This Week in Pop Culture ~ 1/24

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This week was the week of The Biebs. You couldn't escape the talk about the arrest if you tried... SO let's hit on that first and then move on. There's the mug shot.  He looks proud, doesn't he?  He was arrested on Jan. 23rd, for a DUI, drag racing and resisting arrest.  Apprently too he had prescription drugs that he said his mother gave … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday — Scandal Edition!!


Happy Monday, chickas!! Last week was our last post in our quest to crown Whatta Man of 2013.  Chris Hemsworth beat Charlie Hunnam by an overwhelming majority of votes -- apparently you girls love your Aussies. I won't lie...I'm sad.  But I guess if you don't want Charlie, that leaves more of him for me, so there's that. This week's Whatta … [Read more...]

This Week in Pop Culture… 1/17


Happy Friday, everyone!! Sadly, it was a fairly slow week in celebrityville, if you can't tell by all the attention the Bieber egg throwing incident is getting.  But let's review the few things that DID happen (including Oscar nominations, yay!!): Laura Linney gave birth to a baby boy!! Apparently she has a life outside answering her phone on … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday ~ The Clementine Prosecco

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The weekend is finally upon us.  January is not my most favorite month of the year, I have to say. It's cold (at least where I live).  There are no sparkly lights to look at anymore...and well.. it's January.   BUT January has brought my supermarket an abundance of Clementines. Which is kinda awesome. So why not use those guys … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday ~ 2013 Top Man


Ok, ladies! Today is the day that we pick the Top Whatta Manniest Man of 2103. We broke all the winners of 2013 down and you guys voted on the top two.  Now those final two get to duke it out for the number one slot. And can I just say that everyone wins this year.  We have two smokin' hotties in the finals. Charlie Hunnam won round one … [Read more...]

This Week in Pop Culture ~ 1/9


So we've taken a lot of time off from Pop Culture over the holidays. Luckily not much happened worth talking about. So let's pick up from this week and move forward.   I was most excited about this... Gone Girl was one of my most favorite books from 2012, and I couldn't be more excited about the movie.  Plus, Ben Affleck. So … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday — The Best of 2013 Part #2


  It's time for the SECOND portion of voting for Whatta Man of the YEAR!! Last week we showed you winners from every Whatta Man for the first half of 2013.  I believe there were 25 men to choose from -- and you OVERWHELMINGLY chose Charlie Hunnam (le sigh), with Bradley Cooper and Chris Pine tied for a distant second. I have to say, I'm not … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday ~ Best of 2013 Part 1


Whatta Man Monday is back with our annual Whatta Man Showdown for the YEAR! This will be a three part post, with the first half of the year winners, the second half of the year winners and then finally the 2 finalists competeing for the very exclusive title of Whatta Man Monday King.. You guys will *unfortunately* have to sit here and look at … [Read more...]

Candy Cane Vodka Icy Shots

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A few weeks ago I went to a holiday party where we had a gift exchange... I gave a well thought out gift... the kind that you resent putting together when it's all said and done.   Because, you know what.. I'm going to be frank with one likes your gift as much as you do. Everyone should bring a gift to the party, and then … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday ~ Doppelganger Edition 3

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Hey girls! Let's talk about hot dudes today, kay?  No better way to brighten your Monday than a little shameless man-judging.   Last week Sherlock beat out Watson in our Sherlock Edition.   This week we're talking celebrity doppelgangers.  Round three. Aaron Eckhart vs Scott Speedman While they might not look EXACTLY … [Read more...]

Rum Soaked Chocolate Covered Cherries


These cherries are NO JOKE. I mean, you might be telling jokes after you eat a couple four twelve-ish of them, because these candies DEFINITELY count as a cocktail. Bonus?  They are a great hostess gift, friend gift, neighbor gift, teacher gift... Just kidding about the teacher gift.  Unless you have an energetic child in which … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Day 5! For the toughest group…

Holiday Gift Guide for Grandparents Header

Welcome to Day 5 of our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!  In my opinion, I've saved the hardest group to shop for for the last day of the guide.  This one is for your parents, grandparents, aunt, uncles, etc.  I always seem to run out of ideas, and I don't want to resort to pictures of my kids or something crafty.  This crowd also generally seems to never … [Read more...]