Cute and Easy Valentines Day Centerpiece

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  Some of you may remember the cute Fall Centerpiece I did a few months back.   Well.  Once the Christmas season hit, I had full intentions of turning them into something Christmasey, but got busy, set them aside, and never got around to it.  But the other day I realized that it wasn't too late to turn them into something totally … [Read more...]

Gift Guide ~ Teachers!

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It's that time of year again... School is winding down for the holiday break and you are scrambling to put together gifts for all the people in your life. Beyond the mailman, the garbage men and the bus driver there is your kid's teacher. I mean, honestly, your kids spend a pretty good amount of time in the care of his or her teacher, so … [Read more...]

DIY Twilight Shirts ~ Team Jacob vs. Team Edward

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Furthering the debate on Team Edward vs. Team Jacob we decided to be big old dorks and make our own "Team" shirts. They're totally DIY and sew-free, for those of us who are domestically challenged. Make them and wear them proudly... Ok, Team Edward. All you need is a shirt, some iron-on letters (one set plain, one set sparkly), an … [Read more...]

Infinity Scarf and Flower Pin


A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing infinity scarves on Etsy and I found a super cute grey scarf that had a flower pin attached.   I wanted that dang scarf. cost forty bucks.  Sadly, that's more than I can justify spending on piece of fabric to wrap around my neck.   So I did some Googling.  I'm a crafty gal, but … [Read more...]

DIY T-shirt Flower Pin

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It seems like flower pins are all over the place... They are a simple embellishment you can use on scarves, hats and bags to name a few...   I'm going to give you a quick DIY tutorial on how to make one of your own.  No sewing necessary, just a hot glue gun and some material.   Here's what you need: Some material, any … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub


So, ever been invited to a party and forget to buy a hostess gift?  Then maybe you scrounged around the house for an unopened bottle of wine or a candle you could re-gift? No? Err, yeah, me neither... I mean, I've HEARD that happens to some people.  Not me or you, but OTHER people...I had a friend who that happened to.  Yeah, my friend regifted a … [Read more...]

Make your shirt vintage with tea!


Ok, I have to tell you...I wanted to name this post, "How to tea bag a T-shirt".  BUT I was worried about what google searches I would come up under.  We try to keep the riff-raff out over here, and I thought that title might be a slight distraction to the craft at hand ;)   So, onto vintage shirt making... You will need: a white … [Read more...]

Easy Fall Centerpieces


  I recently came across THIS gorgeous Fall centerpiece on Pinterest.  And after clicking...and clicking...and clickity clicking...I FINALLY found the centerpiece on Home Confetti and the original tutorial HERE on Dozi Design blog.   I love crafting, but don't often have the time or skills to complete a lot of the ideas I find on … [Read more...]

Candy Wreath


I'm lazy on Halloween. Yep, I'm that house...where if anyone comes to the door after the God forsaken hour of 8:00 I don't answer the door. If you don't hit us between 4:30-7:45 you are outta luck. Because, you know, handing out the candy is fun the first hour...then the second it tends to get a little repetitive. "Oh look! A Princess!", "Oh … [Read more...]