Whatta Man Monday — Sherlock Edition!!


Happy Monday!! I don't know about you , but I am SO ready to get into the swing of things this week!!  We had a snow/ice storm that cancelled two days of school last week...after being stuck inside, eating myself into a coma, I am ready to get back into a routine. I'm also ready to kick everyone out and back to school/work. OMG I … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday ~ Will Ferrell vs Ron Burgandy


Last week proved that you guys think People Magazine got it wrong this year. You girls think Channing Tatum should still be wearing the Sexiest Man Alive crown... Really ladies?  You guys surprise me every week!   This week I'm taking it in a different direction...not quite as "conventional" as our usual WMM posts... Will Ferrell … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday — Sexiest Man Edition!!


Happy Monday, ladies!! Did anyone go see Catching Fire over the weekend? I saw it Saturday and O.M.G...how am I going to wait a YEAR for the next one? Not cool. Last week, Bruce Willis SMOKED Ashton Kutcher in the Battle of Demi's Exes.  Can't say I'm surprised...I've loved Bruce since Moonlighting!!  (and I majorly just dated … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday ~ The Battle of Demi’s Exes!

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So last week Johnny Depp smoked Jared Leto in our 80's Grunge Heartthrob Edition.  Neither of those guys would be my first choice.  TAKE A BATH PEOPLE!   Moving onto this week.  We're gonna compare and contrast the former loves of Demi Moore.  More specifically her former husbands... Ashton Kutcher vs Bruce Willis They were … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday — Grunge Heartthrob Edition


Happy Monday!! I am super excited about this week's Whatta Man -- we've got a couple of good ones!! Last week's Superhero Edition was tough...but it turns out, not so tough for you!!  Chris Hemsworth had over TWICE the votes of Henry Cavill. This week, we are going grunge.  Grunge Heartthrob Actors in a band, to be more accurate. Johnny Depp vs … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday ~ Superhero Edition

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Hey ladies!!   So last week Joey Lawrence beat Scott Wolf in out That's SO 90's Edition... Well done voters.   This week we're going superhero. I'm pitting the two hottest out there right now against each other. Henry Cavill (Superman) vs Chris Hemsworth (Thor) This is honestly a hard choice...I still don't know who I am … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday — That’s SO 90′s Edition!!


Happy Monday, chickies!! It's Monday, which means time for a new Whatta Man!!  Last week, Liev Schreiber and Norman Reedus were tied. TIED!!!  As in, an EXACT equal amount of votes.  Can someone please be a tie breaker, for Pete's sake?  I need closure.   This week, I am going way back.  This is for you, 90's … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday ~ Badass Edition!

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So last week Carson Daly whooped Willie Geist on our Today Show Edition... of course I chose incorrectly.   This week we're taking it to cable. I'm pitting two of the most badass guys on tv right now against each other.   Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan) vs Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon/The Walking Dead) Here's the thing with … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday — Today Show Edition!!


Happy Monday, girls!! Last week, Nick beat Joe in the Jonas Edition.  Color. Me. Shocked!! Also, don't know if you've heard, but apparently Shelly broke the band.  They are so torn up over the results that they've cancelled their 13 show tour.  TRUE STORY. This week, I am going up a ways on the seniority ladder...and showing my age. We … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday ~ Jonas Brothers Edition


Hey girls! Ready for another Whatta Man Monday? Last week Chris Noth won on the Good Wife Edition...I don't watch the show, so he will always be Mr. Big to me!   This week we're heading to pre-school. The Jonas Brothers.   Trust me, they're legal... Joe is 24 and Nick is 21.  Totally legal. I have to say that I … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday — The Good Wife Edition!!


Happy Monday, ladies!! Last week, Jesse beat Walt in the Breaking Bad Edition by a LANDSLIDE.  Can't say I'm surprised -- he's cuter and definitely has the better heart of the two. This week, we are going a little less hardcore (does it get worse than cooking meth and killing people?  It's all uphill from here), but sticking to television -- … [Read more...]

Whatta Man Monday ~ Breaking Bad Edition!


Hey girlies! Last week's Parenthood Edition was a close one, but Peter Kraus beat Dax Shepard...I can't believe I finally got one right!!   This week.  THIS WEEKKKKKK we're going Bad.   I am currently obsessed with Breaking Bad.  I'm only on season 3, but franticaly trying to get through the episodes before the finale, … [Read more...]