Cocktail Friday ~ The Clementine Prosecco

Clementine Prosecco |

The weekend is finally upon us.  January is not my most favorite month of the year, I have to say. It's cold (at least where I live).  There are no sparkly lights to look at anymore...and well.. it's January.   BUT January has brought my supermarket an abundance of Clementines. Which is kinda awesome. So why not use those guys … [Read more...]

Candy Cane Vodka Icy Shots

Icy Shots |

A few weeks ago I went to a holiday party where we had a gift exchange... I gave a well thought out gift... the kind that you resent putting together when it's all said and done.   Because, you know what.. I'm going to be frank with one likes your gift as much as you do. Everyone should bring a gift to the party, and then … [Read more...]

Rum Soaked Chocolate Covered Cherries


These cherries are NO JOKE. I mean, you might be telling jokes after you eat a couple four twelve-ish of them, because these candies DEFINITELY count as a cocktail. Bonus?  They are a great hostess gift, friend gift, neighbor gift, teacher gift... Just kidding about the teacher gift.  Unless you have an energetic child in which … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday ~ Buttermint Shot

Buttermint Shots |

Hello! Happy Friday! Happy Holiday Season! Happy It's-Almost-the-Weekend-Let's-Have-a-Drink!   That pretty much covers it, right?   Now that the holiday season is in full swing, let's get down to some Holiday Cocktails! Parties will fill your calendar in the month of here's a simple drink (shot) that … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday — Fall Round Up!!


Hey Guys!! So, Shelly and I have posted a LOT of cocktails over the years.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy testing them... It's a tough job. Anyways, I thought I'd dig some of our favorite Fall cocktails out of the archives -- they're worth a second look!!   Clockwise, from left: Skittles Vodka -- what better way to use … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday ~ Spiked Apple Cider


Fall is in full swing... It's been chilly here, which is nice.   I love the beginnings of cool weather and am trying to soak it in.   So tonight I am going to sit out on my deck and have a Spiked Apple Cider. I mean, that is how my evening is gonna go in my brain. Sitting out watching the sunset, with the chill in the … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday — Caramel Apple Frappe


  Happy Friday, everyone!! Sooo...I don't know if you've heard, but Starbucks supposedly has a "secret menu", off of which you can order a Caramel Apple Frappuccino. I don't frequent Starbucks (it's on the other side of town and I'm not a coffee drinker) but I saw a Caramel Apple "Frappe" advertised at the Books a Million coffee shop … [Read more...]

Bailey’s Caramel Appletini

caramel appletini

Tis the season for apples! And apple cocktails are always welcome in my house. Especially when there's Bailey's, Caramel and cream involved...hello cozy!   So let's get on going!   Bailey's Caramel Appletini 1 oz Bailey's Irish Cream 1/2 oz Apple Flavored Vodka 1/2 oz cream 1 tsp caramel sauce (ice cream … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday — Root Beer Float Cocktail


It's Friday, it's Friday!!   Today I'm sharing an adult version of my favorite ice cream treat -- minus the ice cream!!   Since there's no ice cream in it, that means you're allowed to have four.  I don't know if you did the cocktail math, so I'm just letting you know.   Enjoy!!   INGREDIENTS Root … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday — Frozen Strawberry Colada


Seriously, Summer. Can't you just be over?  It's the end of August and I am over it. OVER. IT. Anyways.  I guess if I'm going to be stuck dealing with the heat (the heat -- ain't nobody got time for sweat), I need a dang good frozen drink. This combines my favorite flavors.  Yum!!   2 oz coconut rum 1 oz cream of … [Read more...]

Cantaloupe Cooler


The last weeks of summer are upon us. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!   But in the meantime, let's take advantage of all the late summer bounty.   Cantaloupe is one of my kiddo's I'm putting it to use today.   Make this with or without couldn't be any easier or yummy!   Cantaloupe Cooler 1 … [Read more...]

Party Punch Recipes — End Summer with a Bang!!


It's Friday, Friday!! I don't know about where YOU live, but School starts in a little over a week.  It's super duper hot out too, so Jon David is having a meltdown (physically AND mentally...he REALLY isn't ready to start school again). (Personally, I could do with a little more "me" time) So we are planning lots of fun get togethers … [Read more...]