This Week in Pop Culture ~ 5/30


How was your week?? Well, in the world of celebrity there was a lot of depressing news... Nothing major, but let's have a look!   Lots of divorces finalized... Lopez/Anthony. Blossom and her husband. The Cox/Arquettes.  Didn't this happen like 5 years ago?   In other long-time-coming breakups. Seems like the … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday — That’s So 90′s Edition!!


So you might remember that last week, it was the Wolf Pack Edition. The Wolf Pack edition was definitely NOT your favorite.  And Bradley Cooper took it all home, with the exception of one lone vote. Sorry Zach.  Funny just isn't cutting it. This week, I thought we'd kick it old school. I was born in 1980, which means that the 90's were … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday ~ Memorial Day Round Up!


Hey people!   It's the Friday of a fun holiday weekend...the kick-off to summer! So, I think you need a cocktail to celebrate Memorial Day...   I thought we would take a look back at some of our favorites from the past year.  We have some good ones...   Something fruity? A Vineyard Fizz or a Key Lime Float … [Read more...]

This Week in Pop Culture 5/23


It's Thursday, which means it's time to get all up in the Hollywood business. Not much of note happened this week, but there are a few things worth discussing.  It's hard work, but someone has to do it!! Let's get started: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Break Up.  AGAIN. Am I the only one completely delighted by this?  I mean...I may … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday ~ Wolf Pack Edition!


Last week's Great Gatsby Edition was a bit of a surprise for me. Leo won, and literally got all but one vote!  Honestly, I figured Leo would win, I mean, our hearts do go on, but where was the love for Tobey?  Poor thing, who knew?   This week we're staying at the movies and talking The Hangover III. Yep, it's completely … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday — Berry Burst


It's Friday Friday!! In the spirit of Summer, I thought I'd share this slushy and berry flavored cocktail. Enjoy! INGREDIENTS 6 oz berry flavored vodka 2 cups milk 4 oz heavy cream 1 pint strawberries about 1/2 cup of crushed ice Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.  Garnish with berries **adapted from … [Read more...]

This Week in Pop Culture ~ 5/16


This week was a fairly slow on in the week of Pop Culture...   Unless you count the 24/7 news coverage of Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy. Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't think this is an easy decision to make...and I also commend her for being proactive about her health for her children, after losing her mom at far too young … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday — The Great Gatsby Edition!!


Happy Monday, chickies!! I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day weekend!! And by enjoyed, I mean, I hope you got lots of foot rubs, breakfast in bed, and plenty of wine. Last week,  Rob Thomas won Rob vs Robin.  Apparently you aren't charmed by the sexy time music.  I get it. This week, I thought I'd take a look at a couple of guys … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday ~ The Toasty S’more

The Toasty S'more Cocktail | That's What We Said

Friday's here...let the fun begin! I don't know about you , but I have had a weeeeeek!   Glad to see this one in the books, and ready to get my Mother's Day celebration on. Which really consists of a lot of relaxing and no-laundry doing.   Since in my world Mother's Day starts Friday, (it really should be Mother's … [Read more...]

This Week in Pop Culture… 5/9


It's Friday Eve!! Let's talk a little pop culture, shall we? Bethany Hamilton is Engaged Bethany Hamilton, the surfer who lost an arm in a shark attack and wrote the book Soul Surfer (which became a movie) is engaged!!  Bethany and Adam met a year ago on a blind date where they went cliff diving, and have been happy ever since.  Jon David and … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday ~ Rob vs Robin

PicMonkey Collage4

Hey Monday ladies! Last week Aiden beat Big in our Sex and the City Edition.  Not so sure how I feel about that one, but honestly, you can't really go wrong with either.   This week we're doing music men. Robin Thicke vs Rob Thomas Both these guys make some pretty good music. And honestly, I've never thought of Rob Thomas as a guy … [Read more...]

Ocean Water


Ocean Water from Sonic is one of my all time favorite drinks. Of course, the ACTUAL ocean tastes like fish and seaweed.  But in the ocean of my dreams, it would taste like Sonic Ocean Water. Anyways. Now I can make my own at home!!  It's super easy and yummy for the whole family to share...but feel free to add a splash of coconut … [Read more...]