Holiday Gift Guide Day 5! For the toughest group…

Holiday Gift Guide for Grandparents Header

Welcome to Day 5 of our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!  In my opinion, I've saved the hardest group to shop for for the last day of the guide.  This one is for your parents, grandparents, aunt, uncles, etc.  I always seem to run out of ideas, and I don't want to resort to pictures of my kids or something crafty.  This crowd also generally seems to never … [Read more...]

Gift Guide — Books

book collage

One present I always love is books.  Even though I own an E Reader, there is really nothing like a brand new book with crisp pages and  new book smell.   Yes, I sniff my books.  Is that weird?   Anyways, if you're not a reader, it can be really hard to buy gifts for someone who is.  Obviously, I recommend getting some info on … [Read more...]