ~ 3/7

This Week in Pop Culture | That's What We Said

This week was a slow one in the world of famous-ish people. So I'll do my best to keep you interested...   Let's start with Kate Middleton.  According to all the media this week, the Duchess of Cambridge "slipped", revealing the gender of her baby when receiving a stuffed toy from a fan.  Allegedly she said "our daughter", but I … [Read more...]

This Week in Pop Culture… 12/6

This Week in Pop Culture | That's What We Said

A fair amount of news came out of Hollywood this week...   UNFORTUNATELY, most of it was people I could care less about.   However -- let's start with the best and go from there:   A royal baby is on the way!!   Kate Middleton is my birthday twin (OBVI!!) so I am super excited about this. Hopefully, the … [Read more...]

Real Housewives of New Jersey ~ Episode 4


This weeks episode opened with Kathy and Rich discussing what else?  The Solstice party.  As Kathy described the fight between Melissa and Teresa, Rich finally told his wife that he was over it.  Kathy told him she felt bad for Teresa because she was going through tough times, to which Rich responded that Teresa doesn't ADMIT to any of these tough … [Read more...]

I’m Loving Now…

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Hey people of the internet! Thought I'd pop in on you and share some of my latest favorites for Spring! Actually they aren't really Spring related..just thought I'd throw that in there.  Whatever.   So yeah. Here are a few things I am loving now... Let's start with shoes. I bought these TOMS flats the day that they became … [Read more...]

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ~ Episode 18 Recap


This episode was all sorts of awkward. It was an hour-long PSA for the dangers of drug use. I'm not naming names.   The episode opened up to the couples still on their Hawaiian vacay. Paul and Adrienne got a little romantic on top of a cliff all while arguing about the presence of snakes.  These two are funny. Meanwhile , … [Read more...]

The Bachelor Recap ~ Season Premiere


Let me preface this recap with an admission.  While I have been a Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad super fan since the beginning I wasn't crazy excited for this season. I wasn't a huge fan of Ben when he was on Ashley's season.  In fact, I thought Ashley made the right choice.  I was JP all the way.   So, when Ben was announced as … [Read more...]