January 19, 2018


Hello there! Welcome to That’s What We Said Forums. We sincerely hope that you will be an active participant in this forum. Feel free to create your own threads, ask questions, start discussions, provide solutions, among others. This particular section has been created to enable mommies such as you and me to engage each other. This is meant to be a safe space for mature discussions. Profanity and disrespect is not allowed in this forum.  

Tina: I am so happy that you have come across this forum section. I hope that you will be able to use this to talk with Sarah and I as well as other mommies.  

Sarah: That’s right. We definitely want to engage with you. Just ask anything under the sun. We simply want to be in contact with you.  

Kris: Hi there Tina and Sarah. Thank you for creating this website. I love reading your blogs especially your cooking tips and crafting how-tos. We hope that you can create more posts.  

Diane: I agree. I have tried a lot of your suggestions, especially in cooking. I especially loved the Cordon Bleu recipe. It sounded so complicated when in fact preparing it was so easy. Thank you for taking the time to create this page.  

Tina: Oh, thank you so much Kris and Diane. We truly appreciate your comments. We will definitely make sure that we regularly engage readers like you.  

Liam: Hi Tina and Sarah. I am a father to 4 kids. While I am not a female, I hope you will indulge me here as I have truly appreciated your blog especially during that one time when my wife was on travel for work and I was left to feed my kids. I used your recipes in cooking food for a week.  

Tina: Wow, that is so great. Thanks Liam for sharing.