Honey Bourbon Lemonade

Honey Bourbon Lemonade | That's What We Said

Happy Friday! Let's get the weekend started with a delicious summery cocktail... A Honey Bourbon Lemonade! Also, you guys need to try that American Honey Bourbon that I used in this recipe!!  Makes such a difference! Have a great weekend!   1 1/2 cups sugar 2 cups water 2 cups lemon juice, freshly squeezed preferable 2 … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday ~ Southern Iced Tea Cocktail

Southern Iced Tea Cocktail | That's What We Said

I'm all for a summery drink. This one packs a major punch...it's a cross between a Long Island Iced Tea and an Arnold Palmer... Just one will do the trick, y'all.   Drink up!   Southern Iced Tea Cocktail 1 oz of light rum 1 oz of vodka 1 oz of gin 4 oz  lemonade 3 oz of unsweetened iced tea 2 oz of simple … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday — Slushy Punch

slider punch

Happy Friday!! This week, instead of going the adult cocktail route, I'm sharing a fizzy, fruity, and family friendly slushy punch.  Because it's eleventy million degrees here and everyone is having a birthday.  So surely this will come in handy, right? It's so yummy and has a great slushy consistency.  The ingredients are super simple too.  … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday ~ Rum Punch

Rum Punch | That's What WE Said

So a Rum Punch is my favorite summer cocktail. And I know we've already done a version of it here... I know it's loaded with sugar, I know it's more like juice than a cocktail.. But honestly I can't get enough. So I'm making another one. A different version.  Deal with it.   And punch it up with Coconut Rum and I'll never … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday — Lava Flow


The Lava Flow has to be one of my favorite cocktails of all time. I mean, it's like it can't decide what it wants to be.  Is it a pina colada?  A strawberry daiquiri?  How about a little of both? For people who can never decide and are torn between a zillion different items on the menu, this is the perfect compromise.  When I noticed that I had … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday — Berry Burst


It's Friday Friday!! In the spirit of Summer, I thought I'd share this slushy and berry flavored cocktail. Enjoy! INGREDIENTS 6 oz berry flavored vodka 2 cups milk 4 oz heavy cream 1 pint strawberries about 1/2 cup of crushed ice Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.  Garnish with berries **adapted from … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday ~ The Toasty S’more

The Toasty S'more Cocktail | That's What We Said

Friday's here...let the fun begin! I don't know about you , but I have had a weeeeeek!   Glad to see this one in the books, and ready to get my Mother's Day celebration on. Which really consists of a lot of relaxing and no-laundry doing.   Since in my world Mother's Day starts Friday, (it really should be Mother's … [Read more...]

Ocean Water


Ocean Water from Sonic is one of my all time favorite drinks. Of course, the ACTUAL ocean tastes like fish and seaweed.  But in the ocean of my dreams, it would taste like Sonic Ocean Water. Anyways. Now I can make my own at home!!  It's super easy and yummy for the whole family to share...but feel free to add a splash of coconut … [Read more...]

Root Beer Vodka Float

Root Beer Vodka Float | That's What We Said

Good Friday! So it's getting warmer by the day... Which means I am forcing my children outside to play... Which also means they call me every 3 seconds to watch their new "trick" on their bike.   So I have a solution. Root Beer Floats.  Something to enjoy with the kiddos. Add a little vanilla vodka to yours to make the … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday — Strawberry Margarita


  Happy Friday!!   I don't know about you, but frozen margaritas are my go -to drink when I'm out for dinner.  They're slushy, delicious, and they go great with Mexican food!!   As much as I love the original, strawberry margaritas are probably my favorite.  I think I need one or four this … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday — Banana Daiquiri


Here in Arkansas, our weather is constantly fluctuating between unseasonably hot and unseasonably cold. Basically, Spring doesn't exist here. So since I'm forced to choose between Winter and Summer, I'm going with Summer.  Winter has had it's day, hasn't it?  In that spirit, I'm bringing you a Summery, tropical drink -- a banana … [Read more...]

Caramel Cadbury Cocktail


Well, we are officially one weekend away from Easter. Why not start celebrating early?  This yummy cocktail should do just fine. INGREDIENTS 2 parts Irish Cream 1 part half and half 1 part caramel syrup 1 part chocolate syrup (plus extra for rimming glass, if desired) INSTRUCTIONS 1.  Rim glass in chocolate syrup.  Pour Irish … [Read more...]